Easter Baking & Spring Break Plans

27 March 2018

Spring break has finally commenced for a variety of British university students in the country. I am so happy to be back home, surrounded by the people I love and sleeping in a double bed! The single bed life at university is not the one for me, and not to mention the vile wet room. Although I miss my best girl friends ALREADY, I cannot wait to spend some time with my boyfriend in a different country and spend time with my family. This Spring I am ticking off so many incredible things from my bucket list and I'm feeling extremely blessed. I thought that today's post could just be a chilled, chatty update about the recent things I've been doing, my upcoming travels and plans for the Spring Break.


Last week, my friends and I spent our Wednesday off university baking (in Easter bunny ears, I'd like to add). I'm literally so extra with everything, I just had to purchase the rabbit ears to lighten the mood further. You won't believe the amount of students walking past our huge kitchen windows staring in and thinking WTF are these gals doing?! Anyway, we managed to bake Easter cupcakes, Mini Egg Tiffin and Creme Egg brownies. They all tasted absolutely delicious, considering the lack of equipment me required - I must say, the brownies were definitely the best. We followed the BBC good food recipes for the cakes and brownies, adding our own twist with the Easter treats. We essentially just mashed up some biscuits, melted chocolate and launched loads of other excessively sugared foods into a baking tray for the tiffin. Despite the simplicity, this also tasted divine and only needed a couple of hours in the fridge to harden completely. 


From the 27th March to the 5th April, I will be spending my days in the gorgeous country of Italy. My boyfriend treated me to this incredible trip for my 19th birthday and I've been looking forward to it for months. I've never visited Italy before but seeing as my boyfriend is half Italian and he's just finished taking Italian lessons at university, what better time would it be to go?! We'll be jetting of to Milan for a couple days, hopping on the train to Florence for the next few and then lastly, finish our trip if the historic city of Rome. Make sure you're following me on my social media accounts (linked at the top right of my blog) to watch what's going on whilst I'm out there. Snapchat and Instagram will be where I'll give the most updates, followed by Youtube on my return. I'm going to be creating a lot of content whilst I'm away, and hopefully getting inspired after experiencing a new culture. There will be lots of fashion posts, reviews and lookbooks on my blog and Youtube channels. I'm vlogging my entire trip too so make sure you're subscribed to my VLOG CHANNEL!

Read about 'The Reasons I Love to Travel' in a previous post. It might inspire you to visit somewhere new soon.


Although my 10 day trip in Italy is going to take up the majority of my Spring break, there are also a variety of things I've managed to cram into space in between! On Sunday, my mum, Auntie and little cousin went to watch Shrek the Musical. I've been wanting to see this for about 5 years now, after repeatedly watching the broadway version on DVD. It was so incredible to see one of my favourite musicals brought to life in front of my eyes. The staging, directing and hilarious comical moments were unbelievable - I hope I will be able to head back to the theatre once again to see this in the future. An amazing show for the whole family! Also, after my return to England, I am going to be jumping 13,000 feet out of a plane. Yep, my life-long dream to skydive is coming to action on the 6th April, alongside my boyfriend, his mum and one of his brothers! I cannot wait to be skydiving - I'm sure I will be a little nervous when I'm up in the air but for now, I'm beyond excited! After talking about my exciting plans, I thought I'd mention that when I head back to university on the 9th April, I'm going to have to get my head down; there are so many deadlines I need to meet and not the mention how close my May exams are. I'm going to enjoy my Easter break with minimal revision; however, I'm getting back on with my university work as soon as I'm back in Lincoln. As for now, I hope you enjoy all the new content I will be bringing over the next two weeks. I love you all and thank you so much for your continuous support!

Have you baked anything sweet this Easter? What do you plan on doing over the Spring break?

