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12 January 2018

After the festivities of December, I always feel that this time of year I seem to excessively reflect on every aspect of my life. I have so many stories about my progress from just over a single year; I'm so excited to share my life experiences over on the blog now that I've been thrown into adulthood. University has been a huge task that I'm currently tackling but I haven't regretted a single moment - being in this independent environment has placed me in uncomfortable situations that have left me learning so much about myself as a person. I am so grateful for the positions university life has put me in and I cannot wait to share the rest of my journey over these next three years both on my blog, and over on my Youtube channel.

Blogging is something so special to me and my love for it grows stronger every single year. This sounds super cringe but I could not imagine my life without my blog - it has changed my outlook on certain aspects of life, the way I imagine things and has definitely expanded my creativity. There are so many reasons that I started blogging, have maintained it and the opportunities that have arisen. Thus, I thought I'd share with you the many purposes of why I will continue blogging over the years to come.

Here comes the classic cheesy line... Every since I was young, writing had been one of my favourite hobbies. Growing up reading, making up little poems and creative writing, I quite seriously enjoyed literature. English Literature was one of my favourite subjects at school but studying book after book and over-analysing everything, I was left sick of learning the subject. I dropped English Lit at A Level, which I did feel wistful about - I had loved English for as long as I could remember but analysing the most minuscule details and re-reading the same book 100 times gave me a toxic distaste towards the subject, something I clearly didn't want to happen. Therefore, I definitely do not regret dropping the subject but I do miss having the time to read a good book or sit in my own world writing a creative story. Blogging has enabled me to keep up this long lost hobby of writing, sharing my life experiences and updating everyone of my favourite things. It makes me so happy that I've continuously worked to keep my blog consistently running for four years this January. Without my blog, I don't know what I would be doing right now but I know I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. CHEESE.

Following on from my last point, you've probably heard me mention that my blog is my escape from the real world. Some people may view this as a negative thing but I can only see positive when it comes to the blogging world. Don't get me wrong, I see people writing their blogs for the wrong reasons and publishing things that are maybe a little too controversial but I love the idea that we can escape our reality (maybe when things are getting tough) to write about our ambitions, what we love and to reassure ourselves that everything will be alright. Whenever I'm feeling down, writing on my blog always seems to cheer me up because I can find all the positives and amazing things I have in my life. I can express myself for who I truly am, let out my emotions and tell the world how I really feel. You are all like my friends who respond and empathise with me, whenever I happen to share an intimate story or tragic experience.  It is reassuring to know that people are going, or have been through, difficult times that you may be enduring. My blog is my little safety net that I will always run back to if I ever feel self doubt or sadness.

One of my favourite things about the blogging industry is the fact I get to meet and interact with like-minded people. In the small town where I live, noone really understand what a blog is, how to run it or why anyone would even decide to make such a thing? It is sort of foreign to most people I know in my life so to find other bloggers out there with similar outlooks to me, love the same things I do and want to connect is just amazing. I have met so many lovely faces through blogging at events or even just online. It is mental to think how much I could confide in someone who I've only seen a photo of on a screen?! The blogging community is something that I will always praise as more often that not, it is full of positivity and bloggers uplifting each others work. I hope that 2018 brings me more opportunities to meet fellow bloggers, chat to new people and see what blogging has to offer for me this year.

What is the reason you blog? Do you enjoy it as much as you did when you first started?

Lots of love


  1. Gorgeous photos! And such a lovely blog post! And I totally get what you mean about talking to people you only know as a picture on a screen, but for me it feels like I've known some of them for YEARS!

    Chloe ❤

  2. The relationship between my blog and I is mostly positive, although I do go through stages of disinterest and also the fact that blogging can be seen to be quite narcissistic. I get stuck in this cycle of 'what's the point in all this?' but then I realise I write posts for my own mental health and sometimes to just brighten someones day, even if it's just for 5 seconds. I like that you're aware of the escapism part of blogging and I'm glad it brings you so much happiness because you are so talented at what you do!

  3. I definitely find blogging as an escapism too :) It's lovely to have somewhere to pour your energy into. I have to say you look amazing too - I love how your jumper matches the houses in the background xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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