When in Doubt, Just Add Glitter!

18 February 2017

Let's be honest, you all know by now how much I'm obsessed with glitter. Glitter outfits, glitter eyeshadows, glitter notebooks and glittery shoes...I'm all about the sparkle. I think glitter can really make (or break) an outfit - literally, every time I go out I have to fight the urge to wear glitter somewhere. I'm always telling myself that I will do a matte eye look for a night out but I'm forever placing glitter all over my lid. I just can't help myself... Just like a little magpie, I'm a drawn to anything that sparkles so when I got in contact with Prima Makeup I was more than excited to share these beauties with you. Let's indulge in the sparkly, happiness that is...GLITTER EYESHADOWS!

Every single day either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I see people swatching the prettiest glitter pigments in the world. I've only ever used loose glitter for eye or makeup looks so was thrilled to own 3 pressed pigments for my own. Seeing as my best friend bought me a Z Palette for Christmas, I thought I'd pop the glitter shadows in there to start of a sparkly row. I absolutely love how stunning they look inside my palette, how different the glitters are to my usual gold/silver (finally venturing out into the vibrant colours) and the overall service of the company. My glitters arrived very quickly - the packaging was standard and the only thing I can fault was that the green glitter had a slight dent on arrival. Nothing to worry about too much though, the product is still as sparkly as ever - just a little bit missing from the middle. Product-wise, the eyeshadows are pigmented, best applied with a wet brush straight to the lid and are no way near as messy as loose pigments. This is definitely a bonus for me, being the clumsiest muppet in the universe!

A deep purple with silver, cool undertones. Perfect for evening glam or out partying with your girls.

A true, bright red - the most pigmented of the bunch! Cannot wait to try this out throughout the summer in some bright, fun and colourful makeup looks. Make sure to head over to my Youtube channel to stay tuned...

A rich green with light green glitters. The perfect forest colour - so excited to incorporate these into some Halloween looks later on in the year, as well as trying some cute fairy looks and alternative glam eyeshadow.

Which is your favourite glitter? Do you love glitter eyeshadow as much as I do?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Prima Makeup; however all opinions are honest and my own.

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