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31 October 2017

Ever since I've moved to university, I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to sit and 'miss' anything. Well, apart from my family! It is only recently that I've started to miss activities I used to do on a regular basis and places I used to visit. One thing is particular is baking - my boyfriend and I would bake all the time when we were together in my hometown and I miss the comforts of making my own goodies, decorating and enjoying them. Therefore, when Cake Angels sent over their large goodie box of Halloween, Christmas and seasonal sprinkles, I just had to get my uni girls together to bake some spooky treats...

Cake Angels

Cake Angels are a company that specialise in all things baking - from sugar decorations, to sprinkles and marshmallows, Cake Angels have a topping fit for any occasion. When they sent me the toppers from their Halloween collection, I just had to make some cupcakes. Despite not having scales and a mixing bowl, the overall decoration of the cakes turned out incredible thanks to some icing and some fabulous Halloween icons to give our cupcakes some life. I NEED to get my hands on their zingy lemon frosting and bake myself a delicious lemon cake - my absolute favourite! I've been craving lemon cake as it reminds me of home and being with the people I love so that's next on my list to bake. The wonderful team at Cake Angels kindly sent over some Christmas sprinkles so be prepared for more videos and posts as I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of them on my social channels! As for the aesthetic, the brand flaunts cute, girly and colourful - I love how bright the design is and how the sprinkles are held in gorgeous little jars topped with pink screw lids. 

I also made a video on my Youtube channel where my best friends and I at university made some 'student halloween cupcakes'. I say student because despite having all the ingredients, we lacked the equipment to measure, mix and produce our desired cupcakes. This led to inaccurate measurements and a hilarious fail. Cake Angels managed to pick our spirits back up once the discoloured goods were taken out of the oven. Megan, Hattie and I decorated with butter frosting, skulls, eyes, ghosts, Halloween sprinkles and more until we had a collection of mini spooky cupcakes. Cake Angels are such a great gift idea - wonderful for families or friends, as decorating cakes is always fun!

You can watch it HERE.

Do you love baking as much as I do? What is your favourite thing to make?

Lots of love

Char x


This post is in collaboration with Cake Angels; however, I have not been paid for this content and all opinions are honest/my own.

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  1. Those are such lovely and cute looking cupcakes. I'm sure they would taste good too haha. Looking forward to seeing more baking from you friend!


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