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3 November 2017

Having long hair makes styling such a struggle and a huge chore. One of my least favourite things under the beauty spectrum is trying to make my hair look nice and socially acceptable. On a daily basis, I just brush my hair or tie it into a low pony tail. The only reason I dislike styling my hair is because the thickness and length makes the entire process extremely time consuming (as well as my lack of talent at styling my own hair). I have finally found a student-friendly, easy-to-use product that helps me achieve straight hair in ten minutes!

Finding a product that I can work with easily and conveniently is always a good thing - my impatience always gets the better of me when I try to make my hair look semi-decent and I always give up. However, the new Xtava Infrared Straighteners have upped their hair styling game with their new Infrared heating technology. Hair is left alive and shiny after heat application. This flat iron is 2 inches wide, enabling girls with thick hair like myself, to use efficiently. My favourite feature about this amazing wand is how insanely quick the iron heats up (90 seconds to be exact) - this means no waiting around, hair is styled in no time and despite the heat, your shiny locks are held in place with the pro-satin feature. Equipped in a sleek matte black box, the straighteners arrive in a travel resistant bag that allows on-the-go styling without the risk of burning. I've never heard of this type of straightening technology before and so happy to have been educated by Xtava! Also, I can now straighten my hair in TEN MINUTES before I leave, making myself look a little more presentable when I arrive at university. BONUS!

You can purchase your own pair via Amazon or from Xtava's official website. The price is affordable for a pair of hair straighteners - £30!


For your chance to win a pair of the Xtava Hair Straighteners, follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. Make sure you are subscribed to both of my Youtube channels, as that it mandatory for entry, and there are several other ways to enter too! The giveaway will end on the 1st December so make sure to leave your email so I can get in contact with the winner on the 2nd December. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Lots of love


  1. Same... my hair is so thick and long so it just takes FOREVER to style.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Struggled with your links to add you! But found you now. I have curly hair and it take ages to dry, so just tips on straightening techniques or ideas for children's hairstyle. Style your hair in 5 mins etc

  3. Brilliant giveaway, hope you get lots of entries :) I didn't even know you had a blog haha I just watch you on youtube! About to go have a read! - Georgie (itzybaby) xxxx

  4. Great prize - make up tips are so useful x

  5. I love the use of natural products for face packs maybe you could post a few ideas on making your own x x

  6. hair style ideas for your older readers as you tend to get into a rut as you get a bit older

  7. Beauty product haul videos are my faves!

  8. Like an advent calendar of new products :) So we get a new one each day :D


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