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31 October 2017

Ever since I've moved to university, I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to sit and 'miss' anything. Well, apart from my family! It is only recently that I've started to miss activities I used to do on a regular basis and places I used to visit. One thing is particular is baking - my boyfriend and I would bake all the time when we were together in my hometown and I miss the comforts of making my own goodies, decorating and enjoying them. Therefore, when Cake Angels sent over their large goodie box of Halloween, Christmas and seasonal sprinkles, I just had to get my uni girls together to bake some spooky treats...

Cake Angels

Cake Angels are a company that specialise in all things baking - from sugar decorations, to sprinkles and marshmallows, Cake Angels have a topping fit for any occasion. When they sent me the toppers from their Halloween collection, I just had to make some cupcakes. Despite not having scales and a mixing bowl, the overall decoration of the cakes turned out incredible thanks to some icing and some fabulous Halloween icons to give our cupcakes some life. I NEED to get my hands on their zingy lemon frosting and bake myself a delicious lemon cake - my absolute favourite! I've been craving lemon cake as it reminds me of home and being with the people I love so that's next on my list to bake. The wonderful team at Cake Angels kindly sent over some Christmas sprinkles so be prepared for more videos and posts as I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of them on my social channels! As for the aesthetic, the brand flaunts cute, girly and colourful - I love how bright the design is and how the sprinkles are held in gorgeous little jars topped with pink screw lids. 

I also made a video on my Youtube channel where my best friends and I at university made some 'student halloween cupcakes'. I say student because despite having all the ingredients, we lacked the equipment to measure, mix and produce our desired cupcakes. This led to inaccurate measurements and a hilarious fail. Cake Angels managed to pick our spirits back up once the discoloured goods were taken out of the oven. Megan, Hattie and I decorated with butter frosting, skulls, eyes, ghosts, Halloween sprinkles and more until we had a collection of mini spooky cupcakes. Cake Angels are such a great gift idea - wonderful for families or friends, as decorating cakes is always fun!

You can watch it HERE.

Do you love baking as much as I do? What is your favourite thing to make?

Lots of love

Char x


This post is in collaboration with Cake Angels; however, I have not been paid for this content and all opinions are honest/my own.

Adapting to Change

27 October 2017

Change is a scary thing. My whole life I've been a creature of habit - as soon as I find something that I like and works well,  I stick to it. Whether it be something small like a food habit or purchasing a repetitive skincare product to something more significant like a scheduled everyday routine; I used to always shy away from trying something different. 2017 is the year where change has had a HUGE impact on my life. There are both small and large portions of my life that have changed significantly within the past 10 months and I've decided to dedicate this post to CHANGE, and why adapting to new, different things can be exciting and refreshing.

Before I get into the main body of this post, I thought I would highlight the incredible photography of my favourite Autumnal outfit this year. All images are taken by the wonderful John Roberts who I have linked here and will at the end of the post. Make sure to check out his pages to see all his work and contact him on his site if you wish to purchase or looking for a photographer!

It's time to get personal...Whenever something new occurred or disrupted my usual pattern, I would have a panic attack. My brain would overthink uncontrollably, I'd go into complete meltdown and it was impossible for me to relax or take the change as it comes. It has always been difficult to get over my fear of 'change', as it always reminded me of a time in my life where changed had previously happened and sent my body into shutdown mode. Sometimes it wasn't even change that gave me anxiety, it was even fresh starts. A significant memory that sticks out was moving from 2015 into 2016 - as soon as the new year started, my mind entered overload. I couldn't concentrate at school, I would cry every single day and isolate myself in my room. Fortunately, I was able to consult a local counsellor who recognised my problem and aided me to recovery. It all sounds very serious and at the time I honestly didn't think it was - I always told myself I was overreacting and it's probably just 'hormones' but nothing I ever felt seemed normal. After spending a lot of time talking about my problems with various people (I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH IF YOU FEEL ILL OR WANT HELP) I built up the courage to defeat the voice in my head telling me I would never be able to have a 'fresh start', 'adapt to change' or even 'move on'.

