How To Work Brighter, Bolder Eye Shadows

3 May 2017

This year I am actually making an effort to inject more colour into my life - brighter clothes, colourful room decorations and today's topic, bolder makeup! It certainly isn't easy changing up your standard everyday makeup routine to crazy yellow eyeshadow or a bright purple lip, so I'm going to talk to you today about how to make a smooth transition from comfortable nudes to something a bit more lively. Nude, or pink, lipsticks and brown toned eye shadow is definitely where my comfort zone lies when it comes to makeup. I feel like these basics accentuate my features, make me feel comfortable with my appearance and get me ready for the day. However, I've decided I'm getting quite bored of using the same products and want to introduce some new, brighter colours into my eye shadow wardrobe...hence this post. Blue is something that I feel us, creatures of habit, shy away from. Thus, I am about to share with you how I would incorporate a bright blue shadow into an everyday makeup look, just in time for summer!

The eye products I'm talking about today are from the incredible Lisa Blur Cosmetics. This cosmetic company sell a wide variety of luxury makeup products for middle-of-the-market prices. The eye shadows in particular stood out to me for their high reputation regarding pigmentation and colour variety. I was literally so excited to be receiving high quality colourful eye products that are different from anything I've hoarded in my eye shadow collection. As summer is swiftly approaching, I decided to opt for these alternative bright blues - a little out of my comfort zone, but willing to give a go and share my experience with. I'm planning on filming a summer makeup tutorial using these brighter, bolder blues so make sure to stay tuned by subscribing to find out what they look like on the lid (YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

Poolside is literally my spiritual eye shadow. I am obsessed with the iridescence and duochrome vibe it flares as it hits the different lights. I've already incorporated this into various eye looks and cannot wait to share them in some upcoming summer tutorials. This specific shade is part of Lisa Blur's Metallic Ultra Eye Shadow range - Pool Side is a gorgeous turquoise blue with a frosted finish. The pigmentation is honestly on a different level - I would definitely compare the quality to the pigmentation of high end beauty brands, if not better! Poolside creates a beautiful inner corner highlight, with it's underlying glitters sparkling in the sunlight and also works as a lid colour to make your eyes pop. I've found this works amazing for my dark eyes, making them look brighter and bigger.

Moving to the more daring side of me, I decided to pop Armybrat into the basket and see if I am able to work a bold blue this summer. I know this colour seems a bit ambitious but I am fully committed to making this work this summer. Unlike Poolside, Armybrat is part of Lisa Blur's Matte Eye Shadow range. This matte shadow, alike the metallic one, is super pigmented and appears the exact same colour as what you see in the pot. A bold, bright and almost overwhelming blue for those who always stick to copper/bronze/brown shades like me. However, the determination is real and I cannot wait to pop this into multiple makeup looks over Summer. To ease this beautiful colour into my makeup look, I think I'm going to start off by popping it under my bottom lash line to add a pop of colour but not to over-dramatic. For those days where I'm feeling confident, I will definitely be popping this into my crease, along with poolside on the lid, to create an intense, summer-y blue eye shadow look. Keep your eyes peeled on my Youtube channel for an upcoming tutorial. I cannot wait to share this with you guys!


Lots of love


The products in this post were kindly gifted as part of a collaboration; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. This is a great idea. I usually go for neutrals in my makeup and wardrobe but you have inspired me to go for a bit of colour x

    1. Aw thank you lovely! I love colour and just want to add more colour to my makeup looks xxx


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