Benefit Cosmetics X Olympus Pen | Fool Proof Brows Event

10 September 2017

On 29th August, my best friend Megan and I headed to Chelmsford for an exciting event at the Benefit Cosmetics headquarters! Kindly invited by the wonderful team at Bene Towers, my lovely boyfriend drove us for two hours so we could get to the event in time. Everything was a bit of a rush as Megan and I had been at work from 6:30am till 3pm; we quickly did our hair, threw some new clothes on and hopped straight in the car. The drive went relatively quick considering - we literally spent a whole hour applying our makeup in the car (very shakily) as it bumped along all the roads. 

Thankfully the traffic was peaceful and we arrived in plenty of time. On arrival, we admired the stunning Bene Towers architecture and the beautiful pink flags dancing in the wind. We were greeted at the door with a welcoming smile and guided to the room we would be spending the rest of our evening. As we ventured up the stairs, Megan and I couldn't believe the intricate, pretty and VERY PINK interior of the headquarters. The ceiling, photo frames and even the TOILET PAPER was pink! I was in heaven. Ruth, the digital assistant, greeted us at the door and explained what the evening would consist of. This made us both very excited and Ruth was honestly one of the most genuine and lovely people I've ever met. She was so enthusiastic and passionate; we had a chat about the new Fool Proof Brow product that Benefit Cosmetics recently launched and a discussion about the Olympus EPL8 camera, that the event was in collaboration with. 

Our whole evening was spent snapping beautiful images with the Olympus EPL8, admiring the gorgeous Benefit flatlays, experimenting with the new brow product and indulging in the adorable Bene cupcakes and treats! We were kindly given an SD card each to pop into the Olympus cameras spread around the room. Benefit's 5 most popular products had their own dedicated stand, which I thoroughly enjoyed photographing. The core of the night consisted of a wonderful demonstration of the Fool Proof Brow Powder by two of the Bene girls - the product is packaged in a silver metallic compact with the powder shaped iconically as a brow. The demo was super quick, enhancing the simplicity of the product and how makeup beginners can swiftly pick up out to use it. Jay McLaughlin, an Olympus representative, also shared his expertise within the photography industry. How to take the perfect selfie, how to choose the right lens for your photos and the best blogger locations...he knew it all! With his extensive experience and incredible knowledge, he left me completely mind blown and told me so much information I had no idea bout. I've been eyeing up the Olympus EPL8 for ages and can admittedly say that I will be purchasing it for my vlogging channel. Megan and I left in a great mood - we were even given some goodie bags to take home! I shared everything we received in my vlog, as I vlogged the evening too so make sure to head to my second vlogging channel to check it out!

What is your favourite Benefit Cosmetics product? What is your number one photography tip?

Lots of love


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