My Ultimate Winter Beauty Picks

19 December 2017

I'm so excited! Winter is one of my favourite months - I love warming up by an open fire, wrapping myself in multiple layers and most of's JUMPER SEASON. If you've been following me on social media or subscribed to my vlog channel, you may have noticed my addiction to jumpers this winter. I cannot get enough of them! However, today I thought I'd take the opportunity to rave about all the beauty essentials I've been lusting over this winter. If you are struggling with dry skin, a dull complexion, lack of glow or just trying to find a new beauty tool that will make caring for yourself a whole lot quicker, then you should definitely carry on reading. I've compiled a small but incredible list of amazing beauty essentials that will change your life this season.

The TV Show That Moved Me...

6 December 2017

December is such an exciting month for me - I love the Christmas build up and spending time with my loved ones. Additionally, December is a time of year where I reflect on my year as a whole - what amazing things have I accomplished, what I can I do to improve next year etc. One particular thing stood out to me when I was reflecting on things in my life that have changed me for the better - a TV show. It is actually insane how something as small as a 13 episode TV show have such a positive impact on your life and changed you for the better. I thought I'd share my story about the very much hyped-up '13 Reasons Why' TV show and how it has affected my life.

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Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings in the world. I'm not referring to BEING alone, as I love my own company and being independent. I'm talking to feeling where your head is in a dark space and you aren't sure who to talk to; you feel like the world is against you and despite having wonderful people in your life that are happy to support you through anything, you just don't believe your worth. Life can sometimes get on top of us and our brain is a scary organ that can trick us into believing the worst things about ourselves. My outlook on the world was beyond negative when I started 2017 - worrying about my A Levels, being uncomfortable in my body, being horrendously bullied and social anxiety led to a very unhappy me.

13 Reasons Why was released at the end of March 2017. Everyone was watching it and although I'm not an avid TV watcher, I couldn't avoid hearing the topic of discussion wherever I went so I took the opportunity to watch it, ALONE. Many people would think this was a stupid thing to do, as my mental health was BAD. Experts may say that it was dangerous for someone like myself to watch something so graphic (and so close to reality) that it could trigger someone who felt so low. However, I believe it to be the best decision for me to watch something so genuine and authentic. The characters were moving, the story was extremely captivating and I felt myself shed a tear one too often as Hannah battled the endless series of unfortunate events that she endured. Although nothing in my life was half as bad as what Hannah had to go through early this year, I felt ridiculously empathetic towards her character - learning a lot about how people absent-mindedly throwing around hurtful comments can cause something very tragic to happen.

The main point that I took away from watching the show is to 'be kind'. This is such a simple phrase that you will have heard from your teachers, parents and relatives but by exerting this kindness to people around you, it can honestly impact someone's day. If I'm ever in an awful mood but someone smiles at me in the street, I now appreciate the small acts of kindness even strangers may do. If you walk past someone and you don't like their sense of style, appreciate that they have the confidence to wear something that you wouldn't, rather than bringing them down or being unnecessarily bitchy. I've learnt through my own experience and watching 13 Reasons Why that even the smallest comments can break you down as a person - even though it may seem like a minor slip-of-the-tongue, it can add to an endless pile of someone's worries/anxieties/personal problems. Think before you speak, make someone's day and BE KIND.

If you are reading this alone in your room, think about a TV show that has positively impacted your life. It is extremely refreshing when you analyse the good that has come out from something such as a 45 minute episode of a series. My mindset on life has changed dramatically since watching 13 Reasons Why and I would definitely recommend it if you are unaware of the effects a small comment or incident can have on one's life.

Are there any TV shows that have impacted your life? What is your favourite TV show to binge over Winter?

Lots of love


This post was a paid advertorial for Panasonic; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

A Positive Mindset

29 November 2017

Since moving to university, all I seem to talk about is how positively it has impacted on my life. I have so many stories, feelings and thoughts to share with you on how I've managed to change my outlook on life. Prior to my new mindset, I would work myself up, become overly anxious and battle with my head whenever I felt immersed in social situations. Today I thought I'd share with you all the things I think about and have done to help me have such an incredible, positive view on life.