2016 was such a difficult year for me. I felt like everything that could have possibly gone wrong did and I couldn't see myself achieving anything or getting better. How wrong was I?! This year I have pushed myself to be as successful as physically possible, getting to the next stage in my life and moving onto a better chapter. I'm already so proud of the progress and comparison from where I am now to where I was this time last year. It is crazy that my perspective on life has blossomed; I look at opportunities completely differently and am more than happy to try something different. Don't get me wrong, I still love organisation and a somewhat fixed everyday schedule but I will say yes to helpful opportunities, sign up to new things and push myself to overcome my anxiety in public settings. I used to cower at speaking to people in the bank, on the phone or asking for help/advice but now I see the good that comes with reaching out to people. 

The turning point of my happiness came quite recently when I moved out to university. I was terrified, to say the least, of fending for myself and truly being thrown into adulthood. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't an immature eighteen year old in my hometown...I made some incredibly mature decisions back there. However, I was ridiculously anxious to speak up for myself and more than anything, worried I wouldn't find the complete fulfilling happiness that I desired. My dream was to move to university, find friends that were going to be long-term, enjoy learning my forensics course, somehow become successful at 'adult-ing' and be content with life. Now I am so happy to say that I feel exactly this. Although there have been some minor struggles (for instance, I can't cook for sh*t), I have seen a massive change in my behaviour and for that, I give myself a pat on the back! I've pushed myself to speak up in seminars in large groups of people, made the first move to talk to new people in social environments and even placed an application for the University's student blog - which I managed to get approved! Everything is looking up and I cannot wait for my future years at university. There are lots more exciting things to come and many an experience to share...

Thank you for sticking by me and always supporting my content.

Have you ever had to adapt to change, small or big? How did you overcome it?

Twitter : @JOhNPhoto4U 

Lots of love

AVON | Mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Range

26 October 2017

Testing new makeup out is something that I love to do in my spare time. I seem to have neglected beauty on my blog over the past couple of months as I've had lots of stories to tell and many an outfit to share. However, there have been some recent beauty ranges that have come out in the high street and online that I've been dying to get my hands out. Fortunately, the wonderful PR team at Avon kindly sent me one of their new beauty ranges...

Avon have recently launched a new lipstick range - something that I was not expecting at all and something that I have fell absolutely head over heels for. Avon's new range of mark lipsticks consist of 23 shades; 12 of those having a glossy 'shine' finish and the other 11 leaving a matte coat on the lips. Covering a complete range of nudes to purples, this sleek range covers all bases and I'm so excited to be sharing with you Avon's latest beauty launch...

Nude Matte - Dare to be Bare

Dark Red Matte - Passion It

Dare to be Bare (nude)
Whipped Latte (nude)
Irresistable (pink)
Head Turner (red)
Orange you Happy (orange-red)
TKO (pink-purple)
Flushed (purple)
Maneater (purple)
Passion-It (maroon)
Fabulosity (pink)
Plump up the Jam (purple)

Nudeitude (nude)
Blushing (pink)
Work it (pink)
Mauve Over (lilac)
Caffeined (red-purple)
Dark & Stormy (purple)
Pouty (purple)
Redhead (pink-red)
Lacquered Up (pink-red)
Love Bite (pink)
It Girl (purple)
Love Spell (purple)


I've been wearing these shades non-stop for a month, testing out the formula, longevity and overall pigmentation of the range. After being quite pessimistic, I can honestly say I was incredibly shocked. The matte formulation is hydrating, not drying at all and leaves an even, richly pigmented coat of product on the lips. One day at university I had my lipstick on for 8 hours straight, eating two meals and having several drinks in between, and the product remained on my lips throughout (not even a smudge!) I am ridiculously shocked at the longevity, considering the affordable cost of £8 per liquid lacquer. In terms of the shine formula, I love the non-sticky feel and again, the high quality and pigmentation of the product on the lips. As always, the longevity isn't as long as the matte but the lasting power, on average, is roughly 3-4 hours which is pretty good for a shiny lip. Overall, I would give Avon's new Mark range a 10/10 for versatility, shade range, formulation and pigmentation. Well done Avon!