Lots of love

HOW TO: Live a Healthy Lifestyle at University

21 March 2018

Being a university student, it is hard not to succumb to the countless takeaways and poor nutrition lifestyle. Everyone is partying, going out every weekend and it's easy for students to fall into an unbalanced lifestyle - lack of sleep, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Luckily, I'm not a massive alcohol drinker; I love having a drink every now and again (I'm also obsessed with cocktail nights) but I don't go out on a regular basis with my uni friends. In 2018, I've pushed myself to lead a healthier, balanced lifestyle; emphasising on fitness and nutritional health. The two massive parts of my new routine are down to Blogilates, a youtube channel dedicated to mini fitness routines, alongside Herbalife, a global nutrition company that helps achieve active lives. 

In the evenings, Blogilates always has my friends and I working out butts off in our university kitchen. We pop on our gym attire (however cannot afford to attend the gym) and follow the current March 2018 calendar that Cassie has kindly put together on her website (click here if you want to follow too!!) She has been an absolute babe, motivating me in the evenings to push my body to its limits and getting back to that fitter state I used to be in. Each day is dedicated to a specific area or an all-round workout; this ensures that each inch of your body is working hard throughout the week. Don't get me wrong, we do NOT follow this everyday as our bodies would definitely cease; however, we try out best to do at least 3 evenings of hardcore workouts a week. I definitely recommend checking out Blogilates on Youtube, if you want some fitness inspiration to follow at home if you cannot afford a gym membership or want to save some money.

In terms of nutrition, I've found that I've injected a lot more protein into my diet. For those unsure of the benefits of protein, it is vital to obtain protein within your diet to repair tissues and promote muscle growth. Moreover, we need to obtain essential amino acids (those of which we cannot naturally source ourselves) by consuming products that contain them. Herbalife have crafted a variety of fitness products, many which are high in protein, to promote tissue repair, muscle growth, strengthen our immune systems and useful for the manufacturing of enzymes/hormones in the body. My favourite of the Herbalife range are the F1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mixes (specifically the vanilla and tropical flavoured ones), as well as the Vanilla Almond protein bars. The shakes make the perfect breakfast meal; I usually pop the mix in with some banana and chia seeds with my Alpro almond milk. Containing 21 vitamins and minerals and 9g of protein and fibre to support weight management, these shakes are aiding my fitness journey significantly. They taste UNBELIEVABLE and are also great for a post-workout shake too. Also, I'm a huge fan of the delicious protein bars - vanilla and almond are two of my favourite tastes so the combination is divine. With nutritional benefits, such as increasing metabolism and providing B-vitamins, these protein bars are a great snack to take to university and the ideal post-workout treat. I've been obsessed with these bars ever since they arrived to my door and have helped to cure my chocolate/sweet cravings than any other product has before!

Shop Herbalife Products here:

Are you on a fitness journey this year? Will you be using Blogilates and Herbalife to stay on track?

Lots of love


The Herbalife products in this post were sent for review; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

WHATEVER MOVES YOU | Sport Relief 2018

20 March 2018

A few weeks ago, a fellow University of Lincoln student and blogger, Carrie, got in contact with me in regards to the new Sport Relief #whatevermovesyou campaign this year. I jumped at the chance of getting involved, raising awareness alongside a small amount of money, in aid of a credible charity that I've supported for years. For 2018, Sport Relief have decided to create a new app which you can all go to the app store and download for free; the app is extremely motivational and challenging the nation to accomplish 1 billion steps every single day. This challenge, to help an amazingly worthy charity, has encouraged me to leave my university room more, walk to places instead of opting for other transport and setting myself other personal goals to reach in life.


Simply type in 'Sport Relief' on the app store to download and get involved. It is super easy to raise awareness by letting your friends, family and other loved ones know. If you are as competitive as myself and Carrie, it is worth setting up your own league to challenge each other to see who can get the most steps before the end of Sport Relief week (Friday 23rd March). Currently, I am on 30,000 steps since the challenge began, which I'm very proud of. I can definitely see an improvement to last week, when I barely left my apartment and did nothing but type/edit at my desk every day. It's so lovely to explore, walk around and have a breath of fresh air every now and again to clear my head.

