Mini Egg Unicorn Bark Recipe

9 April 2017

YAY! I'm back with another Easter recipe post this year. Last year, I tried to make Creme Egg Brownies and they failed...However, I've managed to master the recipe and you can go and watch the video of me making them over on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. On the blog this year, I'm going to share with you a new recipe that I've just discovered. After scoping Pinterest over the past couple of weeks, I've seen so many people trying and making 'Unicorn Bark'. This is simply melted chocolate coated in any topic of your choice - so easy to make, fun for the family and a great Easter treat. I imagine this would be great if you had kids or for a girly sleepover. I've decided to put my own personal twist on the 'recipe' by incorporating mini eggs so that it's Spring/Easter inspired.



360g White Chocolate (we melted milky buttons)

Food Colouring (Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow)


Hundreds and Thousands

Mini Eggs (half crushed, half whole)


1. Fill a small saucepan with water. Place all of the white chocolate into a mixing bowl and put inside the saucepan. Ensure the bowl is not touching the water and turn to a low heat. Melt the chocolate - mix with a wooden spoon to quicken the process and check at regular intervals, making sure the chocolate doesn't burn.

2. Once the chocolate is all melted, pour directly into your baking tin of choice. We used a simple small rectangular tin. Do not worry if the mixture is not even as it added to the later effect.

3. Using a cocktail stick, dip into the different food colourings (little drops at a time) and swirl the colours into the chocolate. This creates all the different colours running through the mixture. We used blue, pink, yellow and orange for the Spring-inspired look.

4. Finally, add whatever toppings you desire. We chose hundreds and thousands, pink and white marshmallows and mini eggs. Feel free to crush up some mini eggs to add as toppings, as well as leaving some whole. 

5. Simply leave in the fridge to cool and harden. Snap of a slice and enjoy. It is such an easy recipe to make, super child friendly and tastes so yummy! I literally cannot wait to make these again as a cute girly sleepover treat. 

What are your favourite Easter recipes? Do you love mini eggs as much as I do?

Lots of love


  1. YUMMM I love making chocolate bark! I just made some easter tray bake with mini eggs on my blog! I loooove Easter baking :)

    1. Literally, I am obsessed with Easter recipes this year. I love chocolate bark xx


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