Starting off with something a little harsh, my first thing to think about is the people you surround yourself with. I was in such a dark place before university, filled with negativity, hatred and anger. I managed to overcome these powerful emotions by cutting off people who would evoke these horrible traits within me - although it can be sad at first, I instantly felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders once I started to focus on myself and the people who brought positive things to my life. Being surrounded by such wonderful, inspiring and optimistic people has made me think of the amazing memories I can create (or have already created). From the small evening trips hunting for a naughty takeaway to the fun days out shopping, I've realised that all I need are my family, best friends and boyfriend to help me appreciate the smaller things in life. I don't need materialistic items to be happy, I just want to create memories with people that I will always remember and can share with the world and my future family.

Money isn't everything. My life was one hell of a stress during summer - I worked continuously to earn money so that I would have savings for university and to treat myself before throwing myself into years of debt. However, I've realised that although saving some money is important, I shouldn't be stingy when it comes to a casual lunch with my friends or a luxury hot drink from my nearest Starbucks. I used to hesitate on buying food/drink/experiences but now that's all I want to spend my money on. Don't get me wrong, it is always a safe option to have some back up money but reflecting on my time in Lincoln so far, I've made tonnes of memories in such a short space of time. It has been three months since I've moved to Lincoln and I've created as much memories as I have in three years! Treat yourself to a day out with a friend because I promise you, it will be worth it. Even if it doesn't quite go to plan, it is still a story to tell and you will always remember what happened!

My Outfit:

Rust Jumper - Everything5Pounds (Use the code 5CHARLOTTE5 for money off!)
Trousers - LOTD

What are your top tips for a positive mindset? Is there anyone who has inspired you to change your the way you think for the better?

Lots of love


The jumper shown in the photos was complimentary of Everything5Pounds; however, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: For ALL The Family

23 November 2017

It's finally time to share my ultimate Christmas Guide. Every year I try to share some of my favourite gift ideas for the wonderful people in our lives; however, this time round, I've decided to find some new, innovative brands. From grandparents to children, there is something in this gift guide that will fit a member of your family (or friends!) Christmas is my favourite time of the year - I absolutely love choosing, giving and watching the faces of my loved ones opening the presents I've thoughtfully picked out for them. The whole process is extremely fun for myself and it feels so rewarding seeing your families faces' light up on Christmas day. Feel free to share any unique brands or alternative gift ideas you've discovered this year in the comments - I'd love to have a chat to you all!

For your Grandparents

If you're struggling to find a present for the older people in your life, nothing will put a smile on their faces as much as these beautifully arranged and packaged hampers from Prestige Hampers. With a huge range of small to luxury sets, there will be a festive food hamper that will be sure to brighten up your nan or grandad's day. This particular set includes two different tea varieties, lemon shortbread, cookies, fruit and nut cakes and some luxury chocolates. This is the perfect sharing hamper for Christmas Day itself or to indulge on a cold winter evening. Presentation and wonderful choice of treats make this hamper brand so special, as well as a loving personal touch. I cannot wait to gift my grandparents this incredible hamper this Christmas. You also receive 10% off your first order.

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For your Mother

I'm sure my mum won't mind me telling you lovely people, but she struggles to get the beauty sleep she deserves. To be honest, I've not been getting the best sleep since moving out to university. I always have things on my mind about the future and upcoming assignments so constantly find myself worrying and overthinking everything, especially at night. The wonderful team at Feather and Down kindly sent me this gorgeous package, luxuriously wrapped with a navy metallic ribbon. Not only is the aesthetics to die for, the products are so innovative and different to anything I've seen in the beauty marketplace. In my little box, I received the All Purpose Sleep Balm, Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray and Melting Shower Cream. The calming lavendar and camomile notes linger on your bedsheets and pillows - the smell is divine and not too overpowering. My ideal pamper evening would include a relaxing shower/bath with the cream, followed by rubbing the balm into my pulse points (temples, wrists and neck) and a spritz of the pillow spray to set you into a beautiful deep sleep. I feel this is the perfect gift idea for mothers or anyone in your family that struggles to get a decent night's rest. Use the code SLEEPY25 for 25% off!

