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25 January 2017

If you didn't know already, I hoard candles. There is nothing I love more than snuggling under a freshly-washed duvet, in my dressing gown, watching a film with a room full of candles. Candles, in my opinion, create such a beautiful atmosphere - I love to coordinate my candles with the seasons or how I'm feeling because the aroma formed is incredible. Throughout my candle-loving phase, I've never owned a luxury one. The majority of my collection consists of Yankee candles so I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend bought me the Jo Malone candle I've been lusting over for what feels like a century. Every time I walk past the Jo Malone counter in Selfridges, I am in awe at the aesthetic of the brand...but more importantly, the wood sage and sea salt scent. Honestly, I cannot get over how good this smells every time I have a good ol' whiff; however, I've never invested in one simply because of how expensive they are. Since Christmas, I've only burnt this once as it is so precious and I never want it to leave me...Here is a little review on my experience with the brand and my thoughts so far on the candle I've been wanting for a life time!


Seeing as the product is rather expensive, the candle was held in a beautiful box in Jo Malone's iconic cream and black packaging. The box is sturdy and is currently sitting on my bedside table because I love how stunning it is. Cushioned by thick, black paper, the candle sat in the centre of the box in a pretty glass jar. The overall look is nothing but luxurious - the adorable black bow at the top, the label embossed on the front of the glass jar and the silver hardware lid. The colours used are so elegant, matching the brand and luxurious feel to the product. 


When talking about the product itself, I am obsessed with it. The scent is incredible; all I can describe it as is a combination of a winter walk in the forest and the smell of the waves as they hit the shore. It's the perfect mix of Winter and Summer - allowing me to use the candle all your round, fit for every season of the entire year. For some reason, the two specific smells remind me of childhood memories, which is obviously a lovely thing; I'm also a fan of how the scent is equally balanced. You will be hit with a wave of the salty sea but then closely followed by a rush of wood, forest scents. In terms of longevity and intensity, the smell is strong and can be noticed throughout my entire house. Either my mum is so sensitive to smell or the candle diffuses crazily because my parents can smell it from their room (my bedroom is downstairs and a long way from theirs!) Although the scent is intense, it is not over-powering and certainly not overwhelming. For instance, I can't burn my vanilla scented candles after a while because of how sickly sweet the scent is (and it makes me crave all the unhealthy stuff when I'm trying to diet too)! Overall, I would say the retail price of £42 is worth it - the service, incredible packaging, beautifully boxed and manufactured product and a musky travelling scent all results in this candle being my favourite of my collection. I truly recommend this to anyone looking for a luxurious candle range to try or to extend your collection. 

Do you own anything from Jo Malone? What brand/scent of candle is your favourite?

Lots of love

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