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1 February 2017

Valentine's Day is something that not everyone likes to celebrate. Despite having a long-term boyfriend, we have never been extravagant when it comes to this holiday period. We do, however, do a little something each year just to have a special treat and spend some quality time together. This year we are going to London (primarily because my boyfriend has an interview at a uni and we thought it would just be easier/different to spend the day in London). I'm really excited about it - I can't wait to just have a lovely walk, take the busy atmosphere in followed by a relaxed evening in a restaurant, drinking prosecco and chatting about random things. As we are going to be in London, I've decided I want to glam myself up a bit. It will probably be extremely cold so instead of the stereotypical 'date-night' outfit, I've decided to just glam my face up instead. I've decided to include my top 3 lip looks for a Valentine's Day occasion - whether you're spending the evening with your partner, friends or family, these lipsticks will be perfect for a night out. The decision is which one will I pick to wear on the day... (on a serious note, PLEASE HELP ME PICK!)

The Glossy Nude

Glosses are something I would have never turned to in my makeup collection. I could never find the perfect formula, they were either too sticky/too sheer or simply collected my hair every time I walked. Over the past year, I've been seriously into glosses as I think they can look super classy, bring an evening look together and make your lips appear fuller than they actually are. The formula I've been obsessed with at the minute are the Rich Colour Glosses from Urban Decay. I have a mini in the shade LIAR and I can't get over how gorgeous this looks with every makeup look I create. The colour brightens my complexion, works well with my skin tone and adds a subtle pop of colour to the lips. I 100% recommend this lipgloss if you're looking for pigmented glosses that last for a long period of time - this would be perfect for a date night! 

The Matte Pink 

Matte is a formula I will always love, despite having the driest complexion in the world. I love how elegant a matte lip can pull off and I will never get tired of finding the perfect mattes. For me, Charlotte Tilbury kills the perfect nude-pink matte - BOND GIRL. A formula that will last all evening, handy if you're going on a date-night that involves eating and drinking. The colour doesn't wash off after a meal and leaves your lips with a smooth, perfect coat...just like it looked when you first applied. My favourite thing about this lipstick though is the underlying rosy tones - I think this looks great with a pink, sparkly eye and dark liner. I love popping on a rosy blush to bring out the colour too. If you have cooler undertones like myself, I would highly recommend investing in this!

The Classic Red

The one you've all been waiting for - the classic, Valentine's red. Whenever you see advertisements or anything Valentine's related, red is always the prominent colour. Seeing as it's such a symbolic colour during this holiday period, I thought I would include my ultimate red - MAC's RUSSIAN RED. The blue undertone makes my teeth appear whiter and complements my cool-toned skin. This red never fails to make my lips POP - ensuring they look full and plump. There isn't one thing I could fault this lipstick on, I've used this red for years and I cannot find anything like it. The longevity is unreal - I've worn this for 9 hours straight and not had to reapply one. It has a matte formula, which makes the overall finish look sassy and classy; the best thing is that it isn't drying on the lips! An ultimate classic that you need to add to your lipstick collection.

What are your favourite lipsticks/formulas to wear? Are you doing anything this Valentine's Day?

Lots of love


  1. All three of these shades are so pretty, especially Bond girl! I love it! X


    1. Aw thank you! Bond Girl is amazing, it is my perfect nude! Xx

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