My Favourite Things To Do In My Free Time

15 June 2017

Life is pretty hectic at the minute. My main priority is revision because June has been jam-packed with A level exams; however, I'm having to balance exam stress with eating, getting a decent night sleep, spending time with my family/friends, blogging and Youtube. 1. I know I don't have to do all of these things but I feel like it is necessary to keep me insane. 2. To some people this might not be a big deal, but I am really struggling with the balance at the minute and am longing for some free time. There has not been one moment I've been able to fully relax without thinking about an upcoming exam or worrying that I will miss a blog upload every week. Not to mention the rest of the shopping I need to do for all the necessities in time for my Mexico trip at the end of the month. Basically, I am having a hard, busy time at the minute but that is okay. This means time is very precious to me at the minute so I want to spend it very wisely. Here are my favourite things to do  if I ever whenever I get some free time...

Exploring New Places

My favourite thing to do whenever I have some free time is definitely exploring new places. I've been really into walks recently and love finding new routes to walk in the countryside, taking in the fresh atmosphere. I love peaceful, quiet places much more than loud music like your average teenage girl. Just something about the countryside puts me at ease, and it is at stressful times like mid-exam season where I need to take some time out to relax and absorb any peaceful environment. As summer is approaching, all I can think about is the amazing places I haven't visited that I want to go and explore. I specifically want to go with my bestfriend, Megan, to the Scottish highlands as everyone always talks about its gorgeous nature and the beautiful scenic shots you can capture. 

Planning New Adventures

Similarly, to keep myself motivated throughout my exams, I am constantly planning a huge list of things that I want to achieve, go to visit and do over the summer. This is going to be my last huge summer before going off to university (hopefully - fingers crossed!) at the end of September, so I seriously want to make this summer one to remember. Whenever I give myself a revision break, I pop open one of my planners and begin to write down things on my bucketlist, both big and small, that I want to do over summer. From baking new recipes to skydiving, I've literally created an almost endless list of incredible experiences and activities that I am striving to do after exams. I think my favourite things so far have to be Mexico, going for a spa day with my best friend and skydiving - I cannot wait to tick off the top thing on my bucketlist EVER!

Shopping - New Clothes, New Makeup, NEW EVERYTHANG

This is where my impulsiveness kicks in. I have no idea whether this is down to exams or hormones, but I literally cannot stop buying things recently. Am I trying to make myself feel better about my shitty biology exam? Do I really need 6 new sets of swimwear for my holiday when I already own some? Basically, I cannot control myself when it comes to shopping, both online and in-store. Maybe it is just deprivation because I've been so poor from January and I've finally saved enough to actually have the occasional splurge? Whatever it is, I am not complaining because it is making me sickeningly happy. I guess that is quite bad consider they are all materialistic things but I feel like I deserve a treat after all the hard work I've put into my education since 2017 began and a reward for exhausting myself to extremities. I believe it is good to treat yourself every now and again, especially if you feel like you've earned it! Check out my Youtube channel for many hauls over the next few months...

A recent purchase I managed to get my hands on was this gorgeous blouse from Isabella Boutique. Isabella Boutique are a fashion company that sell an array of stunning clothing, perfect for all year round. I am literally crushing over their summer collection at the minute and cannot wait to get my hands on more just in time for my holiday! The top I chose was this beige/nude with antique flower patterns distributed randomly all over. I love how vintage the colour combination and patterns look, paired with the large, open bell-sleeves. In terms of material, the feel is high quality, light and perfect for the warmer months. This can be dressed up or down - I went for a more casual look with these beautiful Boohoo brown/nude trousers and golden Primark sunnies. However, I feel like you could really dress this up with a golden jewelled choker, light skirt and some chunky wedges. The off-shoulder style is something I'm really into in terms of trends and will be wearing throughout summer!

Make sure to check their incredible Summer range if you are looking for some new pieces for your wardrobe, I am obsessed!

Finding Time For Those Who Matter

The most important thing to me is finding time for the people who inspire me, continually make me smile and equally, always have time for me. Family are hugely special to me as they are always so supportive of my education, opinions, hobbies and everything I do. They have also stood by me through the toughest of times so I feel it is more than necessary to give that back to them. I love spending time with them as much as I possibly can - it makes me so sad that I've been missing out on big family dinners with my close relatives and gatherings just because I've been too caught up revising. Alongside balancing exams and seeing my family, I've tried my utmost hardest to see my best friends, Megan, Sophie and my boyfriend Aidan. All of these people put me at ease, make me laugh uncontrollably and have a special place in my heart. Megan and Aidan have always stood by me no matter what and Sophie, being the newest addition to my life, has calmed me down during exam season and helped increase my positivity. Friends and family are going to be my priority this summer, I cannot wait to spend all of my free time with them and make some incredible memories!

What do you love to do in your spare time? 

Lots of love


The top in this post was gifted to me for review purposes; however, I was not paid to speak about the product, all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I love the outfit you styled for these OOTD photos.
    That off-the shoulder floral top is beautiful!
    Kudos on your YouTube videos as well - I like your YouTube channel.
    I've been very insecure and lazy myself, and rather than write any new blog posts or take new outfit photos and YouTube videos, I've been spending my spare (and not so spare) time on Twitter, occasionally blog-commenting,
    and spending WAY too much time binge-watching TV shows (i.e.: #PLL) and movies on NetFlix.


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