A Cute Lunch Date

23 March 2017

Last Tuesday my boyfriend and I decided to venture out and try something new. Well, I'd never been to this local cafe bar before and my boyfriend had been once so he kindly treated me to lunch. Both of our lessons finished early at sixth form so we thought going out for lunch would be lovely as we hadn't gone out to eat in a while. I was super excited to try something new, especially as it is local and very different to all the classic/well-known take away and restaurants nearby.

The cafe bar we went to is called the Castello Lounge - it sells classic pub lunches, more fancy dishes and a huge variety of hot and cold drinks. One thing I absolutely loved about going at this time was how quiet it was, so we got to completely enjoy the afternoon near to silence (well, there was music playing but it was very relaxing and created a chilled atmosphere). The interior inside the restaurant is very unique - mixing chic, vintage and retro all into one; there was so many patterns and colours on the walls and being used to decorate the room that you would think it was all too much. However, I really loved the busy designs and loved how all the different themes worked cooperatively.

I want to quickly apologise for the state of my hair and face in the images below - this was a spontaneous trip and I have little-to-no makeup on..haha!

Aidan ordered a Steak and Chips and I opted for the Buttermilk Chicken with Fries. Our cutlery was brought to our table, greeted by the lovely manager and our meals arrived swiftly. I suppose that was probably because of the time of day but nonetheless, the timing was impressive. To share, we also decided to get some ciabatta bread with olive oil and balsamic - this is one of my favourite starters/sides ever. Whenever we venture to Italian restaurants, I will 100% get bread for starters...The meals were presented in a rustic way - the fries in a blue-rimmed cup and the bread on a wooden plate. I literally loved the vibes of the restaurant from interior design to the delicious meals - it felt like we were eating in a quirky hidden cafe down a side street in London (I must say I was very disappointed when we left...it literally felt like we weren't in my home location at all). Finally, we ordered a refreshing glass of drink each - I went for the Sherbet Lemonade and Aidan went for the Watermelon Iced Tea. After trying them both, I was pleasantly surprised - the drinks were cool and refreshing. The sun kindly popped its head up this day so it was nice to have a cooling drink whilst indulging in our food. My sherbet lemonade was very tangy and it made my cheeks go funny - you know what I mean, right? Overall, a great experience, a lovely getaway from school and I cannot wait to spend many more lunches here in the future.

Where is your favourite place to eat lunch? What is your favourite meal?

Lots of love


  1. OMG your chicken looks AMAZING!! Major food envy!!xxx

    1. It tasted as good as it looks!! So yummy, if you every come down to mine we should definitely go! xxx


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