If you want to join myself and Carrie, we have created a 'BLOGGING GROUP' league (you do NOT have to be a blogger, just anyone who fancies challenging us) to get you all involved. I have had a few questions about the whole app and it's completely free. There are a variety of different sections on the app - the 'discover' area is great to find new workouts and promoting the active lifestyle ever more. There is even a section to help raise money for Sport Relief this year; I currently have a page running and, fingers crossed, hoping to reach £100 by the end of the week. Any small donation counts and if you're not sure how to donate, then click on my page as all of the money goes 100% to Sport Relief. Thank you so much to anyone who has donated so far, charity work means an extreme deal for me.


Lots of love


18 March 2018

It has come to a point in my year that I've been expecting for a while. It seems that I've been overworking myself and it has finally got the better of me. I'm going to be taking a break from my blog and Youtube for as long as I need (I don't expect this to be long at all, a week minimum) to recover, getting my headspace back to where it needs to be. My mental health has plummeted over the past few weeks due to the amount of work I've been taking on and the pressures from university/my personal life. I've never taken a break before but I feel like it's well needed (and if I say so myself, deserved) after non-stop working for as long as I can remember.

It is important to take a step back when life gets too much; no more justifying why you need a break, just HAVE one if your mental and physical health is struggling. I know I'm not living the hardest life studying at university, running my blog and Youtube channels as my part time job and writing articles for my uni. However, I feel like the amount of time I'm working on all of these things has built up to a point where my head is about to explode. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do; writing has been my passion for years and being able to expand my creativity on a new platform, Youtube, over the past couple of years has been crazy. I've made new friends, worked with highly credible brands and been to events that I never thought my work would allow me to do. I think the underlying issue is that working on my platforms, pretending to be this happy and positive soul, can become almost toxic/fake, when there are personal things going on in my life. I've gone into detail about some of the troubles I'm facing, as generally I'm an open and honest gal that doesn't mind sharing what's going on in my life; nonetheless, some things just aren't for the camera or for others to know. The past week has put me in a position where I'm desperately trying to put the broken pieces together so I can meet the deadlines for my uni work, blogging work and still have the time to catch up with my family and friends. My life is just mental at the minute and I'm longing for a way to slow it down.

After an incident happened at the doctor's this week, I've been in this awful whirlpool of being self-critical and self-loathing. It has been the worst it has been since sixth form and I'm trying my upmost hardest to value myself. Over the next week, I'm going to take care of my body by cleansing it with nutritious foods, set realistic goals (instead of piling up 11 things to do in a single day), drink water, surround myself with good people and have a chat with my closest pals if I'm becoming too stressed. 'A problem shared is a problem halved' is what my mum always taught me; talking about the way you feel or the worries you've personally escalated can not only take a huge weight off of your shoulders but it gives the chance for another to share their opinion and reassure you! Opening up is the best thing I ever started doing after being bullied. It's strange to think that I would be the person to bottle up my thoughts and feelings until my mind transformed into a dark cloud of pessimism and neglect. If you are currently struggling with something serious right now (don't feel it has to be life-threatening) then please share your problems. I'm always an email away if you just want to chat about your life to someone who will keep everything confidential or if you don't want to share your problems with someone in your current life. 

Do you fail to give yourself a break? Do something today that will allow you time to relax.


11 March 2018

Growing up in a small town where you know the majority of the population and haven’t had the best experiences with people is tough. I could not wait to move out and head to university in September for this exact reason. I wanted to meet new people, explore a different city and start a fresh somewhere that I felt comfortable, not only in the area but myself.

Living in Lincoln has given me incredible benefits in regard to my social life, mental health and overall happiness. When I visited the university last year on an open day, I knew that I wanted to spend my three years, and possibly beyond, in this beautiful little city. Due to my upbringing in a small town, Lincoln was such a big place to me yet also felt homely and small. A lot of the friends I’ve made are from huge cities so in comparison to somewhere like Manchester or London, Lincoln is tiny. It’s crazy how many opinions and visions people have about Lincoln but I’m more than happy in this city I now call home. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family (and very small number of friends) I have back in my hometown but I honestly could not ask for anything more living where I do now. Thus, I’ve decided to make a little series on my blog where I show you some of the best places to eat/drink and things to do if you come to visit Lincoln for the day, weekend or week! After all, it gives me an excuse to explore the quirky cobbled streets some more and find some alternative places to go if you’re looking to do or try something unique.