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For the Women

Personally, I believe that women are extremely easy to buy for. Something a little different to the things I've mentioned previously years is a travel or makeup bag. Instead of buying your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife a makeup product this Christmas, why not buy her something to store her favourite pieces in? Makeup and travel bags are absolutely essential, for beauty addicts in particular. I'm always on the look for a large makeup bag to carry my holiday picks whenever I travel, no matter the distance. This rose gold metallic, and very spacious, travel bag is from Lily England; the Large Wash Bag has two large compartments. Thus, this can hold all of your toiletries and makeup in one. I love the simplicity of the design partnered with the metallic finish - this huge bag is any beauty lovers dream and I would be so happy to receive something this stunning for Christmas.

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For Those Who Deserve More

You have to agree with me that there are those people in your life who always go the extra mile to make people happy and are completely selfless. If you can relate, then 'The Care Box' is designed for people who lack self care and deserve to be treated more often. Each month 'The Care Box' will arrive at your door and ensure that you have everything you need for a relaxing evening in. Whether you opt for the £5, £10 or £20 subscription package, you will always receive your money's worth and more for pure relaxation. In my first Care box there were a variety of named brands and every product I know I will get great use out of. From skincare to chocolate, every little goodie you receive is sure to make you smile. This is such a perfect present for someone who always forgets to care for themselves - you can make sure that they get the treatment they deserve every single month!

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For Teenagers

Teenagers are an age range that a lot of people struggle to buy for - they've exited the toy phase and haven't completely evolved to adulthood. If you're ever worried about what to buy a teen for Christmas then a great idea is skincare; something that is practical with health benefits is something that won't go unappreciated. Magnitone's First Step cleansing brush is one of their latest launches - for £40, this marvellous contraption will reduce excess oils, control impurities and deeply cleanse your complexion. As a teenager, it is vital to care for your skin to avoid pre-mature ageing and excess oils/dirt. If you're looking to spend a little extra on someone this Christmas, this £40 compact cleansing brush is perfect for beauty/skincare lovers and those who struggle to look after their skin accordingly.

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For the Whole Family 

My family and I are all huge game lovers - whether it is a quiz, a game of cards or a classic board game, we absolutely love splitting ourselves into teams and letting our inner competitiveness out! Not going to lie, I'm probably the most competitive and hate to admit that I'm a sore loser...Anyway, I recently discovered Randomise - a new card game that involves describing, acting and drawing. I'm awful at drawing but I find games that enhance my flaws are always hilarious and make the game that extra bit humorous. Anyone from the ages of 4 onwards can play this greatly interactive game and all you need is two teams to get started. My friends and I adapted the rules to the game at university as there was only three of us but we absolutely loved it! I cannot wait to take this back home to my family so we can play it throughout Christmas...If you want to see the vlog where I filmed my friends and I playing the game then feel free to click on the link below to see the rules in greater detail!

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For a Secret Santa 

If you are participating in a Secret Santa present giving this Christmas then this could be for you. I know not everyone is into spice but I feel this would be a great stocking filler, especially for the men in my life who love spicy food! This Nando's Peri-Peri Salt Shaker is such a perfect gift; I would be so happy to receive this as I'm a huge fan of the Nando's peri-peri fries! I thought this would be another great alternative gift idea that not a lot of people would think to purchase for a loved one or friend - there are so many incredible gift sets in Asda Living at the minute if you are struggling to buy presents for people in your family. For under £7, this would be the ultimate secret santa gift for those who love to cook or enjoy adding spice to their meals!

