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2 November 2017

Beauty dupes are everyone's favourite, right? One of my first ever blog posts that received an overwhelming number of views happened to be my first beauty dupes. The reason I'm uploading this post is not at all for the views, I simply just missed talking about cheap, alternative makeup products that are incredible substitute for some of my high end favourites. Fortunately, I've teamed up with Beauty Base to share with you some student friendly makeup products for just a slither of the price of some of my luxury finds. 

Beauty Base are a brand that sells a wide variety of beauty products, including cosmetics, hair and perfume, from all of your favourite brands. There are products from luxury to high street, with numerous amounts of discount across the site and a range of wonderful gift sets, perfect for Christmas! One thing that particularly stood out to me about Beauty Base was that it delivered some affordable American beauty brands to the UK for a ridiculously cheaper delivery price than custom fees from the original shop(s). I thought I'd share some of my new favourite American beauty dupes that have matched to the standard/quality/consistency/colour to some of my high priced makeup goodies. 


A hugely talked about concealer that I have never tried before is L.A Girl Pro Conceal. I have heard EVERYONE talk about this and the reason I've never made the move to buy something so small and affordable,  is the crazy custom shipping fees. I was so excited to receive this; however, the packaged deceived me due to the warm, orange-toned tube. I ordered one of the lightest shades available on the site - Classic Ivory - and was worried that the concealer would be too dark for me. Despite my assumptions, this concealer works absolute wonders at covering blemishes and evening out skin tone. It still isn't quite perfect enough for under eye highlight, which I tend to look for in a concealer, but it definitely has greater coverage than my current favourite concealer - Urban Decay Naked Skin. LA Girl Pro Conceal has a creamy consistency that makes blending simple and covers any sign of redness or blemish. 


Blush is something I'm very wary about trying because it isn't usually an essential in my everyday makeup routine. However, a recurring appearance of my favourite blush - Mac's Melba - always makes its way into my makeup bag every year around the A/W seasons for a healthy glow. I've always tried to find the perfect alternative and haven't quite come across a dupe as good as this. Milani's Rose Powder blush is an essential for anyone's makeup bag throughout the colder months - an easily buildable formula that avoids the crazy doll look or making absolutely no difference at all. The subtle pink glow is super natural and exactly what I look for in a blush! I'm also obsessed with the gorgeous engraved rose pattern that sits in the golden pan. Due to the aesthetics, formula and finish, Milani's Romantic Rose blush has become a firm dupe for my beloved Mac Melba.


My final dupe that I've been loving over the past month is this gorgeous pink-nude liquid lip creme from Milani - Adorable. The matte finish, hydrating formula and longevity have me completely obsessed with these liquid lipsticks! I want all the colours. Not only is this my idea of a perfect pink-nude, everyday shade, I am able to wear this all day long with no crinkles, discomfort or patchiness. I am so happy with the quality of this product and would 100% pick it over my very much loved Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks. There is absolutely no transfer when it comes to Milani's liquid lipsticks whereas the Huda Beauty shades can remove quite easily from the lips when drinking or eating. One of my favourite dupes I've EVER found!

What is your favourite beauty dupe?

Lots of love 

Char x


Some of the products mentioned were gifted as blogger mail; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


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  2. That Milani blush looks gorgeous, I love that shade! I’ll have to check out that website. X


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