27 March 2017

This summer, my boyfriend and I are jetting off the Mexico and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't been on a hot summer holiday in a couple of years so cannot wait to start outfit planning and buying lots of holiday clothes. I'm literally counting down the days and spend my spare time reading endless reviews on the hotel we are staying in and the town we are staying in. One thing Aidan and I have been planning and jotting down in my little holiday planner are the numerous amounts of fun and adventurous things we want to do whilst out there. We are going away for two weeks so have plenty of time to balance soaking in the sun and relaxing alongside partaking in once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences we have never had before. Although I know for sure that we won't be able to do all these things (some are super expensive), I've decided to pop 10 amazing things we would love to get the chance to do whilst spending our time in Mexico. Fingers crossed we get to do 3 or 4! Let me know if you have ever visited Mexico - any tips for travelling, places to visit, food to eat, would be very much appreciated.

Baby Turtles

I'm not 100% sure when turtle nesting season is in Mexico but I would absolutely love to witness little baby turtles hatching on the beach and swimming into the ocean. My cousin said that when she went to Mexico with her boyfriend they were lucky enough to see this and they absolutely loved every second of it. I'm hoping that I get the chance to see this, or if not, at least see a turtle whilst swimming during my time there. I think they are so cute!

Las Marietas Beach 

You know that place everyone also posts on Twitter and Instagram - 'GOALS'...'WISH I WAS HERE' - this is the island. Las Marietas Beach is a small island off the west coast of Mexico - we are staying in Nuevo Vallarta, which is on the West Coast so we are planning on making this our number 1 priority to visit! This is probably the most expensive excursion but it literally is a once in a lifetime experience. Look how pretty the water looks and how cool the island looks all hidden by the earth! Someone may potentially be letting me borrow their Go Pro too which is exciting - I will be documenting my whole trip on my Youtube channel and will be reviewing my whole experience when I get back over on my blog!

Sunset Dinner

A little less exotic but something I would love to do is have a beautiful, romantic candlelit dinner on the balcony or just in the open air whilst the sun is setting. I love classic romantic gestures and think it would be incredible to just relax, taking in the beautiful landscapes of the world and enjoying a meal with my favourite person. I think I'm taking my tripod with me so would be absolutely gorgeous if I could capture a sunset time lapse one evening too!

Swim with Dolphins

This is the only thing on the list that I've actually done before and I loved it. However, I was only 9 at the time so would love to refresh my experience and do it all over again. The last time I swam with dolphins it was so exhilarating and I had a lovely time holding onto two fins and being dragged through the water. I remember the dolphins clapping, spinning and even kissing me on the cheek when I swam with them before, which was so cute! I think this would be a great thing for us to do together as we both love to swim and love animals too.

Absail down a Waterfall

Moving onto the adrenaline-powered side to our personalities, Aidan and I would love to do lots of 'extreme sports' or activities that are a bit more adventurous and 'out there'. The first thing I would love to do is absail down a waterfall; there are so many trips that involve walking through a waterfall (I've done it before and the water is so cold/hard it's breath-taking - in a good way!) but I would love to go absailing down the waterfall. 

Bungee Jump off a Cliff

Another adrenaline junkie activity I would LOVE to do is to bungee jump off a cliff into the sea. I have a feeling beforehand I will be terrified but nothing will beat the feeling as you actually do it. The views look absolutely incredible in all the videos I've watched and everyone looks like they are having a great time. I also love rides or activities that make your tummy go all funny - haha!

Ride Horses across the Mountains

Horse riding was something I really enjoyed doing when I was little. When I saw lots of people writing reviews about horseback riding up the Mexican mountains I was so jealous. The sights seen from the top of the mountains are beautiful and I would love to take a little journey via a noble steed right to the top! I feel like I wouldn't be able to hack walking to the top on my own, as the weather will be super hot and I'm not very good with long distance. There are a lot of places that have a tour guide that informs you of the history as you ride past famous sites and places of interest.

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving

I think one of the things I'm most excited for and will most definitely be doing is scuba diving (or snorkelling). I'm so envious of all the people who take their waterproof cameras under the sea, sharing the gorgeous coral beds and exotic fish as they swim around their feet. The aesthetics are super colourful and I would love to document my experience on video. I absolutely love swimming but have a slight fear when I'm out at see, not knowing what creatures lie beneath the water. Luckily, the water is clear and very blue so you can and by scuba diving, I will be able to see what is beneath me...hopefully not being as scared as I was before! Let me know if you've ever been scuba diving. I've snorkelled before but would to delve deeper into the ocean.

