Good Lighting Fixes Everything

27 June 2017

Something that has massively impacted my blog this year is lighting. I absolutely hate yellow lighting and unfortunately, my house is full of it. I've been trying to escape it for so long, but yet to find something suitably priced or to the standard I wanted. Fortunately, I have been very patient and managed to find some soft box studio lighting alongside these two incredible Needlite lamps that arrived in the post a few weeks back. Good lighting is essential for me - it improves my photo quality (and videos for Youtube) inevitably making me happy...Not only have I discovered my new love for bright white lighting, I have been given an insight to the hidden uses of good lighting by the wonderful team at Needlite.

Needlite are a Danish company that began creating desk lamps for just under two years. The innovation behind the brand is driven to provide efficient work lighting, as well as establishing the required amount of daylight needed. The gorgeous, sleek and modern design of the lamps aim to provide daylight indoors alongside many fascinating features regarding mood improvement. Needlite provide an iPhone app to control the lamps without needing to touch, giving the user feedback on the light consumption, usage and ability to alter intensity. With a light tap of the silver box, the light turns on and a light tap to turn them off. The swift technology allows a long touch to increase or decrease the light intensity to your own satisfaction.

The Power of Good Lighting

Unlike the classic softbox lighting or a standard lamp, these bring light to your desk in an entirely unique way. The combination of full spectrum light paired with the lamp design washes the work space with the brightness we need to work efficiently. Lighting like this is powerfully and intricately designs to give our bodies and brain the light we are missing from the outdoors. This is incredible for those studying - I cannot wait to take these to university with me. I can tell they are going to be a necessity during deadline season because I will be shoved inside the library/my room for too long that the lack of light can be drained from your life. The team at Needlite have gathered statistics proving that more than 50% of us are under-performing during the winter season, as well as on average spending less than an hour outdoor each day all year round. Thus, this added daylight can drive greater focus, more energy, better sleep and an incredible mood. However, to avoid staying up stupidly to early hours in the morning, the app kindly sends a reminder to turn the lights off when bedtime is approaching. A little kick up the bum I need - I am one of those who always overworks so much that my head is buzzing with information, which leads to the dreaded sleep deprivation.

Blog Photography and Further Uses

As previously stated, I cannot wait to take these lights with me to university. These are going to be perfect for the seasons with darker nights to help lift my mood and motivation to work. I am obsessed with how sleek and convenient these lamps are - not taking up too much space on my desk and complementing my work space/makeup dresser. However, the reason I am so excited about these lamps are because they have improved my blog and video quality immensely. Although this isn't part of Needlite's original idea or concept, I have incorporated these lamps in my blogger/vlogger lifestyle. They are highly suitable for creating professional-looking images, controlling the strength of light and colour surrounding the image. The non-reflective nature also contributes to the overall aesthic of the final images, sometimes allowing me to upload straight away with no extra editing. 10/10 recommend for people searching for lighting that will aid lifestyle and mood, as well as those that work at a desk for long hours of the day or those wanting to improve image quality for their online space.

What lighting do you use for your images? Do you prefer natural or artifical light?

Lots of love


The products were kindly gifted by Needlite; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Urban Decay NAKED HEAT Palette | Review

17 June 2017

For one time in my life, I was extremely lucky. I managed to get my hands on the gorgeous new Urban Decay NAKED HEAT palette within the first eight minutes of its early release before it swiftly sold out. I got mine in the second minute, to be precise! I was literally ON IT. I just needed to get my hands on it - after being an avid Urban Decay fan for years now, and falling head over heels for their other NAKED palettes, I just had to purchase this. One simple reason for my urge to purchase is the absolutely gorgeous choice of colours. There are so many people have viciously criticized the palette already for being 'unoriginal', 'just another warm-toned palette' and 'all the colours look the same'. Therefore, I've decided to give my personal opinion on the palette, compare it to my other beloved Urban Decay ones and just share my thoughts on this new release. As you could probably tell, I had super high hopes for the palette and I was praying it didn't let me down.

The palette will be officially released on July 27th.


On 12th June, I was anxiously sitting on my bed (anxious times 1000 as I was also sitting a biology exam that day) waiting for the early release at 11am. Within two minutes of the product launching, I popped the palette in my basket and paid in the space of 2 minutes. This in mind, I wasn't expected the palette to arrive within the estimated standard delivery of 3-5 working days. However, I had my hands on the palette within 2 days! I was super impressed with the efficient delivery time not to mention what comes next...Hands down, I was not expecting to be greeted with a gorgeous purple shoe-sized box. The beautiful purple, matte finished box and silver print gave the delivery that extra classy feel and screamed luxury! On opening the box, the palette was encased in several layers of black tissue and tightly squeezed bubble wrap. The product was in perfect condition and sealed in a stunning red-toned box, embodying the warm tones of the palette perfectly. In terms of the palette itself, there is a gradient embellishment behind the metallic lid and golden font magnified with the product name on the front, alike the other palettes from the NAKED range. Similarly, it is in the same styled plastic packaging that the NAKED Smokey was in, which I was a huge fan of. Despite the packaging being 'plastic', it genuinely feels more luxurious and more sturdy that the tin-styled palettes (Naked 2 &3). Overall beautiful feel and a lovely aesthetic that, as always, completely coincides with the shades contained inside!


