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15 August 2017

Giving my skin a bit of TLC is something that I always enjoy. Looking after my complexion is so important to me and I feel like it always disregarded by many, due to the lack of understanding we have about our own skin. Over the years, I have learnt so much about my own skin, how it is personal to each individual and how you have to be educated on your skin before knowing what products are perfect to treat it correctly. For anyone who hasn't had a free skin consultation, I definitely recommend it - I have seen many brands do it like The Bodyshop or my favourite skincare brand, Dermalogica, that I worked with closely at the beginning of 2017. I learnt so much about my skin in those 20 minutes than I had over my 5 years of 'being obsessed' with beauty. It was insane how much I didn't know about my complexion, what my skin needed and the products I required to keep my skin in the best condition. 

However, since I've been educated on my extremely dry skin, I have never indulged in the ongoing launch of electrical skin care products. Multiple brands have released products over the past couple of years that involve technology - although I've always been intrigued with these sort of things, I've never looked into purchasing one myself. Fortunately, the lovely team at Sensse Beauty have given me this gorgeous new tool to test and give an honest opinion about my results after trialing it.


The Sensse Deep Pore Suction tool is perfectly designed to ensure sufficient pore cleansing and the ultimate skin detox we all need. Encased in a luxurious white box, the essence of the brand is sleek, simple and super classy. In the centre of the box, the brand's name is embossed in a gorgeous rose gold, framed by a thin rectangle-shaped line. The box insanely complements the design of the actual product  - again, a compact and sleek look with hints of rose gold detail around the circumference. Inside the box, there also holds a rose gold stand for the product to stand elegantly on your vanity and a port to re-charge the Deep Pore Suction. To satisfy all skin types, there are 3 different nozzles to help unclog pore - a small pore suction, a large pore suction and a specific black head remover to cover all angles.


For the most effective use, I've found that the product works best on the second intensity and to slowly move the black head remover nozzle across my nose. You can use this product across your whole face but most of my black/white head area is concentrated around my nose region. To product is super easy to handle and use - a hold of the 'on/off' button turns the product on or off and a simple tap to change the intensity of the cleanse. Prior to activating the suction, I highly advise adding water to the product underneath the nozzle for a greater cleanse (although you don't have to do this for results, I find it leaves my skin feeling refreshed). Over the past few weeks, I have been using this device twice to three times a week to get the best use and review the product as honestly as I possibly could. Overall, I have seen a massive difference in the amount of dirt and clogged pores on my nose - the blackhead remover has been a life saver and cleared up the amount of white/blackheads lingering in that region. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking into taking that extra bit of care with their skin or someone who suffers with bad skin/has common occurrences with blackheads.

If you want me to show you how I use this in a skincare routine, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Alternatively, if you want me to show you how I use this in a more daily/lifestyle routine then make sure you're subscribed to my vlogging channel here!

What is your favourite skincare product? Do you have a strict regime?

Lots of love


This product was sent for review purposes; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


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  3. I am a person who do not take care of her skin,so for me this pore suction tool is a blessing! After reading the whole article I am assuming that this tool will effectively remove all the white and black heads from my face.

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