Good Lighting Fixes Everything

27 June 2017

Something that has massively impacted my blog this year is lighting. I absolutely hate yellow lighting and unfortunately, my house is full of it. I've been trying to escape it for so long, but yet to find something suitably priced or to the standard I wanted. Fortunately, I have been very patient and managed to find some soft box studio lighting alongside these two incredible Needlite lamps that arrived in the post a few weeks back. Good lighting is essential for me - it improves my photo quality (and videos for Youtube) inevitably making me happy...Not only have I discovered my new love for bright white lighting, I have been given an insight to the hidden uses of good lighting by the wonderful team at Needlite.

Needlite are a Danish company that began creating desk lamps for just under two years. The innovation behind the brand is driven to provide efficient work lighting, as well as establishing the required amount of daylight needed. The gorgeous, sleek and modern design of the lamps aim to provide daylight indoors alongside many fascinating features regarding mood improvement. Needlite provide an iPhone app to control the lamps without needing to touch, giving the user feedback on the light consumption, usage and ability to alter intensity. With a light tap of the silver box, the light turns on and a light tap to turn them off. The swift technology allows a long touch to increase or decrease the light intensity to your own satisfaction.

The Power of Good Lighting

Unlike the classic softbox lighting or a standard lamp, these bring light to your desk in an entirely unique way. The combination of full spectrum light paired with the lamp design washes the work space with the brightness we need to work efficiently. Lighting like this is powerfully and intricately designs to give our bodies and brain the light we are missing from the outdoors. This is incredible for those studying - I cannot wait to take these to university with me. I can tell they are going to be a necessity during deadline season because I will be shoved inside the library/my room for too long that the lack of light can be drained from your life. The team at Needlite have gathered statistics proving that more than 50% of us are under-performing during the winter season, as well as on average spending less than an hour outdoor each day all year round. Thus, this added daylight can drive greater focus, more energy, better sleep and an incredible mood. However, to avoid staying up stupidly to early hours in the morning, the app kindly sends a reminder to turn the lights off when bedtime is approaching. A little kick up the bum I need - I am one of those who always overworks so much that my head is buzzing with information, which leads to the dreaded sleep deprivation.

Blog Photography and Further Uses

As previously stated, I cannot wait to take these lights with me to university. These are going to be perfect for the seasons with darker nights to help lift my mood and motivation to work. I am obsessed with how sleek and convenient these lamps are - not taking up too much space on my desk and complementing my work space/makeup dresser. However, the reason I am so excited about these lamps are because they have improved my blog and video quality immensely. Although this isn't part of Needlite's original idea or concept, I have incorporated these lamps in my blogger/vlogger lifestyle. They are highly suitable for creating professional-looking images, controlling the strength of light and colour surrounding the image. The non-reflective nature also contributes to the overall aesthic of the final images, sometimes allowing me to upload straight away with no extra editing. 10/10 recommend for people searching for lighting that will aid lifestyle and mood, as well as those that work at a desk for long hours of the day or those wanting to improve image quality for their online space.

What lighting do you use for your images? Do you prefer natural or artifical light?

Lots of love


The products were kindly gifted by Needlite; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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