My Go-To Fashion This Summer

6 August 2017

Fashion is something I want to invest more time on and also, inject my rising passion for outfit creating and wardrobe lusting into my blog. One of my favourite things to do this summer is outfit plan. I love pairing a cute playsuit with some dainty jewellery or finding the perfect shades to compliment an outfit. Clothing and style is subjective to everyone, which is why I love it so much. No-one dresses the same; we all find the perfect style of clothes to make us feel confident and comfortable. There have been four fashion staples in my wardrobe this summer - ranging from colours to accessories - so I thought I would share with you my ultimate go-to's for my daily summer wear.


Something I've been obsessing over this season is playsuits. I cannot get over how incredible playsuits are - they are a super easy outfit option if you are struggling to find top and bottoms to pair up. Playsuits are super comfortable - I would pick a playsuit over a dress any day! Also, playsuits have been so versatile for me during summer; you can literally dress up a playsuit with large chunky earrings, a glittery clutch and some heels or go for a casual, every day look by pairing the outfit with some trainers. The amount of outfits you can create from just one clothing item is endless and that is why I've been reaching for playsuits throughout summer - super convenient and easy, especially when I get stressed trying to find the perfect outfit.

In particular, my favourite playsuit this summer is's Floral playsuit. This cream-coloured number has been my go-to for family gatherings, evening events or just popping to the shops. My favourite feature has to be the gorgeous little tassle that ties in the middle of the chest. The playsuits makes for a comfortable, flattering fit - the rucheing at the waist hugs your figure and frilled hem on the legs makes for a beautiful design. I love the scattered floral patterns on the playsuit - the warm pinks, browns and oranges give the outfit a vintage/rustic vibe that I've really been into recently. I'm also still obsessed with the bardot, off-the-shoulder style - I love the way it accentuates my collarbones and paired with my dainty Tiffany necklace, it looks adorable! 


Everything I seem to buy or get drawn towards this summer is yellow. I've never been a fan of bright, stand-out colours just because I liked to keep low key. Saying this, I still hate attention but I just think the colour yellow is so underated?! Does that even make sense? I just feel that yellow is such a stunning colour that should be brought to life around summer! I've honestly become a magpie for all things yellow, or orange, this summer and couldn't help pick out this stunning summer dress. Again, this gorgeous summer-ideal piece is from I cannot believe that this dress costs £5 - the quality of the material is insane and the fit is perfect. My favourite feature of this chiffon dress is the additional yellow belt that accompanies the main piece - this ties around the waist to hug the figure at the best point. The frills and pleats on the top half of the dress are adorable and are ideal for a day event. I'd love to pair this dress with some golden jewellery and these huge cat eye sunglasses from Primark.


If you've been following me on social media, you will know that I wear these non-stop. My OOTD clips in my daily vlogs always include my new trusty white vans. Aidan, my boyfriend, bought these for me prior to our holiday in Mexico. I'm super grateful and have fallen completely in love. These shoes seem to go with absolutely anything in my wardrobe - this is ideal for someone like me who has become really picky/fussy with fashion and styling. The all-white look, for me, is really put together and I love how clean the aesthetics are - maybe not so much now...Anyway, I just wear these at any given opportunity because they are comfortable, low key stylish and seem to compliment any outfit I pop on.


If you know me, you will know my ridiculous addiction to sunglasses. I literally cannot go into a Primark store without leaving with at least one pair, which is quite ridiculous. I am obsessed with the variety of tinted glasses, the array of frames available and the how different styles suit different outfits. Two of my favourite pairs I am loving at the minute are these sleek cat eye ones from Primark - £1, are you having a laugh?! They are literally so affordable and a complete dupe for Chanel. Also, I'm currently on the aviator hype and love these style of glasses on me. The pair I'm wearing are from LOTD - the all gold aviators. 

All photos taken are by my incredible best friend Sophie! Make sure to check out her Youtube channel and social media :

Insta - @YTSophiex
Twitter - @YTSophiex

What are you summer fashion must haves? Is there any trends you hate this summer?

Lots of love

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Some of the fashion items in this post were gifted; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I absolutely love your sense of style! I wish i could sneak into your closet for my cloth inspirations. i think this will be my goto fashion blog from now on!

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  3. Great Fashion sense man, You really going to rock this summer with your style. Seriously loved every bit of your style. Keep it up and keep posting.

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