Hold a Baby White Tiger

Many people who have visited Nuevo Vallarta or Puerto Vallarta have spoken about the zoo nearby. I've seen endless pictures online of people holding the most adorable animals, sitting with them in their cages and feeding them. I am definitely not condoning zoos in anyway - I always feel super bad for the animals all locked up with nothing to do and not enough space to feel at least the tiniest bit free. However, I absolutely love white tigers (FUN FACT : they are my fave animal) and would do literally anything to hold one. I will definitely be snap happy if we get to visit the zoo and see these adorable little cats!

Zip Wire through the Jungle

Finally, we would love to take Mexico's extreme zip wire through their gorgeous, green jungle. I'm obsessed with the beautiful forest landscapes and greenery so combined with my love for adrenaline driven activities, this seems like the perfect thing to do. I love zip wires and this one is to a whole different level - the distance is by far the greatest I've ever seen and I can't begin to imagine the wondrous sights you would see as you swiftly flew through the jungle environment. Get me on this now!

Let me know if you've ever visited Mexico or any other exotic places. What did you get up to? What was your favourite food? Did you enjoy your stay? What has been your favourite holiday destination?

Lots of love


These images are not my own. All credit to the owners - I got them from Google and Pinterest.

A Cute Lunch Date

23 March 2017

Last Tuesday my boyfriend and I decided to venture out and try something new. Well, I'd never been to this local cafe bar before and my boyfriend had been once so he kindly treated me to lunch. Both of our lessons finished early at sixth form so we thought going out for lunch would be lovely as we hadn't gone out to eat in a while. I was super excited to try something new, especially as it is local and very different to all the classic/well-known take away and restaurants nearby.

The cafe bar we went to is called the Castello Lounge - it sells classic pub lunches, more fancy dishes and a huge variety of hot and cold drinks. One thing I absolutely loved about going at this time was how quiet it was, so we got to completely enjoy the afternoon near to silence (well, there was music playing but it was very relaxing and created a chilled atmosphere). The interior inside the restaurant is very unique - mixing chic, vintage and retro all into one; there was so many patterns and colours on the walls and being used to decorate the room that you would think it was all too much. However, I really loved the busy designs and loved how all the different themes worked cooperatively.

I want to quickly apologise for the state of my hair and face in the images below - this was a spontaneous trip and I have little-to-no makeup on..haha!

Aidan ordered a Steak and Chips and I opted for the Buttermilk Chicken with Fries. Our cutlery was brought to our table, greeted by the lovely manager and our meals arrived swiftly. I suppose that was probably because of the time of day but nonetheless, the timing was impressive. To share, we also decided to get some ciabatta bread with olive oil and balsamic - this is one of my favourite starters/sides ever. Whenever we venture to Italian restaurants, I will 100% get bread for starters...The meals were presented in a rustic way - the fries in a blue-rimmed cup and the bread on a wooden plate. I literally loved the vibes of the restaurant from interior design to the delicious meals - it felt like we were eating in a quirky hidden cafe down a side street in London (I must say I was very disappointed when we literally felt like we weren't in my home location at all). Finally, we ordered a refreshing glass of drink each - I went for the Sherbet Lemonade and Aidan went for the Watermelon Iced Tea. After trying them both, I was pleasantly surprised - the drinks were cool and refreshing. The sun kindly popped its head up this day so it was nice to have a cooling drink whilst indulging in our food. My sherbet lemonade was very tangy and it made my cheeks go funny - you know what I mean, right? Overall, a great experience, a lovely getaway from school and I cannot wait to spend many more lunches here in the future.

Where is your favourite place to eat lunch? What is your favourite meal?

Lots of love

Spring Fashion Wishlist | Style We

16 March 2017

I am going currently going to through a massive phase in my life where I'm obsessed with clothing and everything fashion. Although I haven't been sharing many fashion posts with you, I have been popping things in my online baskets that I certainly cannot afford at this current time. I am heading off to sunny Mexico at the beginning of July and am working to get the best body possible before I start sharing outfit posts again. In the meantime, I'd like to share my spring fashion wishlist from Style We. Recently, I discovered Style We - an online fashion brand that sell a great variety of clothing. From maternity to season collections (literally their green rompers are stunning), Style We have clothing that suit people on a budget to those that love to invest in a beautiful luxurious wardrobe staple. 

