Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

24 May 2017

I thought I'd get this post up nice and early considering Father's Day is coming up mid-June (18th for those of you unaware) simply because I find boys, especially men, ridiculously difficult to buy for. This usually leaves me stressed out at the last minute, trying to find the perfect gift that isn't too boring but something that my dad will utilize and need! Thus, I've decided to bring you a miniature gift guide of products both the classics and the unique, to hopefully inspire you in preparation for father's day. I can't wait to give my dad the presents below as I think they are going to go down perfectly...


Qwerkity are an online shop that specialises in all things unusal, unique and quite explicitly, QUIRKY! One of my favourite things about gift buying is exploring the internet, trying to find a variety of innovative, creative and different ideas so that the gift is somewhat special to the receiver. This year I've managed to get in touch with Qwerkity and I cannot believe the variety of products they have that I have NEVER seen before in my life - from chocolate teapots to cooking sets, puzzle kits and personalised items. There is literally something that would suit anyone in the family (even if you aren't looking for father's day!). However, I decided to chose two things that suited my dad perfectly...his love for cooking combined with a ridiculous 'dad' joke tee...

First of all I opted for the completely stupid t-shirt as that's right up my dad's street...he is one of those ones who never hesitates to crack a ridiculous joke so thought this would go down very well. I also think the bold beer image is iconic and actually really love the colour combination of yellow and grey. The style of t-shirt is pretty simple - a light grey with large logo on the front, soft and great quality material, not to mention that the t-shirt was only £20! In my opinion, it is definitely worth the money - especially if you know the quote is something your dad will laugh at...Alongside the t-shirt, I chose this gorgeous 'Hot Sauces' miniature gift set. When it came, I couldn't quite believe the size of the sauces as they were much heavier, and larger, than expected. In the set you receive five different hot sauces - Indonesian Chilli & Garlic, Cajun, Mexican Hot & Sweet Jalapeno, Thai Sweet Chilli and Hot Caribbean. My dad, as you probably would have guessed, adores hot food and loves to add spice into any meal he possibly can. This gift is literally perfect for him as it combines all of the best hot flavours, enabling him to add some to any meal he pleases. I also love hot sauce too so will definitely be pinching some when he conjures up one of his amazing meals...MMM!


...THAT NEVER FAIL! If you are really stuck with what to get your dad this father's day, then don't forget the classics. A bottle of wine never goes a miss, alike a bar of dairy milk or box of quality street. I've always found men aren't as fussed about gifts like girls so if your dad isn't that bothered, then just opt for a classic gift that still does just the job! Alongside the much-loved wine and chocolates, why not take a look at the best aftershaves out there if you are looking for a more luxurious gift? There are so many scents, cheap to luxurious, that would make the perfect gift for your dad. My personal favourites have to be Hugo Boss Bottled Night and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid; however, Next create some amazing fragrances so check them out if you are looking for a more affordable-priced gift.

What are you getting your DAD OR GRANDDAD this year for father's day? 

Lots of love


I was gifted the products above by Qwerkity; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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