Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A New Chapter...

At the time I'm writing this, I am absolutely terrified for tomorrow. For those unaware, the 17th of August is A Level results day for students in the UK and it's safe to say that I'm incredibly nervous. All I want is a place at my dream university...the University of Lincoln and I'm literally biting at my nails in hope that everything pans out how I want it to. The reason I'm writing this post now, despite not receiving my results yet, is to share my hopes and dreams for the future, and more importantly, cover why I want to start a new chapter of my life. Somewhere new. Somewhere exciting. A clean slate. A fresh start.

Over the past two years at sixth form, I feel like I've undergone the nicest way possible. Alongside the constant work load, extra reading and continuous revision, I've gone through so much emotional and mental stress at home and through my school life. Sixth form was such a intense environment with people setting expectations, people still having their 'cliques' and people STILL judging others for choosing to live their life differently to theirs. Unfortunately, despite my intuition that sixth form was going to be positive, 'friendship groups' abolished and everyone was going to focus on themselves rather than demoralizing, it quite simply wasn't the case. Over these two years, I have come to realise that no matter what age you are, maturity levels rise at different times for different people - and for some, probably never. I cannot wait to be surrounded by people at university with a similar mindset to myself; I've learnt to focus on my achievements, goals and what I want in life rather than judging others. I'm not saying I'm not judgmental at all because that would be lying. We all make judgments; however, I've learnt to bury mine quite quickly. For instance, a minor case, such as an individual choosing to wear something that isn't my style, instead of thinking 'ew why would anyone want to be seen in that?!' I try to appreciate their confidence for wearing something out of the ordinary. Basically, what I'm trying to conclude is that everyone is different, we all have different aspirations and I've conclusively learnt to have a positive outlook on life. 

"I want to move on, forget the past and start a new chapter"

One thing I'm looking forward to about moving out and living in my own space is the amount of independence I will gain. In the most non-intentional way, I seem to rely on others to keep me happy and keep me company. Although I love chilling in my room alone, I find it hard to be independent outside of my own comfortable space so I feel university will really help expand my confidence. Being in a completely different town in a whole new environment is super exciting for me. I despise the place I live in now - specifically because there is NOTHING to do. It feels like I have to travel miles to do something mildly pleasing. The only convenience is that all of my family live close by, which is obviously wonderful. In my head, university is going to be a life-changing experience for the better and I really hope that my expectations haven't built too high... I'm looking forward to new experiences and being surrounded by unknown places. The quirky cobbled roads, the independent shops, the cute cafes, the gorgeous architecture on the buildings and the beautiful Bradford Quay. As you can tell, I admire Lincoln as a city and cannot wait to be living in a place bordered by endless activities. 

Finally, I'm thrilled to start a new chapter so I can start living my life to the fullest. I want to wake up early (apart from hangover mornings), make the most of my days and go exploring. I want to become comfortable in the city, get my boyfriend to visit and share all of my favourite places in Lincoln, and vice versa. After all the awful tragedies happening in the country over the past year, I've decided to let loose instead of being fearful. I'm more relaxed, positive and have started to say yes to many an opportunity! This lifestyle change has made me the happiest I have ever been and it has all happened this summer. I want my happy, care-free attitude to continue with me through to university, and for the rest of my life. I know we cannot always be happy and there are going to be little hiccups in our life. However, I always think 'there could be worse things' if I've lost a materialistic item or I'm fed up because I cannot find a nice outfit to wear. Someone is always worse off that yourself so do not take life for granted. Embrace your imperfections, work for what you want to achieve and have fun. Life is too short and I cannot wait to continually flourish and grow whilst starting my new chapter at university.

Outfit :
Playsuit - New Look
Shoes - Vans
Sunglasses - Primark
Shoulder Bag - Primark

What are your plans for the future? Are you up to anything fun this summer?

Lots of love

Photos taken by my incredibly talented best friend Sophie Jolley. 

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Sensse Deep Pore Suction | Review

Giving my skin a bit of TLC is something that I always enjoy. Looking after my complexion is so important to me and I feel like it always disregarded by many, due to the lack of understanding we have about our own skin. Over the years, I have learnt so much about my own skin, how it is personal to each individual and how you have to be educated on your skin before knowing what products are perfect to treat it correctly. For anyone who hasn't had a free skin consultation, I definitely recommend it - I have seen many brands do it like The Bodyshop or my favourite skincare brand, Dermalogica, that I worked with closely at the beginning of 2017. I learnt so much about my skin in those 20 minutes than I had over my 5 years of 'being obsessed' with beauty. It was insane how much I didn't know about my complexion, what my skin needed and the products I required to keep my skin in the best condition. 

However, since I've been educated on my extremely dry skin, I have never indulged in the ongoing launch of electrical skin care products. Multiple brands have released products over the past couple of years that involve technology - although I've always been intrigued with these sort of things, I've never looked into purchasing one myself. Fortunately, the lovely team at Sensse Beauty have given me this gorgeous new tool to test and give an honest opinion about my results after trialing it.


