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6 October 2017

If you know me, whenever there is an opportunity to try something new or travel to a new place, I'm totally up for it. As I've grown older,  I've developed this desire to not only travel, but say yes to any new experiences (as long as it is under reasonable circumstances and achievable). This Summer, my boyfriend and I went to Mexico and ticked multiple things off our very long bucket lists. We even managed to go on this incredible excursion where we zip lined through the Sierra Madre mountains in Puerto Vallarta, ride mules up the steep hills and hop on a speed boat. After being completely energized and filled with adrenalin/happiness/utter satisfaction, we knew that we had to go ziplining again. Fortunately, I came in touch with the wonderful team at Zip World; they kindly allowed us to travel to their home in North Wales to partake in some new incredible experiences, surrounded again by nature.

After a lengthy three and a half hour journey, we arrived in Betws-y-Coed, Wales. Zip World was extremely easy to find and we were both in awe of the beautiful countryside, mountains and general nature aesthetic that Zip World was located. Registration was very simple - just a quick show of our online receipts and the woman wound two wristbands for the activities we were going to review. 

Our first trip was to the Fforest Coaster - one of Zip World's new editions to the various adrenalin-packed activities you can pick from. This is the perfect treat for the entire family - I honestly believe anyone from kids to parents will enjoy this experience. Although warned about long queues and waiting, patience was not a concern once we'd stood in line. The coasters move quickly and the team are very efficient in instructing each new 'driver' on how to control the cart. The 'coaster' is actually designed as a single rider toboggan, or in pairs for younger riders, giving the ride a traditional feel. Running on rails, the toboggan takes you into the tree tops, to the heart of the woodlands; once you've reached the highest point, you are completely in control. There are breaks equipped on either side of your seat alongside signs as you rapidly swerve through the forest - the experience is completely what you make it and you can tailor it to your own needs. I looooved going as fast as humanely possible, my hair flowing wildly and panting excessively once finished. You get to experience the coaster 3 times for what you pay which is amazing - each ride lasting roughly 8 minutes.

My favourite of the two has to be the Zip Safari; after riding the coaster, we headed to our next experience! One of the best things about this activity was that we were simply taught how to attach ourselves safely and able to move through the course ourselves. Being in the UK, there is so much intensity around health and safety - it was a breath of fresh air, quite literally, that we were actually able to zip through the trees independently. With a crazy 23 ziplines and 6 unique obstacles, the course was thrilling, innovative and something I will never forget. Every time I've ventured through the trees, it's always stressful, long and you're constantly waiting for the person in front to move on. Thankfully, there are only 12 individuals in each group, allowing quick movement throughout the course and to prevent holding each other up, ruining the experience. I was so shocked at how long it took us to move through the zip lines - a solid 2 hours of adrenalin and fun! Aidan and I thoroughly enjoyed our day - both activities were incredible and we would 100% recommend anyone to take a day trip to Zip World. We wished we stayed overnight so we could have taken part in some more the following day! 

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Have you ever zip wired before? What is the most incredible experience you've ever done?

Lots of love


This trip was complementary of Zip World; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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