Oh my lord. I was SO impressed when I first opened the palette. This is literally my dream palette, working with warm-toned colours is my absolute favourite thing to do in terms of eyeshadow. I love how the warm blends compliment my eye colour and skin tone. The palette contains 8 mattes and 4 shimmers - a lovely balance but I would have liked to see a couple more shimmers maybe. As soon as I'd taken my blogger pics, I got straight in to the good ol' swatches. I cannot even believe to explain how pigmented these shadows are - even the lighter mattes at the far left of the palettes are insanely pigmented! If you hold on to the end of this post, I have tagged my coinciding Youtube video where I tried this palette out for the first time on camera and you can literally see my face when I use 'Sauced' as my transition colour. I honestly have no idea how people cannot see the pigmentation and capability of this palette. I mean, the matte shades are definitely more pigmented that the shimmers, but the colour is quickly achieved with a tiny building up. If you want to see how these shades look on the lid then make sure to stick around to the end of the post and click on the link to my channel. Feel free to subscribe if you enjoy me or my beauty videos - also comment if you came from here first because I am very intrigued if people read this before they watch it! Anyway, each and every colour from this palette is right up my street - a mix of beige, oranges, reds and even a few sultry purple are shoved at the darker end of the palette. In complete honesty, I am in awe with everything - I would even go so far as to saying it is my favourite from the entire range. A wonderful range of eyeshadows that will suit any skin tone and literally make any eye colour pop!


Ounce - A soft white with tiny glitters
Chaser - A pale matte beige
Sauced - A light brown (PERFECT TRANSITION COLOUR) 
Low Blow - A warm matte taupe
Lumbre - A stunning rose gold with golden glitters
He Devil - A deep orange-red
Dirty Talk - A copper with golden glitters
Scorched - An intense copper with pink undertones
Cayenne - A rich oak brown
En Fuego - A deep burgundy with red undertones
Ashes - A dark mauve, super purple!
Ember - A bronze-brown with golden shimmer

I also filmed a video creating my first ever look with this palette if you are interested in seeing these gorgeous shadows on ^^^ click the link above to check it out! Also, one of my bestfriends Sophie has also created a tutorial using this same palette so if you want to see the palette in different use then go check out her channel HERE!

Are you excited about Urban Decay's new release? Will you be picking up the palette on the 27th July?!

Lots of love

My Favourite Things To Do In My Free Time

15 June 2017

Life is pretty hectic at the minute. My main priority is revision because June has been jam-packed with A level exams; however, I'm having to balance exam stress with eating, getting a decent night sleep, spending time with my family/friends, blogging and Youtube. 1. I know I don't have to do all of these things but I feel like it is necessary to keep me insane. 2. To some people this might not be a big deal, but I am really struggling with the balance at the minute and am longing for some free time. There has not been one moment I've been able to fully relax without thinking about an upcoming exam or worrying that I will miss a blog upload every week. Not to mention the rest of the shopping I need to do for all the necessities in time for my Mexico trip at the end of the month. Basically, I am having a hard, busy time at the minute but that is okay. This means time is very precious to me at the minute so I want to spend it very wisely. Here are my favourite things to do  if I ever whenever I get some free time...

Exploring New Places

My favourite thing to do whenever I have some free time is definitely exploring new places. I've been really into walks recently and love finding new routes to walk in the countryside, taking in the fresh atmosphere. I love peaceful, quiet places much more than loud music like your average teenage girl. Just something about the countryside puts me at ease, and it is at stressful times like mid-exam season where I need to take some time out to relax and absorb any peaceful environment. As summer is approaching, all I can think about is the amazing places I haven't visited that I want to go and explore. I specifically want to go with my bestfriend, Megan, to the Scottish highlands as everyone always talks about its gorgeous nature and the beautiful scenic shots you can capture. 

