MAC Strobe Cream | Review

14 January 2017

MAC are a beauty brand that is consistently hyped about in the blogger world. Not a day goes past where I don't see someone wearing a MAC lipstick or reviewing MAC's latest collaboration with an upcoming film or popular artist. Personally, I completely agree with the majority - the products are high quality and I am impressed with all the products I own from the company. I have continuously bought their lipsticks, worship the 'Soft and Gentle' highlighter and have 2 eye shadows that I solidly wear year in and out. Over the years of blogging and watching beauty videos, I have been drawn to the Strobe Cream - I've seen so many people use this and it seems right up my street. My dry skin sucks all the life out of my complexion and I am constantly on the hunt for something to brighten my face, making it glow. Thus, I popped this on my Christmas list and my lovely grandparents kindly gifted it to me. 

Packaging-wise, the cream is housed in a beautiful white tube - this seems fitting as the actual product is white and said to have strobing powers. The overall aesthetic is crisp, classy and to me, looks rather luxurious. As for the product, the cream is thick in consistency and holds minute silver glitters throughout. MAC's Strobe Cream can be worn as a primer/base or mixed with foundation; I've been rather pale over the Winter months so combining this with a darker foundation has formulated the perfect colour for my skin. Additionally, I've tried using the product as a primer/base to see if it is universal. The two things I specifically noted were that my foundation appeared to sit comfortably on my face for a slightly longer period of time and there was a natural glow shining through the foundation. When I wore this for the first time underneath my foundation, it looked like I had been on holiday and was completely sunkissed. I love how naturally the glow looks, making me feel confident in my complexion and the radiance this cream has provided it with.

Luckily, I managed to find this in a Cosmetic Company outlet store in Portsmouth; this meant that the price was knocked by a fairly significant amount. You would usually pay roughly £22.00 RP for this, which I would be more than happy to purchase again. This has really improved my daily makeup routine - creating a smooth base for my foundation to stick and making my skin stand out in the best possible ways. I could not recommend this enough for people struggling with dry or dull skin! A must-have in your makeup collection. It is certainly now one of mine...

What is your favourite product from MAC? Have you tried their strobe cream?

Lots of love


  1. I have heard lots about this before, I might just have to try it! I am in love with your blog too, you should be so proud.. well done gorgeous gal! x

    1. Yes I would definitely invest in it if you want that underlying, natural glow beneath your foundation. Thank you so so much lovely, this is so sweet. I will definitely be checking out your blog Xx

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