8 February 2017

From the day I started blogging I never imagined working with such a credited company and getting involved in a campaign I feel so passionately about. About a month ago I was contacted by the wonderful people at Preen.Me, who offered me this incredible opportunity in regards to one of their VIP programs. I jumped at the chance - especially knowing Dermalogica was involved. I've always heard great things about this company - in blog reviews, videos, articles and I'd even tried some samples out in the past. Anyway, when Danielle contacted me I was so excited to hop onto the program so I could become more educated on my skin, learn more about something so important and then share with my audience all the wonderful new things I learn. 

"Looking after my skin is a great investment and I cannot thank Dermalogica enough"


Prior to the program, I knew very little about my skin. Saying this, I thought I'd cracked a routine after strictly following a new regime when the new year commenced. Little did I know that I was using products that weren't good for my skin or had no benefit whatsoever...more on that later! Throughout my teenage years, I am lucky to say that I have never suffered with acne or frequent breakouts. I must say that I am EXTREMELY luck for this because I didn't look after my skin very well. I used to leave my makeup on throughout the entire day and I was very guilty of using a face wipe at night. I'm not saying I never do this anymore because there are always those days where you, quite frankly, can't be bothered. However, I have lessened that after finding out what it does and all the negatives that accompany it. Overall, I was aware that my skin was very dry - my foundation would undoubtedly stick to dry patches on my skin and leave my complexion looking gross as the day progressed. I'm also forever wearing full coverage foundations to hide the horrific unbalanced redness of my skin. A lot of the time I felt embarrassed going out with really red cheeks and that only gets worse when I'm exercising or outside during the Winter period. Other than a crazy complexion and extreme dryness, I knew nothing about my skin and how to fix it...I always resulted to throwing moisturizer over my face. That was until I finally learnt about my skin...

"I was very guilty of using a face wipe"


The first part of the program involved booking an appointment with my local Dermalogica specialist. I never knew there were so many specialists around and found the closest one was just a 10 minute drive from my house. Booking a Skin Mapping Analysis session and attending a 10-15 minute slot is absolutely free for anyone so if you were like me and hadn't got a clue what your own skin was all about then I definitely recommend going to see your local Dermalogica specialist. You can find your local specialist HERE if you want to book one yourself. If you are quite busy, find it hard booking an appointment or already know your skin type, you could always check the SPEED MAPPING facility on the Dermalogica website to see which products they recommend for you! 

As this was my first blogging appointment outside of my home, I was very nervous on the day and the drive to the beauty salon. I went to Poplar House which is a salon in a local village called Burton Latimer. The woman, Dani, who was doing my analysis kindly greeted me at the door and eased me into the experience. She was inviting, confident and you could tell she knew what she was talking about. I popped myself on the bed and she generously cleansed my skin before the mapping analysis began. For this process, Dani popped a ring light in front of my face and split my complexion into 14 zones. This reflected the face shown on my prescription sheet above, where she noted any imperfections or concerns that arose as she felt my face. The main points she picked out was that my entire face was dehydrated, there were dilated capillaries on my cheeks causing redness, a few comedones on my nose (black heads) and finally, milia on my cheek bones. I was really intrigued as I had never heard of milia before - they are basically small white spots that arise on the skin where oil is trapped underneath. These can be professionally removed with extraction by a needle but she advised I didn't do it myself...for obvious reasons! I absolutely loved getting educated on my skin and feel it was such an enlightening experience. Dani then advised the top four products perfect for my skin type, which I sent off the Dermalogica right away...

By the way, I would definitely recommend checking out Poplar House Beauty Salon if you are interested in a Skin Mapping session or any other Dermalogica, or beauty, treatments. The service was incredible and there were such a variety of facials, massages and nail appointments you could book!


Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (RRP £28.00) - Cleansers were previously a part of my skin care regime but I never understood the importance and background of why to use one. This cleanser is designed for anyone but specifically for those with sensitive skin, like myself. Gently foaming the product between my hands and applying directly to the face creates a lather on the skin - this lifts impurities whilst preventing disturbance of the skin's moisture balance. Moisture is something that needs to remain in my dehydrated skin so this works perfect for my primary concern. I absolutely love the cool, refreshing feeling as I remove my makeup with this beauty; it leaves my skin feeling fresh and prepped for the rest of my skincare routine.

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner (RRP £27.30) - Toners are something, however, I've never seemed to invest and implement in my skincare regime. I think this is purely because of how uneducated I was with all things skincare and just didn't really know the purpose of it. However, I am so glad that has become a staple in my routine because I am absolutely loving its uniqueness. I personally haven't seen a skincare brand that sells a spray formula toner so spritzing this onto my face post-cleansing is really refreshing. The product contains moisture-binding humectants that helps to condition and prep the skin for moisture absorption - this fits perfectly before my next step! The cucumber and arnica extracts aid skin smoothness and refreshment, giving your skin that extra treatment after a long day at work or after travelling. My Dermalogica specialist also told me it can be popped on top of makeup; I've embedded this into my makeup routine as well and not only has it improved the longevity of the makeup but it perks my dry skin up with a glowing finish. Love it!

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque (RRP £33.10) - I have to say that the most effective product I've used to far, which has made the most significant difference already after two weeks, has to be this hydrating masque. I cannot put into words how much this is improving my skin day-by-day. The rich, calming botanicals and antioxidant vitamins present help to restore critical moisture to stressed, dry skin. If you've watched my video on the experience (I will link it at the bottom of the post), you will hear me say that this description basically describes me...DRY and STRESSED. Therefore, the name already tells me that this product is perfect for me. Applying this to my skin honestly feels like a dream - the formula is super soft, hydrating, soothing and feels amazing on the skin. The results are 10 minutes are outstanding and release hydration into my complexion, making me a happy little bunny before I get into bed. I could not recommend this product enough to people lacking moisture or dullness on their face.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (RRP £41.75) - The strangest product I was greeted with, I met in the beauty salon I had my Skin Mapping Analysis at. Due to the exfoliant being of a different nature, the specialist advised me on the best technique to use to achieve the greatest outcome. This rice-based exfoliating powder is said to activate upon contact with water; this forms a paste which releases numerous enzymes and ingredients that micro-exfoliate dead cells. The gentle formula is not abrasive or harsh, unlike every other exfoliator I've used, allowing me to use this on a daily basis to ensure my skin is brighter and smoother. This is can be used in the shower or just within your daily skincare regime - perfect if you're struggling with sensitive, dull or dry skin!


Being a part of this campaign has allowed me to watch other people tell their story and struggles about their skin. It has made me grateful for the skin I have, more comfortable in my own skin as I know much more about it and finally, how important it is to take care of it. Investing in products that improve, heal and maintain skin is such a crucial thing, even at a young age like myself. I'm only 18 but ageing starts for women in the late 20s so I'm going to make it a huge priority to take care of my skin every single day. Make sure to check out other peoples stories to see if you have similar concerns and hopefully I've helped you out if you struggle with things like me. Let me know what your skin problems are in the description below and whether you have any products you recommend for me to try. 

YOUTUBE VIDEO - watch me apply the products, hear Dani talk to me in a mini vlog and listen to me discuss the experience of my day! Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy my videos :)

Have you tried Dermalogica products before? Let me know if you book your free skin analysis!

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Dermalogica; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I had no idea that they could separate your face into so many zones! I always thought there were four - t zone, cheeks, chin and forehead. It makes SO much sense that there are more. I really need to invest more time and energy into my skincare as my skin is awful at the moment. Like you, I've ever seriously suffered with spots, but I have large pores, redness and some dry/come oily patches!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. Neither did I, it was so interesting to find out so many things about my skin! I felt like I needed to invest more time too and now I have, I can totally see a difference. If you have a specialist near you, you should definitely consider going for a free mapping analysis lovely! Xxx


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