1 March 2018

FINALLY. I am about to share with you one of 2018's most hyped about beauty products thus far. Everyone seemed to be talking about Benefit's new product and the launch really was #outofthisworld - Benefit Cosmetics took big influencers to the Maldives, there were several parties to celebrate the launch and even little ol' me got to attend a celebratory party, dinner AND sleepover last week in Leicester. I'm going to be sharing my experience this weekend in regards to the event, but for now, I want to share my honest, authentic opinion on the BAD GAL BANG. I was so excited to see that one of my most loved companies were bringing out a new product in collaboration with science (another one of my very geeky passions). Benefit cosmetics were one of the first ever brands that I fell in love with in my early teen years - I was obsessed with the adorable packaging, the lovely girls at the Benefit counters were always kind and I always have a bene product in my makeup bag at all times. The Hoola Bronzer and Gimme Brow are my fave Benefit products! After loving Benefit's Roller Lash and They're Real, I was more than excited to receive this new mascara through my door as a well appreciated PR package from Benefit themselves...

Before I get onto my personal experience and opinions on the mascara, I thought I would share with you some of the statistics, facts and claims about BAD GAL BANG. 

- 36 HOUR FULL-BLAST Volumising Mascara, without weighing down your lashes!
- Big Volume with 360 degree reach (soft half-coned shape bristles maximise deposit of product onto lashes, streamlined bristles also allow easy root-to-tip reach)
- Gravity Defying Formula, allows smudge-proof/flake-free/water-resistant lashes that can be layered 
- Aero-Particles, derived from space technology and one of the lightest known materials

"90% saw dramatic volume, 94% said it instantly lifted lashes and 92% said it lengthened lashes"

My Thoughts

I absolutely love the concept of space derived technology within a mascara; Benefit have done it again with the aesthetics (LIKE ALWAYS) by packaging this beauty in a vibrant pink of course box with gorgeous constellation and space vibes. In terms of the product itself, the mascara wand is held in a sleek matte black tube with a rubber, studded handle. The metallic pink and silver font work incredibly together on top of the black packaging, enhancing the intergalactic theme further. The mascara wand is described perfectly in the facts I mentioned earlier - the bristles are streamlined and hold a cone-shaped to allow easy application. When I first used this mascara, I could instantly tell that the formula was different to any mascara I've worked with before; it applied very wet and was almost messy to work with. However, I found after using this after a week the formula was able to dry out slightly and allowed me achieve the desired results. I've seen or spoken to a lot of other bloggers/vloggers about this and they seem to have had a similar situation happen to themselves. Once the first week period is over, this mascara has been a dream - the product applies lightly and evenly to my lashes, lifting them and lengthening them significantly (see photos below). To achieve greater volume, I just build up a couple of layers on the eyelashes but try not to go overboard as I found this can leave my lashes clumpy. Now I've trialled this mascara, I've finally found the right time frames, amount of layers and how to use this in the most effective way.  This has definitely opened my eyes to experimenting with new products more; I would usually just turn my head away from a product if it didn't work the first time but now I'm happy that I pushed myself to give it a second, and third, go until I received what I wanted!

WATCH MY VLOG FROM THE BENEFIT EVENT  (blog post to follow sharing my experience at my first ever overnight blogging event and exclusive pics this weekend)

Will you be purchasing the Benefit Bad Gal Bang? Have you tried it yourself yet?

Lots of love

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