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16 January 2018

Change is something that always scares me, thus 2018 is time to step out of my comfort zone; making an effort to step beyond my personal boundaries, change anything I'm not happy with and face my fears. I'm going to talk a little bit about facing my fears in a couple weeks time but for now, I thought I'd have a chat about change. Sometimes we all require change in our lives to enhance happiness, positivity and motivation. Change is usually best in gradual doses, so I'm slowly progressing to ensure everything I want in life is smooth and bearable. Moving into a new year always scares me - everyone talks about their new resolutions, altering their entire lifestyle and drastically changing their life around. I honestly used to get panic attacks whenever a new school year or entire new year started because the thought of a 'new beginning' made me uneasy. I'm still not sure why and what gave me this feeling but I used to breakdown every time. However, this time I've managed to ease myself into the new year by making gradual changes to my routine, lifestyle and adapt my delicate self carefully into the realms of 2018. 

A change I craved that many people may see as quite small in the grand scheme of things was my blog. I've not been happy with the design of my blog for the past couple of years and have longed to change it. However, whenever I've searched the prices always exceeded my poor university student budget. After complaining to my twitter followers, a wonderful girl replied and informed me that people on Etsy sold blog designs for extremely affordable prices so I was absolutely thrilled to find a design that I loved and acquired last week. Seeing my new, beautiful blog in action has made me want to thrive for blogging excellence even more. I'm aiming to up my photo game, product more content and maintain consistency throughout 2018. I never had a problem with being consistent, as I'm a very driven person (something I like to pride myself in). Nonetheless, I want to stick to an upload schedule that is realistic and will be relatively easy to balance/maintain with my degree. I will be posting every Friday at 4pm, sometimes Tuesday at 4pm if I am not loaded with deadlines. Taking my blog this next step further with a revamp has already increased my productivity levels and drive to stick to my target. I'm also in love with the simplistic design - a monochrome scheme with small detail to ensure full focus is on the photography and my written content. There used to be too much going on which stressed me out but now I feel calm and proud of what my blog looks like and has become.

Another small change that I'm making in the midst of January is to improve my physical health and increase my activity. Before university and A levels, I was super sporty and played in all of the school teams. I danced three times and week and kept up a routine that ensured I was active growing up. Last year I even had the motivation and strength to lose weight for my holiday in Mexico - I managed to drop a stone and a half to almost achieve my goal weight. Sadly I have put all this weight back on and my self confidence has dropped. I'm making a huge effort to change my lifestyle to gradually lose weight, tone and become more active. I spend day after day just chilling in my university accommodation but I want to get out more, even if it is just for more walks around the city. I remember feeling a huge buzz, being energised and motivated whenever I did a workout so I want to revive that feeling that is somewhere within me. My friends and I have also ordered a healthy food shop this week so follow me around on my vlog channel if you want to see our purchases or how being on a health kick at university is going for us...

Always remember that if you are not happy with something in you life, make a change. Life is too short to be worrying about things 24/7 - if you are really not fulfilled, then do something about it. Change really is a good thing, even if it is scary to think about. I am so happy I've made changes in my life as it has helped me improve myself as a person, alongside learning many things about myself. Trust me, it all works out if you push yourself to your limits.

Is there anything you want to change but you're too scared to?

Lots of love

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  1. Loved this beaut! The pictures are stunning and you already know I love your new blog design 🙊
    There's so many things I'd like to change but I'm just not in the position to do much about it at the moment. But as soon as my degree is over you can bet I'll be making some changes!

    Chloe ❤ http://www.anomalouschloe.com


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