Spring fashion is taking over my life at the minute. I am so obsessed with the bell sleeve trends, injecting brighter colours into my wardrobe and loose, wide leg trousers. Check out Style We and Just Fashion Now to have a look at the incredible Spring collections out right now! 

What fashion trends are you loving this Spring? Is there anything I mentioned that tickled your fancy?

Lots of love


As always, this post contains my opinions, which are honest and my own.

My Favourite Blogger Props

15 March 2017

Photography is one of the most important things when it comes to blog posts. Although written content is obviously the best part, it often gets overlooked. This is down to photographs being the initial aesthetic that draws someone in. If your photos don't meet someones standard, they will often swipe past it like it never existed. Over my blogging years I have learnt that one of the best features to improve my photography is blogger props. These can be anything from sweets to perfume, posters to lipstick. As long as you have something pretty or something to compliment the product you are talking about, everything is suddenly brought to life. Thus, I am here today to talk you through all of my personal favourite blog props and how you don't have to spend tonnes on lighting and fancy furniture to achieve semi-good photos. I'm not saying I'm the best - I still have a lot to learn myself, but these are my favourites over my last 3 years of snapping pics in the blogger world...


One of the most common and standard blogger props are flowers - these are something that can complete the mood of the post and essentially compliment a product to look the best it possibly can. I love how roses can be used to deepen the mood and accentuate romantic dates like Valentine's day, whereas a pop of yellow from my favourite daffodils are perfect to compliment a Spring baking recipe. The variation, placement and fun you can have playing with flowers whilst snapping is amazing, and I think my favourite thing about them as a blogging prop is that they can be so inexpensive. Don't get me wrong, some flowers are NOT cheap but you can pick them up in local super markets for a couple of pounds which doesn't exactly break the bank. I always turn to flowers in times of need - a blogger prop that will never get old!


Something I turn to when I'm struggling to find a good blogging background is magazines. There are some days where I get bored of a basic white background and want to change things up with my photos. For this, I like to use magazines to showcase products that I am reviewing. It is super easy to find an old magazine or book, skip through the pages and find a photo or style that suits the product you are sharing. For the photo above, I really loved the colour scheme and how it complemented the Mary Lou Manizer - I also love how retro the page design looks, once again highlighting the brand's style. 

Rose Gold

Over the past few years, rose gold has taken over the blogging industry and wiggled its way into everyone's lives. I have not met one person that doesn't love a bit of rose gold in their life. Metallics are something that make a statement and are, of course, aesthetically pleasing. If I'm feeling a photo lacks energy or colour, I always pop a rose gold always makes everything better. This ballerina jewellery holder is from IWOOT, the watch is from BOOM WATCHES and the lipgloss is Urban Decay's Liar. I literally cannot wait to take a collection of rose gold products to my uni room in September and decorate my room with it all. It's going to be so much fun!!


Again, candles are a classic but always a winner. I'm using my Jo Malone candle in the photos above and it makes the image look super classy and feminine. I love how sophisticated the glass jar and silver metallic lid look in the background. I love slick photos that hold monochrome colours with just a little pop of colour. I always find this candle works best when shooting lipsticks as the product itself, and the box, make the best background. If you wanted to jazz up a photo, I definitely recommend popping in a coloured candle in the warmer months. For sure, I know that I will be pulling out my Yankee collection and lighting them in the background of videos and summer makeup look posts. 

Wall Art

Finally, who doesn't love a sassy quote to pop into a photo to lighten the mood? If you're looking for affordable wall art that will make you laugh, smile or simply for the aesthetic, then I definitely recommend checking out Coconut Lane's range of products. I have a 20% discount code banner on the side of my blog page over there if you're interested >>>>
Instead of popping the wall art onto my actual wall, I decided to frame it in this very baroque-styled frame and leave it lying on my makeup desk. I think this looks gorgeous but still has that bit of sass. I also love Beyonce so this wall art is favourite.

What are you favourite blogger props? 

Lots of love


This post is not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned. All opinions are honest and my own.

The Products That NEVER Let Me Down

14 March 2017

Every day I try to get as much use out of my makeup collection as possible. Being a makeup hoarder has its perks, but sometimes I forget to reach for products to change up my routine every now and again. However, if I have a bad makeup day, there are always products I can rely on to have my back and make me feel as beautiful as ever. From perfume to skincare, here are my top products that help me survive days where I am just not feeling myself...Oh, and I've recently found a website that sells all of my favourite products for a cheaper price. They are all 100% authentic and I thought I would let you guys know so you can get all my favourite beauty items for a better price. (This post is not sponsored by Notino, I just want to inform you of a place to buy genuine makeup products for a better price!)

