How I Relieve Exam Stress

9 March 2017

Being an A Level student, exams and revision are constantly on my mind. As I am a perfectionist, I always want to achieve the best grades possible and work at the greatest of my ability to produce work that I'm proud of; hence, struggling to find time to relax and take a breather. Therefore, I've managed to schedule some well-needed, overdue 'me-time' into my revision time table purely dedicated to relaxation. Not only will this help my mental and physical health, it will allow me to chill and completely de-stress - who wants to be constantly thinking about the ultrastructure of a eukaryotic cell? Anyway, I've decided to compile a very me, and very classic list, of all of my favourite things to do on an 'everything revolves around me' kind of night.

First and foremost, I ensure that I'm in the comfiest clothes possible. This usually involves some sort of nightwear but my definite go-to at the minute is this onesie from the Onesie Warehouse. This adorable electric blue shark onesie has happily made its way into my animal onesie collection. The material, of course, is super soft, baggy and loose, allowing me to completely relax and feel super cosy louging around in. Fully equipped to the animal's style, the onesie has the iconic shark fin, flippers for hands and teeth around the hood. I also love how there is an open feet design - I feel so enclosed and riled up whenever I wear a full blown onesie so I'm glad my feet can breathe freely, maximising my comfort even more. There are so many animal onesies, or patterned ones if these aren't really your style, which you can have a browse through at the Onesie Warehouse. Also, I love the message behind the onesie - it supports the conservation of sharks and is clearly a company handled by animal lovers. The awareness of shark conservation has given a greater outreach within the public and coincides with the Shark Reef Marine Reserve established 13 years ago. Learn more about how you can raise awareness of shark conservation by heading to one of the links above!

Eating is one of my top priorities (surprise, surprise) when having some relaxation time. As I am trying my utmost hardest to eat healthily, I try to opt for snacks that aren't going to whack 3000 calories onto my daily intake. Therefore, I've been snacking on a good ol' Granny Smith's apple (not quite as exciting as Dairy Milk, but I want that summer bod...), fruity yoghurts, cereal bars or dark chocolate - at least I'm still getting my chocolate craving and it is not quite as bad, right? I used to stuff myself silly last year during exam season so I've decided to completely cut down so I don't feel so bloated and gross, taking my stress levels to an extreme I didn't think was possible.

Alongside snacking, nothing beats a hot drink when I'm indulging in nothingness. Hot beverages just seem to keep me going and nothing can beat a hot cuppa tea whilst watching a feel-good film, catching up on a series, binge-ing on shitty reality tv or my favourite, catching up on Youtube videos. Youtube seems to be something I do a lot in my spare time recently - I love catching up on my favourite Youtubers and getting caught up in their lives. At the minute, I'm really into vlogs and am loving Sarah Ashcroft, Ohhitsonlyalice, The Saccone Jolys and Saffron Barker Vlogs. I love how diverse everyone's lives are, as well as seeing the similarities and routines they follow and seeing the reality behind their main channels or social media profiles. I feel these are such a lovely way to get to know the 'face behind the screen' in a more intimate way, if you get where I am coming from? I LOVE VLOGS.

(may as well be cheeky and add a little plug...I've been weekly vlogging recently so head over to my Youtube to watch my life and the random things I get up to. I'm not the best but I'm getting there!)

Social Media is suprisingly something I reach for in these 'pamper myself' moments. I always find myself updating my blog, talking to people over on Twitter, uploading a new Instagram photo and chatting about random things on my Snapchat (scarletslippers). As you probably can tell, I've been loving blogging and Youtube at the moment - I've got into a routine where I'm consistently uploading and interacting with everyone on my social media channels. I love this little life I get to lead away from reality, although I'm 100% being genuine and alike my real personality in the online world. Getting to know new people around the country, and even internationally, is something that seriously excites me and I'm super excited to hopefully meet some blogger friends this year. Social media is something I see as such a positive thing in the 21st century and a topic I will be discussing in depth next week. Watch this space!

 Just as any typical girl would, you just have to pamper yourself in times of need - a luxurious facial detox is always necessary. I love to simply indulge when cleansing my skin; I follow a pretty strict skin routine every night with my beloved Dermalogica products. However, on relaxation days, I go that one step further and add in extra things to make me feel like I'm on top of the world. These usually include face masks, face scrubs, oils and even a long, hot bath. I'm not one to have regular baths; this is usually because I don't have the time to fully relax, so sad! 

Even though school destroys my life with text books, revision books, extra reading material and more, I have now found the time to rekindle my love for reading. During my relaxation periods, I get to read a book that I genuinely enjoy - just like I used to - no more analysing every word, referring back to the theme of the novel or acknowledging the author's choice of language. I just get to enjoy a good ol' book that I love, am interested in, passionate about and can fall in love with. Reading used to be a serious passion of mine and I cannot wait to get back into reading so feel free to message me some suggestions of your favourite books or current reads. 

What is your favourite things to do to de-stress? Have you got your own relaxation routine?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with the Onesie Warehouse; however, as always, opinions are honest and my own.

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