The Beginning to my Fitness Journey

20 April 2017

Throughout the past couple of months, I have really stepped it up on the fitness front. I generally eat healthier, cut out excess snacking, drink more water and more importantly, do a LOT more exercise. I'm not saying I run a marathon every weekend, I'm just improving my stamina and fitness levels by going on regular walks, runs and working on my 'summer bod'. This involves a lot of nights screaming in pain doing intense bum, leg and ab workouts on my bedroom floor - hard work and NOT fun! However, I've becoming so much more devoted to getting a better body as I have the motivation of my Mexico holiday swiftly approaching. I've also found that fitness has been one of my huge stress reliefs as exam season is underway. 6 smoothies and 15,000 steps later, I have managed to find the perfect website in order to find a fitness guru, perfect for you in a matter of minutes. BIDVINE is a local services tech startup, connecting costumers with the right service providrs in the UK. Keep reading to find out how to get you ideal personal trainer if you're trying to get into fitness like myself, wanting to find the perfect photographer to capture a blogger headshot or even piano lessons if you are music fanatic. This organisation work at finding the best possible match for your needs...this is how it works!


With an easily navigational site, you simply type your service request - 'personal training' - into the space provided, followed by your post code to find someone local and accessible. On submission request, questions of high specificity will be asked to ensure the personal trainer options and services are unique to your own wants. For example, 'What is your primary fitness goal?', 'Are you training for a specific event?' or 'Whether you prefer to work with a female or male trainer?' The process of finding your idealistic trainer is so rapid that it allows you to match almost instantaneously. Personal training is something I've always wanted to get into as I believe I need someone who will push me to my limits in order to achieve not only my goal of losing weight for holiday, but to motivate me into leading a healthier lifestyle. I would totally recommend checking out BIDVINE for personal training services as there are a great variety to choose from and you can be matched accordingly. Most importantly, I would recommend it to anyone simply wanting to get into fitness - whether you're a hardcore fitness freak or newbie, wanting to lose weight or get toned, there is something for everyone.

Have you heard of Bidvine Before? Would you love a personal trainer just as much as I would?

Lots of love


This post is sponsored; however, as always, opinions are honest and my own.


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