The Sensse Deep Pore Suction tool is perfectly designed to ensure sufficient pore cleansing and the ultimate skin detox we all need. Encased in a luxurious white box, the essence of the brand is sleek, simple and super classy. In the centre of the box, the brand's name is embossed in a gorgeous rose gold, framed by a thin rectangle-shaped line. The box insanely complements the design of the actual product  - again, a compact and sleek look with hints of rose gold detail around the circumference. Inside the box, there also holds a rose gold stand for the product to stand elegantly on your vanity and a port to re-charge the Deep Pore Suction. To satisfy all skin types, there are 3 different nozzles to help unclog pore - a small pore suction, a large pore suction and a specific black head remover to cover all angles.


For the most effective use, I've found that the product works best on the second intensity and to slowly move the black head remover nozzle across my nose. You can use this product across your whole face but most of my black/white head area is concentrated around my nose region. To product is super easy to handle and use - a hold of the 'on/off' button turns the product on or off and a simple tap to change the intensity of the cleanse. Prior to activating the suction, I highly advise adding water to the product underneath the nozzle for a greater cleanse (although you don't have to do this for results, I find it leaves my skin feeling refreshed). Over the past few weeks, I have been using this device twice to three times a week to get the best use and review the product as honestly as I possibly could. Overall, I have seen a massive difference in the amount of dirt and clogged pores on my nose - the blackhead remover has been a life saver and cleared up the amount of white/blackheads lingering in that region. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking into taking that extra bit of care with their skin or someone who suffers with bad skin/has common occurrences with blackheads.

If you want me to show you how I use this in a skincare routine, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Alternatively, if you want me to show you how I use this in a more daily/lifestyle routine then make sure you're subscribed to my vlogging channel here!

What is your favourite skincare product? Do you have a strict regime?

Lots of love


This product was sent for review purposes; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fun, Festival Makeup Look ft. Beauty N Brushes

Festivals have never really been my forte - despite loving music, dancing and experimenting with makeup, I don't like the idea of camping in a crowded environment and constantly surrounded by drunken people both day and night. I guess that's me just stereotyping the whole event, but nothing has ever ridiculously appealed to me, other than the fun makeup and hair styles people create for the day. Being a glitter addict, I just had to buy some beautiful face glitter to experiment with and create my (non) festival makeup look. This is the first time I've ever created something bold, glittery and unique to my standard style so I hope you like it. As always, I am no makeup artist so I just play around with my products and pray that the end result isn't a complete shambles.

Before I get into all the makeup I used, I would love to mention that this post is in collaboration with one of my lovely blogging friends - Emily Styles from the blog Beauty N Brushes. She is such a lovely fellow blogger of mine and always puts her heart and soul into her posts. It would mean the world to me, and herself I'm sure, if you went and read her post after this one. She's also created a festival/summer perfect makeup look so head over there after! 


The wonderful PR team at Benefit Cosmetics kindly sent over a Festival Survial Kit - the packaging was adorable and I shared it over on my vlog channel last week (Charlotte Emily Vlogs). Encased in an adorable pink tin are 5 mini Benefit products. I decided to use the tiny Porefessional to prime my face; I love this because it evens out my skin tone, allowing my foundation to apply super smoothly. For foundation, I blended Tarte's Empowered Hybrid foundation into my skin with the Real Technique's Complexion Sponge. This foundation is a life saver for dry skin; it makes my skin super glowy, look healthy and leaves a stunning dewy finish. I concealed my under eyes and highlighted the centre of my face with the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. For contour, I opted for my Chanel Tan de Soleil - this cool toned cream product works wonders at carving your cheek bones. I finally reached for my Live Love London Bronze and Highlighting palette to, as the name suggests, bronze and highlight my face. I applied the white highlight to the high points of my face - above the brow bone, cheekbones, cupid's bow and tip of my nose. 

THE FUN PART! To accentuate my cheek bones and to get into the full swing of festival makeup, I bought myself some beautiful goodies from Festival Face. After applying a small amount of the Glitter Fix Glue to a small, dense brush, I popped it into my two glitter pots - Unicorn Dust and Iridescent Flakes. They both pair to make a stunning combination; making you feel sassy, sexy and glow to the extreme. I am a MAGPIE when it comes to glitter...I love everything that sparkles so these made me super excited and really helped to complete the overall complexion.


As always, I use my trusty Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Chocolate to draw on my brows. I further set them in place with a new holy grail...Benefit's Gimme Brow. This product was my go-to on holiday. I cannot believe how fab this is at setting my brow hairs and lasting all day long. For eyeshadow, all I did was apply Urban Decay's Moon Dust shadow in Solstice all over the lid with a flat top brush. I then moved onto liner. To change up from my usual routine, I used my Tarte Amazonian Clay liner in Fairy Wings (how cute) to create winged liner. I love how the holographic shadow and purple complement each other. To lengthen my upper lashes, I used Maybelline's the Colossal Big Shot, whilst applying Arbonne's Royal Purple mascara to my lower lashes for that extra pop of colour! I feel like purple really made my brown eyes turn hazel...


