My Ultimate Winter Beauty Picks

19 December 2017

I'm so excited! Winter is one of my favourite months - I love warming up by an open fire, wrapping myself in multiple layers and most of's JUMPER SEASON. If you've been following me on social media or subscribed to my vlog channel, you may have noticed my addiction to jumpers this winter. I cannot get enough of them! However, today I thought I'd take the opportunity to rave about all the beauty essentials I've been lusting over this winter. If you are struggling with dry skin, a dull complexion, lack of glow or just trying to find a new beauty tool that will make caring for yourself a whole lot quicker, then you should definitely carry on reading. I've compiled a small but incredible list of amazing beauty essentials that will change your life this season.

The TV Show That Moved Me...

6 December 2017

December is such an exciting month for me - I love the Christmas build up and spending time with my loved ones. Additionally, December is a time of year where I reflect on my year as a whole - what amazing things have I accomplished, what I can I do to improve next year etc. One particular thing stood out to me when I was reflecting on things in my life that have changed me for the better - a TV show. It is actually insane how something as small as a 13 episode TV show have such a positive impact on your life and changed you for the better. I thought I'd share my story about the very much hyped-up '13 Reasons Why' TV show and how it has affected my life.

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Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings in the world. I'm not referring to BEING alone, as I love my own company and being independent. I'm talking to feeling where your head is in a dark space and you aren't sure who to talk to; you feel like the world is against you and despite having wonderful people in your life that are happy to support you through anything, you just don't believe your worth. Life can sometimes get on top of us and our brain is a scary organ that can trick us into believing the worst things about ourselves. My outlook on the world was beyond negative when I started 2017 - worrying about my A Levels, being uncomfortable in my body, being horrendously bullied and social anxiety led to a very unhappy me.

13 Reasons Why was released at the end of March 2017. Everyone was watching it and although I'm not an avid TV watcher, I couldn't avoid hearing the topic of discussion wherever I went so I took the opportunity to watch it, ALONE. Many people would think this was a stupid thing to do, as my mental health was BAD. Experts may say that it was dangerous for someone like myself to watch something so graphic (and so close to reality) that it could trigger someone who felt so low. However, I believe it to be the best decision for me to watch something so genuine and authentic. The characters were moving, the story was extremely captivating and I felt myself shed a tear one too often as Hannah battled the endless series of unfortunate events that she endured. Although nothing in my life was half as bad as what Hannah had to go through early this year, I felt ridiculously empathetic towards her character - learning a lot about how people absent-mindedly throwing around hurtful comments can cause something very tragic to happen.

The main point that I took away from watching the show is to 'be kind'. This is such a simple phrase that you will have heard from your teachers, parents and relatives but by exerting this kindness to people around you, it can honestly impact someone's day. If I'm ever in an awful mood but someone smiles at me in the street, I now appreciate the small acts of kindness even strangers may do. If you walk past someone and you don't like their sense of style, appreciate that they have the confidence to wear something that you wouldn't, rather than bringing them down or being unnecessarily bitchy. I've learnt through my own experience and watching 13 Reasons Why that even the smallest comments can break you down as a person - even though it may seem like a minor slip-of-the-tongue, it can add to an endless pile of someone's worries/anxieties/personal problems. Think before you speak, make someone's day and BE KIND.

If you are reading this alone in your room, think about a TV show that has positively impacted your life. It is extremely refreshing when you analyse the good that has come out from something such as a 45 minute episode of a series. My mindset on life has changed dramatically since watching 13 Reasons Why and I would definitely recommend it if you are unaware of the effects a small comment or incident can have on one's life.

Are there any TV shows that have impacted your life? What is your favourite TV show to binge over Winter?

Lots of love


This post was a paid advertorial for Panasonic; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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