Planning New Adventures

Similarly, to keep myself motivated throughout my exams, I am constantly planning a huge list of things that I want to achieve, go to visit and do over the summer. This is going to be my last huge summer before going off to university (hopefully - fingers crossed!) at the end of September, so I seriously want to make this summer one to remember. Whenever I give myself a revision break, I pop open one of my planners and begin to write down things on my bucketlist, both big and small, that I want to do over summer. From baking new recipes to skydiving, I've literally created an almost endless list of incredible experiences and activities that I am striving to do after exams. I think my favourite things so far have to be Mexico, going for a spa day with my best friend and skydiving - I cannot wait to tick off the top thing on my bucketlist EVER!

Shopping - New Clothes, New Makeup, NEW EVERYTHANG

This is where my impulsiveness kicks in. I have no idea whether this is down to exams or hormones, but I literally cannot stop buying things recently. Am I trying to make myself feel better about my shitty biology exam? Do I really need 6 new sets of swimwear for my holiday when I already own some? Basically, I cannot control myself when it comes to shopping, both online and in-store. Maybe it is just deprivation because I've been so poor from January and I've finally saved enough to actually have the occasional splurge? Whatever it is, I am not complaining because it is making me sickeningly happy. I guess that is quite bad consider they are all materialistic things but I feel like I deserve a treat after all the hard work I've put into my education since 2017 began and a reward for exhausting myself to extremities. I believe it is good to treat yourself every now and again, especially if you feel like you've earned it! Check out my Youtube channel for many hauls over the next few months...

A recent purchase I managed to get my hands on was this gorgeous blouse from Isabella Boutique. Isabella Boutique are a fashion company that sell an array of stunning clothing, perfect for all year round. I am literally crushing over their summer collection at the minute and cannot wait to get my hands on more just in time for my holiday! The top I chose was this beige/nude with antique flower patterns distributed randomly all over. I love how vintage the colour combination and patterns look, paired with the large, open bell-sleeves. In terms of material, the feel is high quality, light and perfect for the warmer months. This can be dressed up or down - I went for a more casual look with these beautiful Boohoo brown/nude trousers and golden Primark sunnies. However, I feel like you could really dress this up with a golden jewelled choker, light skirt and some chunky wedges. The off-shoulder style is something I'm really into in terms of trends and will be wearing throughout summer!

Make sure to check their incredible Summer range if you are looking for some new pieces for your wardrobe, I am obsessed!

Finding Time For Those Who Matter

The most important thing to me is finding time for the people who inspire me, continually make me smile and equally, always have time for me. Family are hugely special to me as they are always so supportive of my education, opinions, hobbies and everything I do. They have also stood by me through the toughest of times so I feel it is more than necessary to give that back to them. I love spending time with them as much as I possibly can - it makes me so sad that I've been missing out on big family dinners with my close relatives and gatherings just because I've been too caught up revising. Alongside balancing exams and seeing my family, I've tried my utmost hardest to see my best friends, Megan, Sophie and my boyfriend Aidan. All of these people put me at ease, make me laugh uncontrollably and have a special place in my heart. Megan and Aidan have always stood by me no matter what and Sophie, being the newest addition to my life, has calmed me down during exam season and helped increase my positivity. Friends and family are going to be my priority this summer, I cannot wait to spend all of my free time with them and make some incredible memories!

What do you love to do in your spare time? 

Lots of love


The top in this post was gifted to me for review purposes; however, I was not paid to speak about the product, all opinions are honest and my own.

Tarte Cosmetics Custom Kit | Review

6 June 2017

If you've been following me on my social media platforms, like Instagram and Youtube, you will know that I have a serious problem at the minute...I cannot STOP spending. All I seem to be doing at the minute is purchasing new clothes, new makeup and new everything! However, I am not complaining - my bank account sincerely hates me but I am absolutely loving treating myself and splurging. I'm not going to lie. One of the main reasons I cannot help myself is my unhealthy relationship with makeup recently - I went off buying makeup for the past year because I got really into fashion. Recently I ran out of many of my go-to's in my makeup bag so decided to have a big change. By big chance, I decided to purchase an incredible deal that Tarte were offering on their website...a custom kit for £60. This included 6 full-size products and a makeup bag, alongside a generous free delivery to the UK. 


My package arrived at my front door about a week after delivery. In my opinion, this was extremely fast considering the parcel was packaged all the way in America and had to go through customs etc. Tarte Cosmetics also guaranteed the custom charge was included in the price of the custom kit so there was nothing to worry about. I say that, but I was still freaking out that customs would charge me a ridiculous price when it arrived in the UK; however, I was overthinking, as always, and had the parcel in my hands within 7 days. Packaged in a regular rectangular box, the custom kits was tightly wrapped in the cutest packaging ever. The whole box was full of unicorn tissue paper in the classic lilac and pink colours that represent Tarte. I am obsessed with how they wrapped everything and have to say that I'm going to hold onto the unicorn paper for future uses blog pics


HELL YEAH. For those of you who have been reading my content for a long while now will know my love for everything holographic. I don't know what is wrong with me but I am so attracted to things that are holographic...I'm also slightly obsessed with the mermaid scale print etched over the entire makeup bag. Anyway, I was completely drawn to this bag out of the two on offer and am super happy with my decision. The bag is stunning, a medium size, fits my every day makeup in and has a gorgeous lilac interior. I'm also a huge fan of the golden zip, I think it pairs perfectly with the purple. Is it just me but wouldn't this bag look incredible as a statement clutch too?? Hands up if you want me to try and style this with an outfit because I am very tempted too...


