The Autumnal Staple

30 September 2017

My favourite season is finally here - leaves mutating to a warm array of orange hues, thick jumpers begin making their way back into my wardrobe and shamelessly, the majority of my money is spent on the finest whipped cream and marshmallows. Summer has, once again, flown by and it is time to exchange my clothes; get out my favourite yellow sweaters and live in burgundy accessories. Auburn red is my go-to for the coming season - I will always paint my nails a deep red, wear lots of darker lipsticks and purchase maroon accessories to complete my autumnal outfits. 

This year, I am so excited to be working with an incredible brand - Leather and Thread - to share the perfect autumn accessory and companion. Leather and Thread are an independent company that are outwardly known for their signature leather purses, alongside their other gorgeous accessories including belts and keyrings. Each product is uniquely designed and handmade by the wonderful team at Leather and Thread. The beautiful mahogany Signo Purse has been my go-to accessory for my evening attire; made with the finest leather and held closed with a single brass stud, the company display a high aesthetic of class.


If you're extremely organised and thinking about Christmas presents already, this may be one for you. Personalisation is the key to my heart; I love when people put thought, time and effort into a gift, making it extra special when someone has decided to personalise it for you. For just an extra £5, Leather and Thread can offer that perfect personal touch, for people like me, who love sentimental presents. Etched onto the back of my luxurious Signo Purse are my bloody initals! I had no idea they would send over such a thoughtful and personal gift - I was extremely excited when I saw 'CP' placed subtly and sleekly placed on the rear of the purse. 


Not only is this little purse probably one of the prettiest autumnal accessories in my collection, it is super convenient. The thin, sleek design of the purse enables a comfortable fit in every handbag or clutch size. With the ability to hold more than 5 cards in, you are able to fit in all your essentials into once place for your night out or event. I've recently moved to university and spent a lot of evenings in nightclubs. Leather and Thread's Signo purse has been my number 1 companion - fitting my cards, notes and coins all into one place without using a large space in my bag for other necessities. On a day to day basis, this little beauty holds my business cards, train tickets, loyalty cards and more! If you are looking for a small purse that is super compact but is still able to fit all of your daily needs, make sure to check out Leather and Thread. 

What is your favourite autumn accessory? What reminds you of your favourite season?

Lots of love


This product was kindly gifted in exchange for a review; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. This is stunning! I love the colour, gives me the urge to just go splurge on one! :) xo

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  3. i also prefer winters over summers . just he light ones not that heavy snow .the cold breeze of winters , the outfits, the warm drinks and food all of it . summers for me are abit more hectic .


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