Starting with the most iconic monument in Lincoln, the Cathedral. You know you’ve arrived in Lincoln if you can see the beautiful spires of the Cathedral poking out at the top of the hill. Steep hill is also another trait Lincoln is renowned for. It’s certainly a workout in itself climbing to the top but it’s always rewarding to see the Cathedral close and personal. The infrastructure is incredible and I love showing my friends or family that come up to visit the inside too. You can enter the Cathedral and its internal shop for free; however, you can pay a small fee to properly explore inside. I personally haven’t done this as you can admire and see the vast majority of the Cathedral from stepping inside. Alongside the Cathedral, you could also visit the Castle grounds just a few metres from the top of Steep Hill too. I am looking forward to going up Steep Hill in the summer and having a picnic on the grass inside the castle grounds. It is so beautiful and historic – I could go on about the facts and history of Lincoln but I don’t want to bore you with the endless information about Lincoln’s historic background.


Somewhere I always find myself looking into is the Goodie's Sweet Shop on the High Street. It is located on the left side of 'The Strait', just before the dreaded Steep Hill. It's a small independent sweet shop that makes you feel like you've gone back in time, in the best way possible! There are numerous amount of sweet jars filled with treats from each decade - there are even cute little pre-made decade boxes that are displayed in the window. They would be such an amazing, thoughtful gift for someone in your life that is obsessed with all things sweet. I have a massive sweet tooth so whenever I head into this shop, I suddenly become obsessed with every sweet that has ever existed and have to strongly convince myself that I don't need to buy the entire shop. Even if you do not intend on buying any sweets, I definitely recommend popping into the shop as the people working there are always so lovely and the vibe is so cute and quaint inside. 


One of the most iconic places when mentioning Lincoln is, of course, steep hill. Everyone has heard of the struggle it takes to get up steep hill - I believe it would be even more strenuous if the views weren't delightful to look at. I'm obsessed with the old aesthetic of Lincoln; the quaint cobbled streets, quirky independent shops and the old brick of the buildings and offices. Whenever I take a trip through the high street and up steep hill, I cannot help but taking countless photos of the amazing shops, sights and different places I discover as I walk up. There is always something new that I never spotted before, it's insane! One of my favourite things about Lincoln is that the High Street is an even mix of popular and family run businesses; you can find all of the things you need from your favourite shops but also discover a new place in a matter of minutes. Some of my favourites include Roly's Fudge Pantry and the Baublearium. 


My best friends & I have a list of all the independent, new cafes and tearooms we want to try over our three years in Lincoln. To start off, we tried out the highest rated cafe on Trip Advisor in Central Lincoln - The Rising Cafe. This cafe is in an almost hidden location; the inside has a vintage aesthetic with lots of history behind the name and place. It is always very busy due to its popularity but I'd definitely recommend waiting for a seat to enjoy the atmosphere and delicious cakes/treats available. I'm obsessed with their banana bread! I also opted for a rose lemonade as it's one of my favourite drinks. There are also a variety of quirky, cute gifts on display that you can purchase if you fancy it. I love the overall aesthetic and the food/drink wasn't too overpriced. A solid 9/10 for this cafe from me!


My final destination you should visit in this (hopeful) series where I share all my new finds in Lincoln, is Bunty's Tea Room. My friend, Hattie, came in this little place just at the top of steep hill with her family and she absolutely loved it. We decided to endure steep hill and pop in for some tea and cake. A little tip for fellow students would be to share a pot of tea; for three of us, this pot of tea allowed each of us three cups EACH so we ended up saving a lot of money together. The crockery was extremely vintage and the details were beautiful on the cups, spoons and plates. Bunty's Tea Room is such a quaint little house with only a number of places to sit. I'd recommend going in on an afternoon mid-week to avoid losing a seat. Having the biggest sweet tooth in the world, I also bought a HUGE slice of Jaffa Cake...cake, as it is my absolute favourite. I'd rate Bunty's a solid 8/10. Two points dropped for less seating and expensive cake.

Have you ever visited Lincoln? What is your favourite city?

Lots of love

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