The base product I chose for my kit was this Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in the shade 'Light-Medium Honey'. I went for a shade that was slightly darker than my skin tone because I really want to take this on holiday with me to Mexico. Therefore, I'm going to need a darker shade for when I'm tanned. This foundation is thick, dewy and leaves the most flawless full coverage glow on my face. It is literally the dream foundation I have been waiting for and I'm so glad I finally have it in my collection. In terms of longevity, this foundation does not budge once throughout the entire day and is heavenly for my poor dehydrated skin. I've been looking for the perfect base for dry skin for ages and I have finally found it. A foundation that doesn't cling to dry patches, leaves an effortless glow on the face and makes my skin look incredibly even. If you are looking for a foundation to give you full coverage for an evening out, something to brighten your skin or if you suffer with dry AF skin like me, then definitely invest in this product because you will not be let down.


For the longest time, I've been wanting to own one of these gorgeous, highly raved about Amazonian Clay blushes. I am literally obsessed with everything from the packaging to the colour of this product. The shade is very intense so I only pop a light amount on the brush and give it a quick blow to get rid of excess pigment. The blush is in the shade 'FEARLESS' - a hot, yet soft pink, that gives a flushed glow to the cheeks. My main love for this product is the packaging and aesthetics - I cannot get over how stunning the engraved pattern on the actual brush looks. You will definitely be seeing this all over my Instagram because it is super pretty, especially to take photos of. 


A flat contour brush is something that everyone needs in their lives. For me, good quality makeup brushes are essential to achieve the best out of your makeup products. BAD BRUSHES = BAD APPLICATION! If you don't apply product with semi-decent quality brushes then you may get a bad impression of a product for the wrong reason. That is why I always reach for a flat contour brush when contouring and bronzing my face. I think these brushes are perfect to create the idealistic sharp, chiseled cheek look. The densely packed bristles allow for incredible application - they pick up the product evenly and gently apply it to the face. The brush is super soft, feels seamless on the skin and looks incredible. I love the wooden theme and the golden logo carved on the brush adds that something cute! 


My next pick for my custom kit was this purple eyeliner. I opted for something very different when it came to eye liner because I don't own any gel liners, other than an old black one I never use, and barely anything colourful and fun. Thus, I jumped straight out of the comfort zone and decided to pick this stunning lilac shade - 'Fairy Wings'. Not only can this be applied as liner, but I feel this has the perfect consistently to create an intense cream eyeshadow base. The formula is creamy, the pigmentation is on ANOTHER LEVEL and I cannot wait to play around with this to create so many fun festival looks. Watch this space because I'm going to try and create some very different makeup looks this summer.


The 'Lights, Camera, Lashes' mascara is something I've heard a lot about in the beauty world. My first impressions has made me instantly fall in love. First of all, the packaging is something a little different - the bottle is made of this strange cushion material that I have never seen anything like before in my life. Despite the strange material, I love Tarte's classic dark purple and gold combination - it makes their brand look so classy and feminine. LOVE. Onto the brush itself, the bristles are tightly packed and super thin - the product applies evenly to the lashes, both lengthening and volumising them at the same time. An overall fab mascara that increases volume and length, as well as allowing even application.


Summer is underway and nothing beats a good coral gloss. I've been really into lipglosses recently due to my lips being so chapped and dry. I really like having glosses on to hydrate my lips and enhance my skin, making it look more glowy and dewy. My final pick for my custom kit was this Lip Surgence lip gloss in the shade 'TIPSY' - a fun, coral shade that is ideal for the hotter months. The product is applied to the lips with a classic doefoot applicator, the finish of the gloss is between sheer and fully pigmented giving the lips a toned down coral colour and it doesn't feel sticky AT ALL. I HATE WHEN GLOSSES DO THAT. Something that instantly attracted me to this when I first tried it was the smell. This may sound strange but the smell is amazing! It literally smells like candyfloss, or cotton candy, and I cannot help but apply several counts to my lips so I can just smell the product more. Weird...I know.

Have you ever tried anything from Tarte before? Did you manage to pick up one of their custom kits?

Lots of love

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