Avon are currently doing an offer HERE where the liquid lacquer range has £1 off the full price and an exclusive free gift if you buy ONE (or more) liquid lacquers! Head over to the Avon website before it's too late...

Lots of love

Char x


This post is not in collaboration with the brand; all opinions are honest and my own. I was not paid to write this content.

How I'm Relieving Built Up Stress

21 October 2017

One month into university and I'm feeling more stressed than ever. After being welcomed into the first two weeks with excitement, socialising and a drink in hand, it has come to the time where everything is getting a bit on top of me. I'm currently staring at the 5 deadlines on my pinboard behind my laptop screen... all dates requiring to be met by the end of November. Stressed, to say the least. Meeting deadlines is ridiculously strict at university - one minute late and points can get deducted from your final mark. In terms of meeting these deadlines, I'm well underway but just the word makes me instantly panic. To ease this feeling and reduce my inner stress, I have been doing a few things recently to help me keep a balanced lifestyle and maintain my initial happiness when I first moved to Lincoln.

My number one tip if you're feeling stressed it to REACH OUT. Whether that be to a family member, close friend or even watching a video on the internet, reaching out to someone can be the best thing to help set your mind to a better state. A few years ago I always thought that letting out my feelings puts stress on other people and pushed my problems onto their lives. This cannot be more wrong; just by chatting to your best mate about you workload and how you're feeling can help to relieve built up emotions. It is okay to cry when things get too much - I am generally an emotional person so I tend to cry if I get overwhelmed, but speaking your problems aloud will, for sure, take a little weight off your shoulder. Remember, you are NEVER alone.

Take some time out for yourself. I know it is super cliche to say 'have a pamper evening' or 'make a hot drink and watch a cute film' but you need to schedule some 'YOU TIME'. However, rather than just whacking on a face mask and sipping your cuppa, have a little reflection on what you want to achieve. My stress right now is purely through my university workload and deadlines being met. Thus, I'm using my 'me-time' to remind myself why I've decided to come to university to motivate me to not give up. My aspirations include working for the police force, having a career within crime scene investigation and bringing justice to suffering families so thinking about this when times are stressful encourage me to keep going so I can achieve my goals. 

Shop this case - Pink Lion

All I seem to do is talk about my love for planners and journals, mainly for the reason that I'm obsessed with list-making and organisation. Stay organised is my key to fulfilling a more stress-free haven. If I didn't write down a list of tasks that I need to accomplish every day, then I would PANIC. It is such a refreshing feeling ticking off work, activities or appointments you've attended; scheduling your day to be productive is something I abide by and will always do throughout my student life. A top tip for list-making is to not overload yourself - don't overestimate yourself and write 13 things on your list when you have a day full of lectures, school or working for several hours. Make a list of achievable tasks that you know you can try to stick to as much as possible for the day ahead.

Finally, either set a time of day or an evening in the week where you purely schedule it to do whatever you want. For instance, on a week day, I've told myself to stop doing work from 8 o'clock onwards. This works in favour for myself as I cannot concentrate in the evenings when I know I have early morning lectures the following day. It also allows time for me to write my blog posts, edit my videos and catch up on tv series before falling asleep. Over the first month of university, I've found that when I'm working into the evening, I struggle to sleep as my mind is so energised. Choosing a specific time to stop working has allowed my brain to settle down and try to regulate a decent sleeping pattern.

Shop this case - Fox Watercolour

Phone Cases : CASEAPP

Discount Code : SCARLETS20

What do you do to de-stress? 

