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13 April 2017

It feels like I haven't written a beauty review in so so long; thus I am very excited to share these gorgeous lip products from Runway Rogue. Runway Rogue are a cosmetic brand specializing in an incredible array of lip products. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to work with them and share with you all my opinion on their glosses and matte lipsticks. With hydrating oils and extracts to pamper your lips, Runway Rogue have crafted lip products to keep your lips soft and moisturized, as well as give the perfect shine and finish.

Packaging-wise, both the lipstick and lipgloss arrived in similar cardboard tubes. The products were held in sleek, white boxes with thin black font imprinted on the front. Plastered on the front of each lip item is a 'swatch' of the colour on a model's lips - this is useful to know what the lip colour looks like on the lips. The lip image also completely complements the packaging and is accompanied by the lip colour's name on the right. The differences between the gloss and stick lie beneath the glowing white boxes. For the lipstick, it was encased in a metallic bullet with a classy silver and grey colour scheme. Alternatively, the lip gloss was held in a thin silver metallic tube with a sleek strip of the product shown through the centre, allowing the buyer to easily see the colour.


Head Over Heels - This lipstick was part of Runway Rogue's extensive matte range. A deep mauve with pink undertones, slightly more intense than an every day colour but perfect for my taste. I love wearing earthy-toned lipsticks on a daily basis, as it really suits my darker hair colour. This colour is essential for all year round; whether you're wearing it for an evening out, a classy meal or for everyday wear like myself, you are sure to love this colour. Also, I think the colour is super universal and will fit every skin tone - pale, tanned and dark! I literally cannot wait to pair it with sharp winged liner and flushed cheeks. Oh, and the lipsticks also contain a variety of ingredients that are beneficial for your lips. For instance, a favourite of mine is jojoba oil as it helps to soften and hydrate your lips without clogging your pores. These lipsticks retail for $21 and I think they are definitely worth the money - the longevity is equivalent, if not better, to the other highend lipsticks I've tried on the market and the pigmentation is intense. 


Supermodel - Opening this lipgloss, I was so excited as I'd seen so many bloggers and reviews regarding this gorgeous gloss. I am literally obsessed with using glosses at this time of year and have seriously been getting into wearing them more often. Therefore, my expectations were high - especially after seeing the gorgeous metallic packaging the product arrived in. The product is easily swept onto the lips with the doe-foot applicator - enabling the ability to apply as simply and accurately as possible. Colour-wise, the gloss forms a peach-to-coral toned layer on the lips, without being overwhelming. This looks gorgeous for the upcoming hot months on its own, as well as pairing it over a striking, pigmented peach lipstick. I cannot wait to find the perfect combo to accompany this gorgeous gloss. Again, this product contains natural ingredients, like green tea extract, to rejuvenate and hydrate the lips whilst in use. Retailing at $19, this gloss is not on the cheap side but I would definitely recommend it for its longevity, feel on the lips, the overall finish and it will look fab layered over your favourite summer lipsticks!

What are your favourite brands for lip products? Do you prefer gloss or lipstick?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Runway Rogue; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Gorgeous shades!

    I'm definitely a matte lippy girl, they're so long lasting and low maintenance throughout the day!

    1. Thank you lovely! Me too, I love a good matte lipstick <3 xx


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