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13 February 2017

A staple time piece is something we all need in our lives. For some reason, I always forget how important it is to have a watch on my wrist. I think it's so annoying how we all seem to turn to our phones nowadays for a time update, leading to a distraction of endless notifications. My phone is literally the biggest distraction in the universe; I'm obsessed with social media and I have decided to try and cut down to (slightly more) healthy amount. Wearing a watch on an everyday basis will definitely help this as I won't have to delve into my pocket every time I want to check the clock. 

Thankfully, I've given the opportunity to work with Boom Watches - a company specializing in luxurious time pieces. However, there is something specific that stood out to me about the brand, which urged me to work with them and share their style with can create your own luxury watch! From dial, to case and strap, you literally can form your own, personalised baby from scratch. Although I didn't do this myself, I think this is a wonderful addition to the brand as well as providing a beautiful array of pre-designed watches to choose from. 

Cradled in a sleek wooden box, the different parts of the watch are organised separately. Despite most luxury watches arriving in a leather box, I loved the idea of a thinner box - it was more convenient for me as the post man could slip it through the letterbox instead of having to fetch it when I wasn't busy and I like the idea of putting my watch together. This would be amazing if the watch was personalised as you feel like you're physically putting your creation together. The 4 components fit together with ease and I popped the correct time in straight away. Originally, the strap was too loose for my wrist but my boyfriend's mum's boyfriend (if that makes sense...haha!) managed to sort it out for me. I'm not a 'handy-man' when it comes to small gadgets and accessories like this because I just know I will end up breaking them! The strap was easily adjustable and now fits my wrist just perfectly. 

In terms of appearance, I really liked the rose gold edge. I know you all probably are over the rose gold trend by now but I'm still loving it! I can't stop staring at my wrist every where I go. The colour is fierce, but not tacky, and pairs with every outfit. Whether I'm in a casual jumper or in smart attire for sixth form, this watch never fails to partner each outfit I put together. I love how diverse the colour is - I decided to opt for an all-round colour for the entire watch because it gives the accessory a sleek, classic feel. Personally, I think this looks so elegant and feminine, yet can be dressed down to chic and edgy, so fits both sides of my style.

My Watch:

Dare I say it, but I think this watch will also be welcomed into my ever growing collection of blogger props. This looks incredible just sitting on my dresser as it does when I pair it with my outfits. I have non-stop photographed this since I put it all together and I'm just loving how aesthetically pleasing it is. Watch this space if you want to see plenty of outfits involving this beauty - I'm sure it will be featuring a lot this year in my outfit posts.

What is your favourite watch brand? Do you still love rose gold as much as I do?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Boom Watches; however, as always, opinions are honest and my own.

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