Lots of love

Char x


The products in this post were gifted for PR purposes; however, I was not paid to share them and all opinions are honest/my own.

Balancing University, Blogging & A Social Life

10 October 2017

LIFE UPDATE. It's time to give you the low down on all the crazy things happening in my life right now. I've left my hometown, moved to university and started my first few weeks of lectures. I'm currently living within halls of residence in the beautiful city of Lincoln and studying Forensic Science (BSc) at the University of Lincoln. Despite the drastic change in lifestyle, I'm adapting and learning about adulthood whilst in the midst of piles of reading and work to accomplish. Not going to lie, it has been a pretty stressful experience but it has been totally worth it. I'm completely obsessed with where I'm living; I've made some incredible friends, discovered some new places and have a ridiculous amount of new experiences within the space of a month. University is such a strange place and I cannot even explain why but I love it nonetheless. 


In terms of balancing my lifestyle, it has not been easy. Freshers week not only helped me meet new people, it also gave me sleep deprivation and the well-renowned 'Fresher's Flu' (yes, it is a REAL thing!). After suffering from the worst flu I've ever had - and still recovering - it has been difficult to find a stable sleeping pattern that allows me to be as productive as I want to be during the day. I am yet to master this skill but I've been trying. University is obviously my priority, and everything that comes with it - I mean, I'm paying £9,250 for this...Thus, I've been making it a necessity to put my alarm on at 9am every weekday morning to ensure I'm active, even if my lectures do start at 1pm. If you know me well, there is always a planner in sight. I have a new university daily planner with all of my to-do's and chores in - it even has a specific section to ensure I'm receiving my five a day and drinking multiple glasses of water. This planner has guided me into a productive lifestyle, helping me to get the most out of my days. If you're new to the concept of university, you may be unaware that it involves LOTS of extra reading, no matter what course you're doing. Thus, I've decided to dedicate my weekends for reading and the weekdays for re-writing notes, doing my coursework and any online tests that need to be completed. This helps to spread the work overload, making it a little less stressful for myself. 


As you may have noticed if you're an avid reader of mine, it seems I have had an unintentional vacation from my online space. This was completely unprecedented - life seemed to have got on top of me and I seem to have got lost in everything. I have so many new post ideas and I've been planning them over the weeks I've moved to university but haven't had the time or energy to get writing (any good content). Blogging is so important to me - I honestly treat it like a part time job. Whenever I am free, I always grab my camera to take photos for my next post, jot new ideas in my blogger planner, edit photos, spell-check or have a little re-design of my blog. If I'm not studying or chatting to my flat mates, I will simply be writing up a blog post or editing a youtube video. There is no rest for me. Sometimes, this can get a bit too much and it all gets on top of me. However, I'm pushing blogging up my priority list, especially as Halloween and Christmas are coming up, to share some new, quality content with everyone. 


Having a social life was almost foreign to me before I moved to university. Studying A Levels was one of the biggest culprits for my lifestyle - I was constantly revising for my subjects, putting in extreme effort to ensure I achieved the best grades I physically could, which inevitably allowed me to get a place at university. However, back in my hometown, I struggled with friendships and a social life. I never completely clicked with anyone, friendships were very 'clique-y' and I found myself very lonely. Other than my family, my boyfriend and best friend, Megan (who went to a different secondary school and sixth form) where the only people I could turn to. I NEVER wanted a huge group of friends, as I already know that is a recipe for DISASTER, but I struggled not having a few close girls by my side throughout the stress of A Levels and my personal life. This alien concept of 'meeting new people' and 'making new friends' after retreating to a library for months was exciting, yet terrifying! I was beyond excited to find people with similar interests and to start a clean slate - a place where there were no rumours and no-one knew  thought they knew everything about you. Freshers was a crazy week but I've met the most lovely, genuine people ever. It will sound so stupid to people who haven't been forced to live with a random group of strangers but I can honestly say that my flat mates will be my friends for a very long time. My social life is now declining due to my student bank account and the amount of work piling up; I don't have quite as much free time as freshers or the money to go out every night to mingle. Thus, socialising has taken a back seat for now but I'm making sure that I don't bury my head in my room 24/7. Our flat have scheduled Sundays for pub quiz, Monday evenings for LIAR and flat dinners on Sundays so hopefully this will keep me socially sane whilst my reading list gets longer...

