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30 May 2017

After an eternity, I decided to purchase some goodies off a website I've been longing to for a very long time...COLOURPOP! Over my years of blogging, Colourpop Cosmetics have become increasingly popular - every time someone mentions their products I will always go to their website and have a browse at their latest makeup products and offers. Fortunately, my wonderful friend Sophie who you may have seen on my Youtube channel a couple of times (HERE), messaged me and told me about this incredible deal where you could get 3 liquid lipsticks for just $12! I was so so shocked and we took the plunge, buying some makeup bits for ourselves in a single basket in hope to reduce the custom costs together. However, after choosing my liquid lipsticks I couldn't stop there...I just had to pick up some of their highly raved about eyeshadows and for $5 each, I just had to. Let me know if you enjoy this post so I can share with you my other Colour Pop goodies. For now, let's indulge in these 3 gorgeous pressed pigments I picked up...


The one thing that has always stopped me from purchasing American beauty brands is the cost of getting the products over the UK. I literally hear so many horror stories on Youtube and through the blogging industry of people paying ridiculous money, sometimes even more that the purchase itself, to get the products into the country. However, I was so fortunate enough to discover 'MY MALL BOX' - a service that helps to minimise the cost of shipping products overseas for the lowest price possible! The process is so simple - all you have to do is create an account and the company will assign you a free American address, alongside your own unique suite number. The next step is finding the products you want to buy on any American shop you've been wishing to purchase from and entering your given American address in the shipping details. It's super easy to navigate around the site but even if you are struggling, you can simply email them the products you wish to purchase and they will order them for you. Everything ran super smoothly for mine and Sophie's order, the products arrived swiftly to the My Mall Box warehouse. From this point, we received an email announcing our order had arrived and we chose our shipping requirements. Not only can you send one thing to your specified address, you are able to send a number of things which can be stored at the warehouse for up to 90 days - you are then able to consolidate your packages to reduce overall shipping costs so everything works hand-in-hand. Overall, a wonderful service that were safe, reliable, quick and all-in-all OUTSTANDING. I would 100% recommend this to any UK residents, like myself, wanting to purchase products from the US.


My choice of eyeshadows was one of my easiest decisions when browsing the Colourpop site. I wanted to invest in a few shadows that could be added to my summer palette, something I do not own anything quite like. Thus, I opted for three bright, summer-ready shades - an orange, pink and purple. The actual look I had in mind was to create a soft sunset on the eye, these shades looking perfect to bring my vision to real life. After I've practiced it, I will indeed be sharing it either on here or on my Youtube channel, if it goes to plan. I cannot wait to experiment with these gorgeous pressed pigments - as the shadows suggest, their pigmentation is strong. One swipe and the colour is fully transferred from product to skin. The texture of each shadow is super creamy and I'm obsessed with the matte finish - these shades are going to create a dreamy blend that I'm so excited for. 

Poodle - a bright fuchsia pink, perfect for the summer months

Centrefold - a vibrant orange, a heavenly transition shade

143 - a true blue-toned purple, ideal for date night and evening events


Finally, I wanted to share with you the swatches of the gorgeous shades once transferred to my arm. The pigment is incredible and honestly next level. I was delighted to see that the pigmentation was as good as everyone always talks about. Each colour staying true to what you see in the pan. Also, for $5 the quality is super impressive. I'm definitely going to be investing in some more of these shadows next time I spot a Colourpop deal or the next time my bank account is looking healthy again... After playing around with the colours, swatching them onto my arms and eyes, I popped them into my Z palette. I've created a little row for my new gorgeous, bright shades to start of my summer shadow collection. What shades should I get next?

Do you own any makeup from American-based beauty brands? Have you tried anything from Colourpop? 

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with The Mall Box; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. 143 is such a stunning shade! I am in love, I really want to try the ColourPop pressed shadows, the custom fees are crazy so this sounds like a much better option! Thank you for sharing, lovely post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Blog Sale

  2. I love the look of these colourpop shadows! So pigmented xxxx

  3. Ahhh i've never tried any Colour pop products but I'm definitely going to give them a go soon!

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  5. Colourpop is my favorite american cosmetic brand out there! The colors of the eye shadows are beautiful, i have poodle and all of their matte lip sticks! Some very amazing products indeed.

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