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18 April 2017

Skincare is something I've gotten seriously into over the past year; I've been taking more care of my face and gotten into a routine that has helped to improve it. I used to find skincare something that was really boring in the beauty industry back in my early teens. However, I've grown to love and learn about how important it is to take care of my skin. Most importantly, I've loved learning all about my skin and experimenting - finding the best products to help my skin become healthier and happier. This process involves a lot of trial and error but I've finally found the products that make my skin feel fresh and clean. Every night I try to make my skin a priority and I'm planning to share a full skincare routine involving my favourite products I use on a daily basis over on my Youtube channel in the near future. 

Today's post is in collaboration with Nip+Fab. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with a brand that I have looked up to and been a fab of for a long time. The three products I'm going to be sharing with you are part of the Teen Skincare range - these skincare essentials are perfect for teenagers suffering with breakouts, painful spots and dry skin. The Teen Skin Fix range are packaged in white and lime green colours - perfect for spring! I love how sleek and mature the aesthetics of the brand are, as well as the simplicity of the logo and printed font.

My favourite product from the range is definitely the moisturiser. This is a great moisturizer for those with dry skin, although it is specifically designed for those with excess oils building on the surface of your face. For someone with dry skin, this has still worked wonders for me. The formula is super lightweight, you only need a small amount of product as it goes a long way and the feeling of the product on your face is luxurious. For an affordable price of £10, this product will last you a long time as you honestly only use a small amount for every application. Not only does this keep your face moisturised, the advanced formula prevents breakouts. The three main ingredients work in a coordinated manner to keep your skin free from harm and as smooth as possible. Wasabi extract is a antioxidant that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin's surface, zinc prevents the build up of oils on the skin (minimizing its appearance) and niacinamide helps to improve evenness of your skin tone. So far, this has stuck true to its word - I have a really uneven skin tone (my face is red and patchy) and this has definitely calmed it down. I literally recommend this to anyone who frequently suffers with breakouts or struggles to find a hydrating moisturiser that helps to draw out oils on the skin's surface too.

I tell you now - this will be every teenager's saviour. Although I don't suffer from regular breakouts, I know a lot of people who would really benefit from these skincare pads. With ingredients that actively work to remove oil and dirt clogging the pores, this product is certainly essential for anyone suffering major breakouts. Each pad is infused with wasabi extract, again, salicylic acid and witch hazel. Unwanted blemishes are abolished as rapidly as possible - these ingredients work in a coordinating fashion to deeply cleanse pores, relieves discomfort of the skin and prevent growth of bacteria on the outer surface. I highly recommend this to people on a low budget and suffering with uncomfortable breakouts.


How ironic is it that when this popped through the letterbox a gigantic spot appears underneath my nose? Brilliant. At least I got to give this a whirl instantly and was pleasantly surprised by its instantaneous effect. In a portable, conveniently thin tube, this product is great to pop in your makeup bag, toiletry bag or even handbag if you're feeling self conscious about a particular spot(s). If you encounter troubled skin on a regular basis, I would definitely purchase this teen skin essential. The cold, metallic roller ball applicator, cools and reduces the area of concern. I literally love the smell of the eucalyptus enriched in the gel formula! Fresh scents are my favourite in skincare products as you can tell they have active ingredients that will improve the health of your face. Just like the breakout pads, they have purifying benefits to deliver a fast removal process of painful spots. This removed my spot in a matter of 3 days maximum, reducing the pain and redness after 3 uses! Incredible really, for just £7.99!

What are your favourite skincare brands? Do you own anything from Nip+Fab?

Lots of love


  1. My skins been playing up recently so I'll have to give these a go! The range sounds great! X


    1. Yes definitely, the products literally work so fast at getting your skin back into a better and healthier condition xxx

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