10 Amazing Things Blogging Has Done For Me

5 January 2017

Happy New Year! 

What better way to start (a very late) New Year's post than a lovely reflection on 2016. Instead of all the New Year's resolution posts floating around on my social media channels, I've decided to collate a list of things, experiences and feelings this blog has given to me throughout 2016. Scarlet Slippers was initially a silly little internet space I started at the beginning of 2014, where I originally shared my beauty favourites and reviewed makeup products. In these two years of blogging, I have learnt so much about the industry, through my own personal learning and through other professional people, expanding my knowledge regarding the online world and trying to improve my blog. Scarlet Slippers is much more to me than just a small internet space to review things - I have developed friendships with fellow bloggers as well as a great bond with this blog of mine. I loved every second of blogging in 2016 and uploaded the most posts yet in a single year. Here are a list of 10 things that blogging has done for me...

1. One of the most incredible parts of this blogging experience has to be the friendships I've created with those who share the same passions as my own. I always make an effort to check in on people's blogs, show them support and have began interacting with a lot more bloggers/vloggers on my social networks. These friendships have allowed me to create some incredible collaborations with my best blogger friends - i.e. Abigail Hunter from Lady Hunter blog and Lily Rose from Lily Rose Richards through blogging and Sophie Jolley over on Youtube. Some of my best work comes from working with other people because their incredible photography skills and writing motivate me to make my post equally as eloquently as they do. I'm so glad 2016 has allowed me to see other incredible bloggers in a motivational way rather than lower my self esteem. This is something I'm very proud of as my outlook from 2015 would have been a lot different and negative!

2. Following from my previous point, my self confidence has expanded immense amounts throughout the year of 2016. I began taking more fashion posts where my body/figure was on show a bit more, or close up shots of my face. I used to be such a negative person in regards to my personal appearance (I'm not saying this has changed but I've definitely had a more optimistic outlook on life thanks to this space). From all the wonderful comments online and lovely compliments in person, I have been much more confident in writing and talking about personal topics and discussing my life in further detail. I've even seen a positive change in my personality since I've started my blog - less lazy and more bubbly.

3. Looking back at my old blog posts, I've realised how significantly my photography has improved. This is most likely from looking at other bloggers layouts and investing in products to put in flatlays. I am clearly not a professional photographer by all means but I'm definitely improving the way I take my photos. I always think photos can make or break a blog post so 2016 made me take them into careful consideration when taking, editing and uploading my images.

4. This one may seem kind of silly and 'out-there' but blogging has honestly given me a new perspective of life. Whenever I'm out and about, I can never get blogging out of my head...If I'm walking through a park and I notice the sun shining through the trees, I just wish I had my camera on me to take a photo of it. Scenic shots are my fave! Also, whenever I travel to places I'm always looking at the scenery or intricately built architecture and cannot stop thinking how much I wish I could shoot a fashion post there. I personally think this is a good thing because photos are something I find sentimental and priceless. I am always taking photos on my phone, if my camera is not at hand, wanting to cease the moment in a still image to look back at in years to come.

5. Staying organised is the key to a happy, productive life - to me, personally. Therefore, I like to manage my time wisely and try to get the most out of my day, creating new memories and experiences. The consistency of my blogging throughout was pretty decent if you ask me - there were a few hiccups here, and there, but they had valid reasons. I have never been so consistent and that's all down to my hardcore organisation. I am a notebook hoarder so decided to dedicate one of my books to my blog/youtube. This impeccably improved my time management, allowing me to balance regular blog posts and video uploads, alongside A levels (homework, constant revision), extra-curricular activities, social events and allocating time to spend with family/friends/boyfriend. The commitment to my blog in 2016 made me manage my time as effectively as possible to ensure I could upload regular content to Scarlet Slippers.

6. Throughout 2016, my viewer outreach increased a lot. I am so thankful for all the people who read and continue to support me during my online journey, listening to all the rubbish and stories I have to tell. Gaining a larger audience has given me so many opportunities - working with brands I never thought I would. Little disclaimer: I only agree to work with companies who I feel my audience, and myself, will love and genuinely use. I also give my honest opinions on products and would never exploit a single one of my loyal readers. Anyway, this year I have worked with countless brands - reviewing products, sharing experiences and even being invited to some big events. Unfortunately, I couldn't make any of the events due to school, other plans or me not having the confidence to attend on my own without a friend! That's definitely going on my New Year's Resolution list...

7. Aside from all the positivity this blog gave me in 2016, I went through one of the most difficult years ever personally. I don't think I want to get into that, especially in my first post of 2017, so maybe I'll save that for another time...A lot of terrible things happened on a global scale in 2016, as well as my personal life - I struggled alot. Therefore, on the opposite end of the scale, there were times were I was insecure and at the lowest I've ever been. All in all, I thought this bad time in my life would affect my passion for blogging - well, not really my passion, just how committed I would stay to writing instead of sulking in bed. However, I looked to blogging as my light in 2016 - an escape route or comfort blanket, away from reality. I was able to talk about happy, positive things...everything I loved all in one place. I was able to chat to people who would give me positive vibes and make me a happier person, despite what I was feeling inside and what was going on behind the screen. Blogging changed this negative in my life to something positive and I am very happy about that!

8. As I mentioned earlier, 2015 involved a lot of self-hatred and lack of confidence in my appearance. 2016 has kicked 2015's ass (kinda). There are still moments where I dislike how I look or wished I looked a certain way; I feel like this has become most people's second nature and I hate it (DAMN YOU MEDIA!). I tried as hard as I could to kick ass and become more confident in myself. I personally think I did a good job, thanks to the blog. Honestly, I felt so comfortable uploading more photos with my arms out (my least favourite part of my body) and looking at enhancing my favourite features. 2016 on my blog helped me appreciate the good parts of my body and look at the positives - this helped in reality too. Instead of disagreeing when someone complimented me, I would actually say thank you!

9. All this talk about confidence made me think of something really important that happened in 2016, with regards to my blog. Confidence allowed me to expand my social platform and branch out to something I've wanted to do for a number of years - YOUTUBE. I'd been wanting to start a Youtube channel for years but never plucked up the courage to do so. I used to make cringey videos back in the day where I'd mime to music and try to create a music video. However, over the past few years, I'd really wanted a place to voice my opinions, have a general chat with other people who shared the same interests with me and have fun talking about things I love/do. Youtube has already had a massive impact on my life - I have documented a number of lovely memories (my 18th birthday week, vlogmas and my first holiday abroad without my parents in Paris)! I cannot wait to look back at all my videos a year on and look at the difference - I'm definitely looking forward to keeping it up! I also hit 350 subscribers in the space of 6 months which is insane...

10. Finally, my blog made me happy. It quite simply boosted my morale in the lowest or times, keeping me going when I just wanted out. I thank each and everyone of you again for your support. Without you, I would be talking to myself all the time and feeling like I had noone in times of need. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love ya all!

What made you happy in 2016? Spread some positivity in the comments below!

Lots of love


  1. You've always looked so amazing in your blog photos and as for your photography, it's grown heaps and bounds, I feel like a proud mumma! I'm so glad you started your blog and youtube it's so nice to hear how happy you are because of it!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte. This is so sweet, really made my day :) Xxx

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