My go-to perfume of all time is Miss Dior. A light scent with various floral tones to make you feel super girly and in the best mood ever. I don't know why but this seriously lifts my mood whenever I spray it and really gets me ready for the day. I'm also a huge lover for packaging as you may have guessed and cannot help but crush over the adorable large bow that sits on the bottle. A very classic, elegant and feminine bottle to make you feel as girly as ever. As the scent deepens throughout the day, there is an underlying musky smell that makes me super sleepy. I love how the aroma changes throughout the day leaving several scents as you move from room to room. If you are a girly girl like me, this scent is definitely for you!

As the summer months approach, I've been trying to let my skin breathe more instead of caking my face with foundation. This has taken a great turn on my skin, preventing me from breaking out and having a complexion that looks a lot more alive and healthier. However, if I want to pop on some base makeup if my redness is flaring, Garnier's BB Cream is the one. I literally live and breathe this product from March-August. I use the shade light and apply a light layer to my skin - this gives a light to medium coverage and leaves a glowing finish. When applying to my face, the formula feels super creamy and moisturising, which also does wonders for my dry skin. I simply love this for its skincare and cosmetic benefits - it is a win-win for me!

As seen before in every beauty post ever, Estee Lauder is once again making an appearance. For those new around here, this is my favourite bronzer of all time - BRONZE GODDESS. I cannot explain how long this bronzing powder has lasted me. My boyfriend bought it as a gift for me almost 3 years ago and I still haven't hit pan...the product is worth the money and more! This versatile powder is a light, warm-toned brown that can be used on a variety of skin tones - the product works for me whether I'm as pale as can be in winter or tanning throughout summer. It is hands down one of my favourite beauty products of all time and I'm sure always will be. Let me know your favourite drugstores down below so I can see if there is a cheaper alternative for this. 

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

After wearing nude lipsticks over the last couple of months, I've decided to venture back into my darker lip colour wardrobe. I completely forgot how much these two colours meant to me (it's not that deep...) and have been using them over the last two weeks. First and foremost is the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in the shade Mysterious Red. My favourite thing about this Nars lip collection is the style of the product - I love the pencil crayon packaging, how the colour is displayed on the end and how easy they've made it to apply the product to your lips. Similar to a lip liner, this pencil allows you to load on the colour in seconds, leaving a rich, deep-toned rouge on the lips. I definitely recommend swatching these lip pencils in store and finding the colour perfect for will not regret it. The range is full of beautiful colours that I'm planning on getting my hands on very soon.

Mac Matte Lipstick

Mac is a brand favourite of many in the beauty blogger world. There lipsticks for me are the products I repeatedly go back and buy - the longevity is longer than the majority of brands I've tried, the pigmentation is high and the range of colours is incredible. Still sticking with the theme of bolder colours, I have decided to throw this beauty into my makeup bag. I always hold back with this colour but I'm feeling confident about wearing this throughout the warmer months. I certainly know I will be taking it with me to Mexico in July, for sure! The shade I'm lusting over is - Lady Danger - a bright, warm-toned orange that definitely makes a statement. I cannot wait to have sunkissed skin and to wear this in the evening with a white playsuit - I think that colour combination would look stunning.

Revlon Lash Potion

When it comes to mascaras, I always find that the ones from the drugstore are always better, or if not the same, as double-triple priced highend ones. Therefore, I happily stick to the good ol' drugstore mascaras if I'm ever in need of a new one. After hunting for years, I have found the ultimate mascara that does the two main things us girls want - length and volume. Revlon's Lash Potion is housed in the funkiest metallic packaging with a long sturdy mascara wand. The product applies thick (voluminous, not lumpy) and evenly along the lashes to achieve the desired full, extended effect. If you are looking for a cheap mascara that does it all, then this one is definitely for you. It is even waterproof, which is a massive bonus for me - I hate when mascara runs down my face in the middle of day!

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Last but definitely not least is a new addition to my favourite beauties of all time. Dermalogica have been a company I have been intimately introduced to this year. I have created a strong bond with the brand and absolutely adore their products. One of my favourites from their skin saviours is this Special Cleansing Lotion. The cooling, gel-like formula soothes the skin and lifts makeup off the face with ease. No more tugging your makeup off with a dry makeup wipe, this beautiful lotion moisturizes and hydrates the skin whilst cleansing the pores and working its way into your complexion's deepest layer. I have noticed the biggest difference within my skin since using these products and it is definitely down to them. If you have a bit more money to spare on skincare products, I recommend investing in something from Dermalogica's range. You can even get a free skin mapping appointment to see which products would suit your skin best with advice from a specialist!

