27 March 2017

This summer, my boyfriend and I are jetting off the Mexico and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't been on a hot summer holiday in a couple of years so cannot wait to start outfit planning and buying lots of holiday clothes. I'm literally counting down the days and spend my spare time reading endless reviews on the hotel we are staying in and the town we are staying in. One thing Aidan and I have been planning and jotting down in my little holiday planner are the numerous amounts of fun and adventurous things we want to do whilst out there. We are going away for two weeks so have plenty of time to balance soaking in the sun and relaxing alongside partaking in once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences we have never had before. Although I know for sure that we won't be able to do all these things (some are super expensive), I've decided to pop 10 amazing things we would love to get the chance to do whilst spending our time in Mexico. Fingers crossed we get to do 3 or 4! Let me know if you have ever visited Mexico - any tips for travelling, places to visit, food to eat, would be very much appreciated.

Baby Turtles

I'm not 100% sure when turtle nesting season is in Mexico but I would absolutely love to witness little baby turtles hatching on the beach and swimming into the ocean. My cousin said that when she went to Mexico with her boyfriend they were lucky enough to see this and they absolutely loved every second of it. I'm hoping that I get the chance to see this, or if not, at least see a turtle whilst swimming during my time there. I think they are so cute!

Las Marietas Beach 

You know that place everyone also posts on Twitter and Instagram - 'GOALS'...'WISH I WAS HERE' - this is the island. Las Marietas Beach is a small island off the west coast of Mexico - we are staying in Nuevo Vallarta, which is on the West Coast so we are planning on making this our number 1 priority to visit! This is probably the most expensive excursion but it literally is a once in a lifetime experience. Look how pretty the water looks and how cool the island looks all hidden by the earth! Someone may potentially be letting me borrow their Go Pro too which is exciting - I will be documenting my whole trip on my Youtube channel and will be reviewing my whole experience when I get back over on my blog!

Sunset Dinner

A little less exotic but something I would love to do is have a beautiful, romantic candlelit dinner on the balcony or just in the open air whilst the sun is setting. I love classic romantic gestures and think it would be incredible to just relax, taking in the beautiful landscapes of the world and enjoying a meal with my favourite person. I think I'm taking my tripod with me so would be absolutely gorgeous if I could capture a sunset time lapse one evening too!

Swim with Dolphins

This is the only thing on the list that I've actually done before and I loved it. However, I was only 9 at the time so would love to refresh my experience and do it all over again. The last time I swam with dolphins it was so exhilarating and I had a lovely time holding onto two fins and being dragged through the water. I remember the dolphins clapping, spinning and even kissing me on the cheek when I swam with them before, which was so cute! I think this would be a great thing for us to do together as we both love to swim and love animals too.

Absail down a Waterfall

Moving onto the adrenaline-powered side to our personalities, Aidan and I would love to do lots of 'extreme sports' or activities that are a bit more adventurous and 'out there'. The first thing I would love to do is absail down a waterfall; there are so many trips that involve walking through a waterfall (I've done it before and the water is so cold/hard it's breath-taking - in a good way!) but I would love to go absailing down the waterfall. 

Bungee Jump off a Cliff

Another adrenaline junkie activity I would LOVE to do is to bungee jump off a cliff into the sea. I have a feeling beforehand I will be terrified but nothing will beat the feeling as you actually do it. The views look absolutely incredible in all the videos I've watched and everyone looks like they are having a great time. I also love rides or activities that make your tummy go all funny - haha!

Ride Horses across the Mountains

Horse riding was something I really enjoyed doing when I was little. When I saw lots of people writing reviews about horseback riding up the Mexican mountains I was so jealous. The sights seen from the top of the mountains are beautiful and I would love to take a little journey via a noble steed right to the top! I feel like I wouldn't be able to hack walking to the top on my own, as the weather will be super hot and I'm not very good with long distance. There are a lot of places that have a tour guide that informs you of the history as you ride past famous sites and places of interest.

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving

I think one of the things I'm most excited for and will most definitely be doing is scuba diving (or snorkelling). I'm so envious of all the people who take their waterproof cameras under the sea, sharing the gorgeous coral beds and exotic fish as they swim around their feet. The aesthetics are super colourful and I would love to document my experience on video. I absolutely love swimming but have a slight fear when I'm out at see, not knowing what creatures lie beneath the water. Luckily, the water is clear and very blue so you can and by scuba diving, I will be able to see what is beneath me...hopefully not being as scared as I was before! Let me know if you've ever been scuba diving. I've snorkelled before but would to delve deeper into the ocean.

Hold a Baby White Tiger

Many people who have visited Nuevo Vallarta or Puerto Vallarta have spoken about the zoo nearby. I've seen endless pictures online of people holding the most adorable animals, sitting with them in their cages and feeding them. I am definitely not condoning zoos in anyway - I always feel super bad for the animals all locked up with nothing to do and not enough space to feel at least the tiniest bit free. However, I absolutely love white tigers (FUN FACT : they are my fave animal) and would do literally anything to hold one. I will definitely be snap happy if we get to visit the zoo and see these adorable little cats!

Zip Wire through the Jungle

Finally, we would love to take Mexico's extreme zip wire through their gorgeous, green jungle. I'm obsessed with the beautiful forest landscapes and greenery so combined with my love for adrenaline driven activities, this seems like the perfect thing to do. I love zip wires and this one is to a whole different level - the distance is by far the greatest I've ever seen and I can't begin to imagine the wondrous sights you would see as you swiftly flew through the jungle environment. Get me on this now!

Let me know if you've ever visited Mexico or any other exotic places. What did you get up to? What was your favourite food? Did you enjoy your stay? What has been your favourite holiday destination?

Lots of love


These images are not my own. All credit to the owners - I got them from Google and Pinterest.


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