Outfit Details

Jumper - Primark (similar here)

Boots  - Cari's Closet

How do you balance your lifestyle? Do you find it as difficult as I do?

Lots of love

Char x


The shoes were received as part of a PR package; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Zip World UK | An Exciting Trip to Wales

6 October 2017

If you know me, whenever there is an opportunity to try something new or travel to a new place, I'm totally up for it. As I've grown older,  I've developed this desire to not only travel, but say yes to any new experiences (as long as it is under reasonable circumstances and achievable). This Summer, my boyfriend and I went to Mexico and ticked multiple things off our very long bucket lists. We even managed to go on this incredible excursion where we zip lined through the Sierra Madre mountains in Puerto Vallarta, ride mules up the steep hills and hop on a speed boat. After being completely energized and filled with adrenalin/happiness/utter satisfaction, we knew that we had to go ziplining again. Fortunately, I came in touch with the wonderful team at Zip World; they kindly allowed us to travel to their home in North Wales to partake in some new incredible experiences, surrounded again by nature.

After a lengthy three and a half hour journey, we arrived in Betws-y-Coed, Wales. Zip World was extremely easy to find and we were both in awe of the beautiful countryside, mountains and general nature aesthetic that Zip World was located. Registration was very simple - just a quick show of our online receipts and the woman wound two wristbands for the activities we were going to review. 

Our first trip was to the Fforest Coaster - one of Zip World's new editions to the various adrenalin-packed activities you can pick from. This is the perfect treat for the entire family - I honestly believe anyone from kids to parents will enjoy this experience. Although warned about long queues and waiting, patience was not a concern once we'd stood in line. The coasters move quickly and the team are very efficient in instructing each new 'driver' on how to control the cart. The 'coaster' is actually designed as a single rider toboggan, or in pairs for younger riders, giving the ride a traditional feel. Running on rails, the toboggan takes you into the tree tops, to the heart of the woodlands; once you've reached the highest point, you are completely in control. There are breaks equipped on either side of your seat alongside signs as you rapidly swerve through the forest - the experience is completely what you make it and you can tailor it to your own needs. I looooved going as fast as humanely possible, my hair flowing wildly and panting excessively once finished. You get to experience the coaster 3 times for what you pay which is amazing - each ride lasting roughly 8 minutes.

My favourite of the two has to be the Zip Safari; after riding the coaster, we headed to our next experience! One of the best things about this activity was that we were simply taught how to attach ourselves safely and able to move through the course ourselves. Being in the UK, there is so much intensity around health and safety - it was a breath of fresh air, quite literally, that we were actually able to zip through the trees independently. With a crazy 23 ziplines and 6 unique obstacles, the course was thrilling, innovative and something I will never forget. Every time I've ventured through the trees, it's always stressful, long and you're constantly waiting for the person in front to move on. Thankfully, there are only 12 individuals in each group, allowing quick movement throughout the course and to prevent holding each other up, ruining the experience. I was so shocked at how long it took us to move through the zip lines - a solid 2 hours of adrenalin and fun! Aidan and I thoroughly enjoyed our day - both activities were incredible and we would 100% recommend anyone to take a day trip to Zip World. We wished we stayed overnight so we could have taken part in some more the following day! 

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Have you ever zip wired before? What is the most incredible experience you've ever done?

Lots of love


This trip was complementary of Zip World; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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