What are the products you cannot live without? Do we have any in common?

Lots of love


This post is not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned; as always, all opinions are honest and my own.

ECO Friendly Brushes Under £10!

11 March 2017

Makeup brushes are an absolute necessity for a beauty blogger or beauty lover in general. I literally cannot imagine my life without makeup brushes, applicators or anything that helps getting the product to apply evenly to my face. Thinking back to the days where I used to slap on a overwhelming scoop of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse with my bare fingers makes me quiver...Since the day I picked up a beauty blender, I haven't gone back. Brushes are a makeup lovers tool to achieve your desired look and I cannot think of anything better than discovering new brushes that significantly impact my makeup application. Makeup brushes seriously make a difference to the result a product looks on your face, trust me!

So Eco, as the name suggests, are a company that have created a beautiful range of eco-friendly makeup brushes that have been 100% ethically and responsibly sourced. Due to the negativity within the media regarding excessive packaging, So Eco have considered waste reduction targets and environmental legacy to ensure customers, and the media, are satisfied with the housing of their products. Everything about this brand is intriguing and quite frankly, impressive, so I was very excited to see if the arrival of the brushes meeted the expectations I had built up in my head.

In terms of packaging, the products arrived housed in materials that just screamed spring. The greens, peaches and white are a great colour combination and scheme that hand-in-hand coincides with what the company stands for. I love how fresh green and white look together and think the packaging really enhances what So Eco are all about. When discussing the brushes aesthetic, I absolutely adore the wooden, bamboo handle and how the rose gold hardware complements it completely. The bristles are soft and have a slight ombre effect; the company chose to have darker bristles at the tip of the brush to allow the artist to see how much product is on applicator - clever and convenient idea!

Foundation brushes are not something I tend to opt for since my discovery of the beloved beauty blenders and complexion sponges. However, I used to use them once I began getting into brushes back in the day; therefore, I was super excited to try one out again and see how I got on with it. The bristles were dense, collecting a lot of the product and helping to spread it evenly over my face. Even distribution of product is essential when applying base makeup so the smooth application the brush allowed was impressive. I found it very difficult to blend with this brush, although I works wonders for application and making sure the product hits all the smaller crevices of your complexion (around the nose area etc). Therefore, I'd suggest using this brush to apply the foundation and going in with the complexion sponge I'm about to talk about in a minute to ease the blending process.

For eyeliner, I tend to use products that have a built in applicator where the product bleeds through the tip, like my well-loved L'Oreal Super Liner. However, when I have the time, I love to delve into my gel liner collection and have a play around with them. I think gel liner makes eye looks so much more dramatic, as they are usually more pigmented than already-embedded liner pens. This brush impressed me the most of the three as the bristles were so densely packed that it picked up the right amount of product for application. The product glided onto my eye lid with ease, not dragging in the slightest, and allowed me to create a slick wing without too much trouble. I definitely recommend this brush for someone who struggles with application of winged liner as the shape and flexibility of the brush made creating a slick wing so much easier.

Finally, So Eco's Complexion Sponge. As you all know by now, beauty blender sponges are my saviour when it comes to base makeup. I am obsessed with the finish of my foundation and concealer after blending in my makeup with this sponge. With a hint of water and a squeeze, the product applies onto my face leaving a thin, evenly distributed coat of foundation over my complexion. A lot of 'beauty blender' inspired sponges are tough but this one is super spongey and soft. Applying product doesn't irritate or scrape my face, which is always a bonus! If you're a liquid foundation girl, like myself, I highly recommend picking one of these god-sends up as they are only £6 and work just the same as a Real Technique's complexion sponge or even a beauty blender! 

What are your favourite makeup brushes? Do you prefer applying foundation with a sponge or brush? 

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with So Eco; however, as always, opinions are honest and my own.

How I Relieve Exam Stress

9 March 2017

Being an A Level student, exams and revision are constantly on my mind. As I am a perfectionist, I always want to achieve the best grades possible and work at the greatest of my ability to produce work that I'm proud of; hence, struggling to find time to relax and take a breather. Therefore, I've managed to schedule some well-needed, overdue 'me-time' into my revision time table purely dedicated to relaxation. Not only will this help my mental and physical health, it will allow me to chill and completely de-stress - who wants to be constantly thinking about the ultrastructure of a eukaryotic cell? Anyway, I've decided to compile a very me, and very classic list, of all of my favourite things to do on an 'everything revolves around me' kind of night.

