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5 January 2018

Happy new year. I cannot believe my blog is nearing its fourth birthday this January; blogging has been my escape from the real world, a chance to share my opinions/interests and most importantly, a platform that I've been able to connect with hundreds of amazing people. To celebrate the new year, I thought I'd share my aspirations for the upcoming year -  my travel plans, personal achievements and social goals.

Personal Goals

When it comes to individual goals, the majority of humans are self deprecating and will put on pressure on ourselves to make incomprehensible improvements as the new year commences. As I've grown older, I've learnt to accept some of my flaws and praise myself for things I've achieved and done. However, there are still a couple of things that I wish to improve in 2018. Firstly, I would love to improve my motivation towards to my university work - I have been dedicating all of my time to my blog and Youtube that in December I seemed to forget that I had a degree. Vlogmas and Christmas took up a lot of my time but I'm hoping to come back bigger and better than ever - I'm hoping Semester B is filled with hard work, dedication and putting more effort into my university work. Secondly, I hope that I carry on saying 'YES' to the amazing opportunities that come my way. I used to be so nervous and overthink everything when a new opportunity arose but now I'm overly eager to jump at a new experience. Also, I managed to lose a stone and a half last year for my Summer holiday to Mexico; knowing that I'm able to achieve this motivates me SO much to get back to my goal body weight. Finally, I'm hoping to improve my photography by trying some landscape shoots and fingers crossed, I am able to tick three things off of my bucketlist this year (I have skydiving planned in April...eek!)

Social Goals

In terms of my online platforms and socialising, there are a variety of things I want to commit to or achieve this year. I'm hoping to hit half a million views on my blog as we managed to exceed 300,000 towards the end of last year. This is C R A Z Y! Thank you to anyone who is reading this post, I appreciate you more than anything. It means the world that you're here, care about my life or even looking for a little bit of inspiration for 2018. Moreover, I'm hoping to hit 1,000 subscribers on my vlog channel as we are currently on 700 and 2,000 on my main channel as we've just hit 1,200! One of my top social goals definitely has to be to meet some of my online blogger and vlogger favourites - in particular, I would love to meet the beautiful Abi from Lady Hunter who I've spoken to for a number of years now. Her content is out of this world - her stunning photos and the time she puts into her blog is extremely admirable. Also, Chloe, from Anomalous Chloe on Youtube, is one of my favourite vlogging friends who I'm yet to meet. Chloe is another absolute gem who puts in ridiculous dedication to her Youtube channel, whilst also recently creating a blog too. If you aren't already subscribed, I highlight recommend checking Chloe out as her bubbly personality and positivity is infectious! Finally, I've spoken about this a number of times on my Youtube channel but I'm desperate to join a dance or musical theatre society at university this year. Whether that is in February or when I start second year, I just want to be on stage! I've been performing since the age of 7 and dancing since I was only 2 so to have stopped one of my favourite hobbies last year to focus on my A Level exams was SO heartbreaking. I WILL be in a show by the end of this year...just wait!

My Youtube Channel 
My Vlog Channel
Abi's Blog
Chloe's Youtube

Travel Goals

My travel game is something I was increase in 2018 - I love venturing to new destinations and exploring what the world has to offer. I find vast, unique cultures immensely interesting and I'm hoping to explore some more this year. My boyfriend and I are heading to Florence, Rome and Milan in the Easter break so I'm super excited for that - I've never been to Italy before so I cannot wait to see what it has to offer. I will be vlogging our trip so make sure you head over to my channel if you don't want to miss out. There will obviously be a number of blog posts on here regarding my travels too! I'm also incredible lucky enough to be working with a brand this year that could potentially be supporting another destination that I've never been before but I have to keep this a secret until everything has been confirmed! Additionally, like the photos in this post, I am planning on shooting a lot more outfits in London as my boyfriend's university accommodation in South Kensington is beyond beautiful. Would you believe my boyfriend took these insane photographs?! I also want to carry on scrapbooking my adventures as well as collecting pin badges from each of the locations I visit. I think this is such a cute way to remember all the destinations I've been to over the years!


Top - Select (similar here)
Trousers - New Look
Shoes - Cari's Closet
Jacket - Missguided

What do you want to achieve in 2018? Do we have any similar goals?

Lots of love



  1. Loved reading this beaut! Fab post and gorgeous pictures! I also need to concentrate on uni work a bit more as I always procrastinate by doing YT and blog stuff! Haha
    Can't wait to see all the awesome things you do in 2018 and thank you so much for the shout out!
    Can't wait to finally meet! 💕

    Chloe ❤

    1. Thank you so much Chloe! Literally all I think about everyday is blogging and Youtube so I definitely need to invest more time on my uni work as I'm actually paying for it haha! I'm so excited to see you at the end of January. It's going to be so fun xxx

  2. Loved this post! I hope you get to achieve all of your goals xx

    1. Thank you so much Emily, this means a lot!xxx


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