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4 March 2017

Finding new brands I've never heard of before is, for sure, one of my favourite things. I love sharing with you guys products from brands that aren't so well known, that have actually impacted my general skincare/makeup routine. Today I'm going to be sharing 2 new additions to my makeup collection, as well as a truly loved skincare product. As always, everything I share about brands are honest, my genuine opinion and the content is not paid for. I genuinely like these products and that's why I'm here to share them with you!

Dusty Girls (farmed by Moo Goo Skincare) and Moo Goo kindly sent me over 3 products to try. Dusty Girls makeup is formulated from natural clays and minerals of the earth, creating a fantastic range of makeup that treats your skin, rather than clogging your pores. All products are healthy and vegan-friendly, allowing a great alternative from all the bad toxins typically embedded in makeup brands. Also, Moo Goo are a skincare brand that coincide with Dusty Girls; the versatility of their range provides products for all skin types and problems. You are sure to find something that covers your skin issues and tackles them.


Starting off with my favourite product sent by the brands, this is Moo Goo's Full Cream Moisturiser. I'm not even kidding, I have used 3/4 of this bottle already. I have the driest skin known to man, so as soon as I was gifted this, I instantly had to try it out. The formula is thick, rich and super creamy - making application soothing and luxurious. The bottle is housed in an adorable milk bottle, adding a great feature to the brand's aesthetics. Being a moisturiser, this is evidently for those with dry skin, like myself, and is super versatile as it covers all age ranges. I apply a coat of this all over my face and neck before I put on my makeup, before I go to bed and whenever I feel like I need that little extra hydration. This is hands down the best ever moisturiser I've ever used, even better than my 2 year beloved Garnier one...GO MOO GOO!


For base makeup, I decided to venture into the world of mineral products. I've never owned a mineral powder foundation so was excited to see what these loose pigments had to offer. Due to Winter completely washing me out, I decided to opt for the lightest shade to ensure my skin tone was matched perfectly. Colour-wise, this was excellent. It suited my complexion down to a T, which was fabulous. The packaging is baby blue and has a beautiful white etched drawing on the lid. The packaging is simplistic. Discussing the actual product, it was super strange applying powder as my base. I love a good full coverage so was not sure if this would pull it off. I found this to be a medium coverage - my underlying redness was satisfyingly covered, however the formula wasn't heavy on the skin. Personally, I wouldn't opt for this if you have dry skin like myself as I found that it gave a matte finish. As much as I love a matte base, this wasn't idea for me because I have super dry skin. The longevity and wear of the product is outstanding though and kept put for the whole day, without the addition of extra powder.

Golden Delicious Blush

As Spring is swiftly approaching, I had no other choice but to opt for this beautiful peachy, 'spring-screaming' blush. Blush is a product that I always bring back out after the winter period - I love adding a little flush to my cheeks without looking insane. Thus, I love the toned down, warm tones that lift my complexion, without accentuating my natural redness. Dusty Girl's blush in GOLDEN DELICIOUS is my ideal spring/summer blush. I cannot wait for this to become a staple in my makeup bag within the coming months. I am literally obsessed with the warm undertones and peachy finish. Also, I love how pigmented the product is - one swipe and you're good to go. This blush is literally going to last ages and I cannot wait to see how much I will be using it this year.

What is your favourite Skincare and Beauty brand? What is your favourite blush to wear throughout the spring/summer period?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with the brands mentioned; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love the name Moo Goo, I'd buy it purely for that name!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I know, it's so cute! The packaging is adorable but even better, the products are incredible!! x


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