First and foremost, I ensure that I'm in the comfiest clothes possible. This usually involves some sort of nightwear but my definite go-to at the minute is this onesie from the Onesie Warehouse. This adorable electric blue shark onesie has happily made its way into my animal onesie collection. The material, of course, is super soft, baggy and loose, allowing me to completely relax and feel super cosy louging around in. Fully equipped to the animal's style, the onesie has the iconic shark fin, flippers for hands and teeth around the hood. I also love how there is an open feet design - I feel so enclosed and riled up whenever I wear a full blown onesie so I'm glad my feet can breathe freely, maximising my comfort even more. There are so many animal onesies, or patterned ones if these aren't really your style, which you can have a browse through at the Onesie Warehouse. Also, I love the message behind the onesie - it supports the conservation of sharks and is clearly a company handled by animal lovers. The awareness of shark conservation has given a greater outreach within the public and coincides with the Shark Reef Marine Reserve established 13 years ago. Learn more about how you can raise awareness of shark conservation by heading to one of the links above!

Eating is one of my top priorities (surprise, surprise) when having some relaxation time. As I am trying my utmost hardest to eat healthily, I try to opt for snacks that aren't going to whack 3000 calories onto my daily intake. Therefore, I've been snacking on a good ol' Granny Smith's apple (not quite as exciting as Dairy Milk, but I want that summer bod...), fruity yoghurts, cereal bars or dark chocolate - at least I'm still getting my chocolate craving and it is not quite as bad, right? I used to stuff myself silly last year during exam season so I've decided to completely cut down so I don't feel so bloated and gross, taking my stress levels to an extreme I didn't think was possible.

Alongside snacking, nothing beats a hot drink when I'm indulging in nothingness. Hot beverages just seem to keep me going and nothing can beat a hot cuppa tea whilst watching a feel-good film, catching up on a series, binge-ing on shitty reality tv or my favourite, catching up on Youtube videos. Youtube seems to be something I do a lot in my spare time recently - I love catching up on my favourite Youtubers and getting caught up in their lives. At the minute, I'm really into vlogs and am loving Sarah Ashcroft, Ohhitsonlyalice, The Saccone Jolys and Saffron Barker Vlogs. I love how diverse everyone's lives are, as well as seeing the similarities and routines they follow and seeing the reality behind their main channels or social media profiles. I feel these are such a lovely way to get to know the 'face behind the screen' in a more intimate way, if you get where I am coming from? I LOVE VLOGS.

(may as well be cheeky and add a little plug...I've been weekly vlogging recently so head over to my Youtube to watch my life and the random things I get up to. I'm not the best but I'm getting there!)

Social Media is suprisingly something I reach for in these 'pamper myself' moments. I always find myself updating my blog, talking to people over on Twitter, uploading a new Instagram photo and chatting about random things on my Snapchat (scarletslippers). As you probably can tell, I've been loving blogging and Youtube at the moment - I've got into a routine where I'm consistently uploading and interacting with everyone on my social media channels. I love this little life I get to lead away from reality, although I'm 100% being genuine and alike my real personality in the online world. Getting to know new people around the country, and even internationally, is something that seriously excites me and I'm super excited to hopefully meet some blogger friends this year. Social media is something I see as such a positive thing in the 21st century and a topic I will be discussing in depth next week. Watch this space!

 Just as any typical girl would, you just have to pamper yourself in times of need - a luxurious facial detox is always necessary. I love to simply indulge when cleansing my skin; I follow a pretty strict skin routine every night with my beloved Dermalogica products. However, on relaxation days, I go that one step further and add in extra things to make me feel like I'm on top of the world. These usually include face masks, face scrubs, oils and even a long, hot bath. I'm not one to have regular baths; this is usually because I don't have the time to fully relax, so sad! 

Even though school destroys my life with text books, revision books, extra reading material and more, I have now found the time to rekindle my love for reading. During my relaxation periods, I get to read a book that I genuinely enjoy - just like I used to - no more analysing every word, referring back to the theme of the novel or acknowledging the author's choice of language. I just get to enjoy a good ol' book that I love, am interested in, passionate about and can fall in love with. Reading used to be a serious passion of mine and I cannot wait to get back into reading so feel free to message me some suggestions of your favourite books or current reads. 

What is your favourite things to do to de-stress? Have you got your own relaxation routine?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with the Onesie Warehouse; however, as always, opinions are honest and my own.

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