Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Favourite Blogger Props

Photography is one of the most important things when it comes to blog posts. Although written content is obviously the best part, it often gets overlooked. This is down to photographs being the initial aesthetic that draws someone in. If your photos don't meet someones standard, they will often swipe past it like it never existed. Over my blogging years I have learnt that one of the best features to improve my photography is blogger props. These can be anything from sweets to perfume, posters to lipstick. As long as you have something pretty or something to compliment the product you are talking about, everything is suddenly brought to life. Thus, I am here today to talk you through all of my personal favourite blog props and how you don't have to spend tonnes on lighting and fancy furniture to achieve semi-good photos. I'm not saying I'm the best - I still have a lot to learn myself, but these are my favourites over my last 3 years of snapping pics in the blogger world...


One of the most common and standard blogger props are flowers - these are something that can complete the mood of the post and essentially compliment a product to look the best it possibly can. I love how roses can be used to deepen the mood and accentuate romantic dates like Valentine's day, whereas a pop of yellow from my favourite daffodils are perfect to compliment a Spring baking recipe. The variation, placement and fun you can have playing with flowers whilst snapping is amazing, and I think my favourite thing about them as a blogging prop is that they can be so inexpensive. Don't get me wrong, some flowers are NOT cheap but you can pick them up in local super markets for a couple of pounds which doesn't exactly break the bank. I always turn to flowers in times of need - a blogger prop that will never get old!


Something I turn to when I'm struggling to find a good blogging background is magazines. There are some days where I get bored of a basic white background and want to change things up with my photos. For this, I like to use magazines to showcase products that I am reviewing. It is super easy to find an old magazine or book, skip through the pages and find a photo or style that suits the product you are sharing. For the photo above, I really loved the colour scheme and how it complemented the Mary Lou Manizer - I also love how retro the page design looks, once again highlighting the brand's style. 

Rose Gold

Over the past few years, rose gold has taken over the blogging industry and wiggled its way into everyone's lives. I have not met one person that doesn't love a bit of rose gold in their life. Metallics are something that make a statement and are, of course, aesthetically pleasing. If I'm feeling a photo lacks energy or colour, I always pop a rose gold always makes everything better. This ballerina jewellery holder is from IWOOT, the watch is from BOOM WATCHES and the lipgloss is Urban Decay's Liar. I literally cannot wait to take a collection of rose gold products to my uni room in September and decorate my room with it all. It's going to be so much fun!!


Again, candles are a classic but always a winner. I'm using my Jo Malone candle in the photos above and it makes the image look super classy and feminine. I love how sophisticated the glass jar and silver metallic lid look in the background. I love slick photos that hold monochrome colours with just a little pop of colour. I always find this candle works best when shooting lipsticks as the product itself, and the box, make the best background. If you wanted to jazz up a photo, I definitely recommend popping in a coloured candle in the warmer months. For sure, I know that I will be pulling out my Yankee collection and lighting them in the background of videos and summer makeup look posts. 

Wall Art

Finally, who doesn't love a sassy quote to pop into a photo to lighten the mood? If you're looking for affordable wall art that will make you laugh, smile or simply for the aesthetic, then I definitely recommend checking out Coconut Lane's range of products. I have a 20% discount code banner on the side of my blog page over there if you're interested >>>>
Instead of popping the wall art onto my actual wall, I decided to frame it in this very baroque-styled frame and leave it lying on my makeup desk. I think this looks gorgeous but still has that bit of sass. I also love Beyonce so this wall art is favourite.

What are you favourite blogger props? 

Lots of love


This post is not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I really want to start using magazines in my photos, it looks so edgy. Other props I love are little jewels, sequins and colourful confetti. I hole punched lots of pastel card and all the little circles make such a cute background.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. They always look so cool and edgy - I agree! Yes, I love using confetti and sequins too. It always adds something extra and pretty to the photo. Aw that sounds so cute, just about to head over and check your blog out :) xxx

  2. I find myself constantly using flower heads in the backgrounds of photos really they are so pretty and delicate and just bring the look together. I've never thought about using wall art in the background, it's such a cool idea!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

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