The Reasons I Love To Travel

24 February 2018

I've been digging through my blog photos and found these incredible shots from Mexico last summer. I honestly don't know why I haven't shared these before but it's definitely inspired me to write about travelling. Currently sitting at my university desk studying, all I can think about is travelling the world and seeing new places. I can't wait to experience the Italian culture in March where my boyfriend and I will be venturing from Milan ----> Florence ----> Rome! If you guys have any recommendations then make sure to hit me up on my socials (all linked in the top left of the blog) - I always love having chats with you all. Back to the post, I've decided to collate all the reasons I absolutely love to travel, share them and hopefully inspire you lovely lot to travel more. There are many reasons why travelling is so great for the mind and body; here is why you should travel more often too...

A Change of Scenery

This is one of my favourite things about travelling abroad - the change of scenery and a new environment to adapt to. Life can get very tedious; a repetitive lifestyle becomes unsatisfactory, even for people like me who love to have everything under control and scheduled. I'm currently studying at the University of Lincoln and LOVING MY LIFE. University has been the best thing that has ever happened to me but even still, waking up every day to go into university and sit down for someone to talk at you for four hours straight. NOT FUN. I cannot wait to travel to Italy next month for a change of scenery and motivation boost. Whenever I'm surrounded by the sun, especially, I seem to think of so many innovative ideas. The sun sparks my creativity for sure and travelling away from rainy England definitely encourages some creative inspiration.

Time to Unwind

Being a full-time university student, blogger and vlogger can become pretty stressful. As you can imagine, there is not one second of the day where I don't need to do something - even if that is something minor like update my Instagram feed or share my latest video on Twitter. My head is constantly in overload trying to plan things ahead, have everything scheduled for the right days and making sure I'm prepared for any upcoming trips well in advance. People always use the phrase 'it feels like my head's going to explode' but I honestly think mine will soon...Travelling is my comfort blanket when life gets a bit too hectic. I absolutely love what I do, don't get me wrong, but having time to just unwind, relax and just BREATHE is heavenly! Being in a new country definitely helps to clear my head space, focus on what's important right now and to stop worrying about the future.


This particular time in my life can be very challenging - the dramatic change of lifestyle from teen to adult is more overwhelming than I ever imagined. I moved to university in September and since have learned a whole number of this about adulthood and more importantly, myself. If we endure through these challenging and stressful experiences, we find incredible traits about ourselves that we never knew; how to cope in awkward situations, what to do if something goes wrong and how to deal with intense emotions/fears. University is such a whirlwind and can become very draining at times. This is where my love for travelling comes into perspective - escaping from normal life can be the best way to put my mind at ease. Taking a step into a temporary location can help to reevaluate your life, appreciate all the small and amazing things that we sometimes take for granted. I'm so blessed to be able to get such a great education; learning is something I've always enjoyed, despite the difficult social problems I suffered with at school. Education is something a lot of us take for granted and by experiencing a new culture, we take this step back and realise how lucky we are to live the life we do. Escaping routine life is so important for the mind and I recommend you try it too, even if it is just for a weekend away.

Different Cultures

Embracing a new culture is fascinating to me - watching people go about their everyday lives and comparing (in the best way possible) how different they can be to our own. Here are some of my favourite tips to experience a new culture to its full potential:

1. RENT AN APARTMENT. Something I'm looking forward to about my upcoming trip to Italy is the two apartments we've booked. We only managed to find an Air BnB for Milan and Florence; however, I think renting an apartment really gives you a feel for the city/place you are staying.
2. Public Transport. Even things like transportation are fun to experience when visiting a new country...the metro in France is even slightly alternative to the London tube system.
3. FOOD. ALL THE FOOD. Everyone loves food - trying a new delicacy is something I always seem to enjoy when I travel to a new destination. It's so exciting to see and taste something that all the locals eat on a daily basis.

Hopefully I've made you want to discover a new part of the world, where are you jetting off to next? If you are looking for a cheap holiday then head over to  to have a look at all the amazing deals on hotels and flights they have to offer!

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Where do you plan to travel to next? Why do you love to travel?

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This is a sponsored post for Holiday Gems; however, all opinions and experiences are honest and my own. 


  1. I’m heading to Ghana, Africa for 3 Weeks In August for Midwifery experience, literally cannot wait. I love travelling & really love this blog post ❤️

  2. Travelling is definitely incredible for undwinding and escaping and just exploring this enormous world of ours.


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