To finish the look, I reached for some products that were sent to me absolutely ages ago. They came from a trio set from Cailyn Cosmetics; I remembered creating an ombre lip with them so decided it would go well with this jazzy makeup look. I used the bright purple to line and use as the darker colour - popping the bright pink in the centre of my lips to form the gradient effect. I love how this brought the whole look together and intensifies the purples/pinks used on the eyelids.

Check out Emily's Festival Look over on her blog if you want to see how she achieved this gorgeous look. Let us know what you think and if you want to see us collaborate on more makeup looks together. 

What are your holy grail beauty products this summer? Are you attending a festival this year?

Lots of love

Sunday, 6 August 2017

My Go-To Fashion This Summer

Fashion is something I want to invest more time on and also, inject my rising passion for outfit creating and wardrobe lusting into my blog. One of my favourite things to do this summer is outfit plan. I love pairing a cute playsuit with some dainty jewellery or finding the perfect shades to compliment an outfit. Clothing and style is subjective to everyone, which is why I love it so much. No-one dresses the same; we all find the perfect style of clothes to make us feel confident and comfortable. There have been four fashion staples in my wardrobe this summer - ranging from colours to accessories - so I thought I would share with you my ultimate go-to's for my daily summer wear.


Something I've been obsessing over this season is playsuits. I cannot get over how incredible playsuits are - they are a super easy outfit option if you are struggling to find top and bottoms to pair up. Playsuits are super comfortable - I would pick a playsuit over a dress any day! Also, playsuits have been so versatile for me during summer; you can literally dress up a playsuit with large chunky earrings, a glittery clutch and some heels or go for a casual, every day look by pairing the outfit with some trainers. The amount of outfits you can create from just one clothing item is endless and that is why I've been reaching for playsuits throughout summer - super convenient and easy, especially when I get stressed trying to find the perfect outfit.

In particular, my favourite playsuit this summer is's Floral playsuit. This cream-coloured number has been my go-to for family gatherings, evening events or just popping to the shops. My favourite feature has to be the gorgeous little tassle that ties in the middle of the chest. The playsuits makes for a comfortable, flattering fit - the rucheing at the waist hugs your figure and frilled hem on the legs makes for a beautiful design. I love the scattered floral patterns on the playsuit - the warm pinks, browns and oranges give the outfit a vintage/rustic vibe that I've really been into recently. I'm also still obsessed with the bardot, off-the-shoulder style - I love the way it accentuates my collarbones and paired with my dainty Tiffany necklace, it looks adorable! 


Everything I seem to buy or get drawn towards this summer is yellow. I've never been a fan of bright, stand-out colours just because I liked to keep low key. Saying this, I still hate attention but I just think the colour yellow is so underated?! Does that even make sense? I just feel that yellow is such a stunning colour that should be brought to life around summer! I've honestly become a magpie for all things yellow, or orange, this summer and couldn't help pick out this stunning summer dress. Again, this gorgeous summer-ideal piece is from I cannot believe that this dress costs £5 - the quality of the material is insane and the fit is perfect. My favourite feature of this chiffon dress is the additional yellow belt that accompanies the main piece - this ties around the waist to hug the figure at the best point. The frills and pleats on the top half of the dress are adorable and are ideal for a day event. I'd love to pair this dress with some golden jewellery and these huge cat eye sunglasses from Primark.


If you've been following me on social media, you will know that I wear these non-stop. My OOTD clips in my daily vlogs always include my new trusty white vans. Aidan, my boyfriend, bought these for me prior to our holiday in Mexico. I'm super grateful and have fallen completely in love. These shoes seem to go with absolutely anything in my wardrobe - this is ideal for someone like me who has become really picky/fussy with fashion and styling. The all-white look, for me, is really put together and I love how clean the aesthetics are - maybe not so much now...Anyway, I just wear these at any given opportunity because they are comfortable, low key stylish and seem to compliment any outfit I pop on.


If you know me, you will know my ridiculous addiction to sunglasses. I literally cannot go into a Primark store without leaving with at least one pair, which is quite ridiculous. I am obsessed with the variety of tinted glasses, the array of frames available and the how different styles suit different outfits. Two of my favourite pairs I am loving at the minute are these sleek cat eye ones from Primark - £1, are you having a laugh?! They are literally so affordable and a complete dupe for Chanel. Also, I'm currently on the aviator hype and love these style of glasses on me. The pair I'm wearing are from LOTD - the all gold aviators. 

All photos taken are by my incredible best friend Sophie! Make sure to check out her Youtube channel and social media :

Insta - @YTSophiex
Twitter - @YTSophiex

What are you summer fashion must haves? Is there any trends you hate this summer?

Lots of love

Check out for clothing, beauty & more! They also sell some incredible hair products at Shein!


Some of the fashion items in this post were gifted; however, all opinions are honest and my own.