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6 April 2017

Let's be are always a struggle to buy for. Whenever it comes round to a male relative's or my boyfriend's birthday, I have to plan far in advance to make sure I can find something that they will love and use. Being with my boyfriend for almost 4 years has given me an incredible amount of present ideas for males, even for all ages. I've spent countless hours searching the internet for perfect gifts ideas for men that aren't so generic or useless. Spending all this time (and money) on finding the best gift possible, I've decided to compile a list of my favourite things I've bought or thought were interesting that I've gifted my boyfriend over the past few years... Hopefully this helps all you girls, and maybe even guys, out there struggling to find the right gift for the special men in your life. I've also managed to include products with a range of prices so if you want to spoil your boyfriend with a luxurious gift or even if you're on a budget, there's something here for you! 


Globenfeld Super Sport Watch

Nothing can beat a sleek, heavy timepiece for that special guy in your life. Globenfeld sell a great range of watches that will mimick the ideal luxury gift for your man. This indulgent watch is encased in a slick grey case with the brand's name embossed in silver metallic font on the box. Everything about the watch is deluxe - silver hardware, an intricate dial and a pop of orange if you want some colour. If someone's birthday is coming up, I highly recommend checking out Globenfeld's current deal on Amazon - they are selling this £500+ watch for just £50! The deal is absolutely incredible considering the weight, aesthetic, quality and longevity of the actual product...GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN.


Secondly, an absolute classic present for a guy is a well-known aftershave. With this idea, you can play around with scents that you know he will like, read online reviews to see other's opinions and smell them for yourselves if you love shopping in public. Personally, I like to smell the aftershaves physically, write down the names of the scents you prefer and have a look online. You can find some incredible deals on the internet, helping you save a lot of money rather than you buying in store. Some of the best, more luxurious scents I've bought my boyfriend and absolutely love myself are : Hugo Boss Bottled Night and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. I really recommend Feel Unique to get the best fragrance deals!


Levitating Globe

I never bought this for my boyfriend but I have definitely eyed it up a few times whenever I scroll past it. This is right up my boyfriend's street but obviously isn't as universal as the aftershave. If you dad, brother or boyfriend enjoy quirky gifts then this one will be perfect! This levitating globe is honestly mesmerising - my boyfriend and I cannot comprehend how it works because it apparently 'defies all the laws of physics'. The whole concept of it is so interesting and I think it's quite therapeutic spinning on your desk as you are working. 

Smart Phone Projector

Alternatively, a Smart Phone projector is great for men who love to watch films, youtube videos or TV series. Simply pop your phone into the projector and it displays your image up to 10x bigger on your wall. No more straining your eyes from watching a whole 2 hour film on your phone; this acts as your own personal TV for at least 10x cheaper! These retail at around £20 and consists of a retro cardboard box and multiple lenses in order to magnify your phone screen. It is so clever how this works and is a fab, and very different, gift idea to the classics.  


Books/Magazine Subscription

If you're on a bit of a budget, then books are always a great option for those who love to read. Although my male relatives aren't massive book geeks, my boyfriend loves to read so books, or even a magazine subscription, goes down really well. All you need to know is the genre of book he likes, whether he likes a specific series or author and you're good to go. Whenever books are handpicked for me they always seem special, as someone has taken the time out of their day to find a book they think I will read and love. Even though they don't cost much, they can mean a lot so I always spend a long time finding the perfect one. Magazine subscriptions regarding football or the National Geographic also make great gifts for male readers!

Skin and Hair Care

Although many boys won't like to admit it, they like to take pride in their appearance. Skincare and Hair Care are two prominent things that men take into account before leaving the house. One trick I always do is look in my boyfriend's bathroom to scout what products he's currently using or whether there is a product he is particularly running low on. This works a treat - he will be shocked to see that you know what products he loves and uses every single day. You also know that it is money well spent, as they 100% will get the use out of the product.


Finally, all guys love a personalised gift - even if they are afraid to admit it. Over the years, I have written a message in a bottle, personalised mini pop-up cubes with messages/pictures on, written letters and the latest being a personalised photo snow globe. There is so much meaning and thought behind a personalised gift that it makes it so sentimental and special. I whole-heartedly prefer a personalised gift to something materialistic as I always feel a special connection with it. There are so many products you can personalise nowadays - the internet has it all! Whether it's a framed photo of your partner's favourite song, or a family photo print on a will be able to find the right present for your man. 

Do you struggle buying for boys as much as I did? What is your favourite thing in this gift guide?

Lots of love


The Globenfeld Watch was given to me on a gifting basis; however, this content is not paid for and all opinions are honest and my own.

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