How University Helped My Confidence Grow

6 February 2018

Before starting university, many students will have left home with a lack of independence and confidence. When I first moved to halls in September, like most students, I was extremely nervous to meet my flatmates, I was worried about living on my own and anxious about starting my course alongside whether I would be on the same level as my peers. There are so many emotions that student’s feel which may appear quite overwhelming at first but you will soon realise that all the problems you encounter are important learning curves and preparation for adulthood.

To be honest, I was heavily dependent on others before moving to university. However, moving away from my hometown has given me a fresh start. My top tip to grow in confidence at university is starting the year with a fresh mind set; this way you will have a mindful approach to any problems you encounter. There are so many different things going on when you first begin that it can all get too much - how do I budget my loan? Can I sign up to a society around my work load? When do I need to look for a house for next year? The list keeps getting longer and longer…but eventually you will find yourself prioritising your different tasks and logically sorting out your problems one by one. Don’t panic – your confidence in approaching unique situations will spontaneously blossom and it is not till you sit back and realise that you’ve changed positively as a person.

Another very important thing to remember when moving to university is that you should NOT feel pressured to conform to the stereotype of drinking in all of your spare time. I like a drink from time to time but I certainly don’t spend every weekend partying and consuming alcohol. Your confidence will grow by standing up for yourself in what you truly believe in; your flat mates will understand if you don’t feel like drinking and want to stay in watching your favourite film accompanied by a hot drink and snacks. Likewise, they won’t feel offended if you’d rather focus on your studies instead of heading out for a meal or going shopping in town. University is very different from sixth form, college and secondary school – you are (mainly) surrounded by mature adults that will not judge you for your choices. Create the social life that you want and you can boost your confidence at university.

Finally, don’t feel scared to share your problems with your friends. Opening up to your flat mates, friends on your course or a relative can help ease the overwhelming whirlwind of university life. Adapting to the university lifestyle is extremely strange and it is inevitable that you will encounter new problems and worries; however, by reaching out to fellow students, or your personal tutor, you will be able to cope with any difficulties you come to face.

At university, you unwillingly put yourself first as you start to become independent, learn new things about yourself and to cope with new problems. Without knowing, your confidence will begin to grow and you will start to notice the positive, improved individual you’ve become.

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What has helped you grow confidence? If you are a student, do you agree that your confidence has grown since starting university?

Lots of love

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