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8 July 2017

One of the many perks of being a blogger is discovering new, upcoming and innovative brands. I love browsing the beautiful creations of fellow bloggers and wonderful pieces people have created from scratch. Recently, I fell in love with the gorgeous array of trinket dishes, cute greeting cards, as well as the beautiful range of prints and mugs. I fortunately was able to get hold of a few products so I could share with you my thoughts on this instagram-worthy, extremely aesthetically pleasing brand. 

The Pink Rose Bud was launched last year by the wonderful Rosie, whom designs and crafts all of the products available to buy. The aim of the brand is to bring a contemporary feel - making everything bright, colourful and enticing. The care and attention to detail on all of their products is evident and well-thought out, from quality to delivery everything seems to be perfect. Not only are the products are completely unique to anything I've seen on the gifting market, the prices are super affordable and can be bought to make an ideal gift for a partner or your bestie!

Trinket Dish & Greeting Cards

The products were delicately delivered, hand-wrapped in cute pink and white packaging - matching the aesthetics of the brand. Even from the packaging and the brand-printed stickers, you are instantly aware of the time, effort, dedication and attention to detail is made when delivering the products, as well as the overall creation. I was super impressed with the swift delivery and the delicacy of the package when it arrived. In terms of products, I cannot be more in love with the beautiful, luxurious-looking golden leaf trinket dish. This pretty little trinket dish is ideal for popping in my small pieces of jewellery that clumsy me usually loses. I love that the dish is super productive but also added beauty to my dresser by the classy golden detail. Alongside the trinket dishes, Pink Rose Bud also supplied me with these cute little greeting cards. For those wanting to make a gift extra special, what more could you want than a individual greeting card that is completely unique! I love the simplistic design paired with the snappy occasion printed in the centre - the colour choices for the cards are all definitely up my street and I cannot wait for my next friend to have a birthday so I can use on of these. 

What are your favourite lifestyle brands? What products do you like from the Pink Rose Bud?

Lots of love


The products reviewed were kindly sent by the Pink Rose Bud; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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