Betty Box Subscription | January 2018

24 January 2018

A new obsession of mine is subscription boxes - being at university, it's such a treat receiving a parcel of unknown goodies every single month/week. Surprises like what this incredible Betty Box had to offer make the dreary winter days at university more pleasant. I'm definitely going to be sharing the variety of subscription boxes I will be testing out over the year. If you are looking to try out a subscription box (GIRLS ONLY), then this one may be for you...especially if you suffer with severe menstrual pains or mood swings like myself during your time of the month! I also have an AMAZING discount code to share with you so stick around to the end of the post as I have a feeling you may be tempted...

Betty Box
 provide girls with a vibrant coloured parcel every month to their door, specifically in preparation for your time of the month. A subscription service includes your choice of tampons/pads (the brand of your personal choice - I prefer Bodyform, TMI?!) Alongside day/night time sanitary products to secure you for 3-7 days of agony and emotion, you will receive a variety of pick-me-ups - usually a range of beauty, skincare and edible treats to brighten your day. I was honestly amazed by the wonderful goodies packed into January's Betty Box and was super excited to share the products I received with you all. 

You can also check out the Betty Box website if you want tips on teenage life, periods in general, how to cope with pain and females struggles. They have so many helpful and relatable articles available if you are ever feeling lonely in a situation. I'm also easily approachable and my struggle with periods has been awful so feel free to email me or message on social media if you want someone to talk to about your worries. I always reply!

Inside the Box

Alongside my chosen pads, you also receive an adorable mini drawstring bag to pop your sanitary products in and keep them secure in your handbag. This is so convenient for girls and a practical reminder to be prepared at all times. My periods are extremely irregular so a bag full of all the necessities are a must for my lifestyle! 
Moreover, the box contains a compartment entitles 'FOR YOU' - which, most obviously, contains items that are going to impact your wellbeing, put a smile on your face and give you the treat you deserve during your period. This is what I received in the January Edition of Betty Box:

Nip+Fab Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Facial Wash (RRP £6.99)
The first product I pulled out of the box is this incredible full size facial wash from one of my favourite skincare brands of all time - Nip+Fab. I am obsessed with their Teen Skin care range and was yet to try this facial wash. I'm so excited to see the effect this could have in my evening routine and will keep you all updated if it goes well. They also hinted that the following two Betty Boxes will come with step two and three of your skincare routine... I AM BEYOND EXCITED!

STABILO beYou! Roller Ball Pen (RRP £5.99)
Stationery is something that makes me happy - I love having a fresh set of stationery to start the (university) year. I received a strawberry themed pen from the wonderful STABILO, one of the best stationery brands out there! These pens are usable for both right and left handed, as well as refillable with standard fountain pen cartridges. You won't have to buy a new pen again!

Doisy & Dam Milk Chocolate (RRP £1.20)
This 40% cocoa crunchy almond butter snack was perfect to suffice my daily chocolate needs. I have the biggest sweet tooth so satisfying my lust for chocolate everyday is a must. This sweet treat is ideal to take to university for a snack during/in between lectures or likewise to take to work/school. I really love the mix of chocolate and nuts together so the rich taste of almond and milk chocolate was delicious. This little bar definitely met my craving standard!

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment (RRP 18.25 for 200ml)
At university, it is super hard to maintain healthy, well-treated locks - shampoos and conditioners are bloody expensive?! Anyway, this hair treatment was a nice surprise in the January Betty Box as I now get to give my hair the TLC it has been needing. The winter seems to have drawn all the life out of my locks so hopefully five minutes with this treatment in will replenish my dry hair, making it feel hydrated and healthy. It also helps to protect hair from future damage too - a win, win!

Hoogly Tea Chill Out Mint Herbal Infusion (RRP £4.75 for box of 15)
Whenever I'm feeling down at uni, I always reach for a cup of tea - whether that be English Breakfast, green or any herbal infusion. I'm so happy to receive Hoogly's chill out mint tea - peppermint tea is one of my favourites of the bunch so I'm super excited to savour this, using it on a night when I'm been working all day and need to have a chilled evening in.

The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick (RRP £11.00)
OMG! When I saw a full sized liquid lipstick in this box I couldn't believe it. I've never heard of the brand 'Beauty Crop' before so I instantly had to test it out. The colour (Greige Expectations - a wonderfully innovative name that made me smile...I love Charles Dickens) was perfectly chosen. A nude-pink that would look gorgeous on any complexion. I swatched this both on my hand and lips; the matte finish and colour looked stunning. I also tried to rub this off my lips and it wasn't leaving me...the longevity and pigmentation is extremely high. If you are looking for a long-lasting liquid lipstick, then I certainly recommend checking out The Beauty Crop.

Vitamasques Slice Eye Pads (RRP £3.99 for 8 eye pads
Finally, the last beauty product in the box was a pack of Kiwi eye pads from Vitamasques. I love cute little skincare products like this - the ideal companion for a pamper night! All you have to do is pop the pads on over your eyes between 5-15 minutes and your tired eyes should feel renewed. Let me know if you've ever tried anything like this before, I cannot wait to try these out!


The Betty Boxes retail at £12.99 per month; however, you can purchase packages that equally make the monthly expense cheaper if you buy in bulk. If you want to receive a huge 50% off your first box, then use my code below. It is so easy to cancel if you are not impressed or cannot quite afford to purchase every month.


Have you ever tried Betty Box before? What is your favourite subscription service?

Lots of love

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