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For Alcohol Lovers

Instead of buying the classic bottle of wine for the alcohol lovers in your life, why not spice it up by opting for Funkin Cocktails. This brand produce premium quality cocktail flavours in an iconic cocktail shaker designed bottle. With the addition of the recommended alcohol, you can make four cocktails in a matter of seconds. My favourite Funkin Cocktails' flavours are the Strawberry Daiquiri and Passion Fruit Martini. This is also a great Christmas gift idea for university students and cocktail lovers. With the code BLACKFRIDAY, you are able to get an incredible 30% off all products!

Shop Here

For Quirky Gift Ideas

If you know me, you will know my love for Flying Tiger. This brand only started selling in the UK over the past few years and I instantly fell in love when I visited it for the first time on Oxford Street. Recently, a new Flying Tiger shop launched in the Cornhill Quarter in Lincoln, which made my friend Hattie and I super excited as we are both huge fans of the shop. For those who aren't aware, Flying Tiger sell a largely versatile range of quirky gifts - from stationery to kitchen supplies, toys to food, Tiger sells so many innovative products that always make me leave the store with a bag in hand. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the store launch so the wonderful PR team sent me some amazing stationery goodies to keep me kitted up for university! The teal and golden post its are so stunning and I love the cool sardine tin for my paperclips. I have bought my younger cousin so many affordable gifts from here for Christmas that I know she will LOVE!

Shop Here

What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas? Have you tried any of the brands mentioned?

Lots of love


Some of the products mentioned were sent complimentary as PR samples; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Alternative Weekend in London

18 November 2017

After spending the two complete months at university, settling in and finding my way around Lincoln, I decided it was time to visit my boyfriend. Initially, I thought living a two hour train journey away from Aidan was going to be extremely difficult - being together for over four years has, of course, created a strong bond between us. I was worried that I would feel lonely and sad, when in fact I feel the opposite. Distance has been incredible for us. Don't get me wrong, I miss Aidan a lot and it is super strange not having him around 24/7. We used to see each other almost everyday in our hometown so it was odd to begin with. However, I feel that distance has helped our relationship and made us grow stronger. It made me so excited to see him for the first time and visit his university in London. As we hadn't seen each other in a while, we decided to treat ourselves to a perfect weekend together. I ticked SO many things off of my bucket list! Here are a few things we got up to...

A spontaneous breakfast was ideal to start off the weekend. We decided to pop into Le Pain Quotidien for a morning pick me up. I opted for a creamy hot chocolate - I poured the most rich, delicious chocolate into my large mug. It was absolutely divine - I partnered my hot drink with a jam croissant and a chocolate and banana muffin. Aidan also chose the muffin but decided on a wake up call from an espresso. The service was fast and the staff were polite - I would definitely recommend going to a Le Pain Quotidien if you are looking to treat yourself to a more luxurious breakfast.

Being the geeks we are, Aidan saved the two museums neighbouring his univeristy and accomodation for when I visited so we could see them together. On Saturday we explored the Science museum - I really enjoy looking at the areas of science I'm interested in, such as human biology, psychology and evolution, whereas Aidan is into physics. There were so many incredible things to see and learn - I was particularly shocked by the piece of moon that was held one of the glass cabinets. Moreover, the Natural History Museum was where we went on Sunday morning. After the two minutes of silence in respect of Remembrance day, we spent 3 hours walking around and admiring the several floors and rooms of the museum. If you are interested in learning something new or enjoy looking around museums, you should definitely check these places out - they are both free entry! 

For lunch, we headed to Camden Market. It was the first time I've ever been and I loved walking around the different stalls, looking at the quirky artwork and alternative christmas gifts. There were so many amazing jewellery, gift, clothing and food stands! It literally smelt amazing, especially in the streets. I've always wanted to go to the Cereal Killer Cafe so we popped into the one in Camden. Being a huge chocolate lover, I picked Crunch cereal mixed with Golden Grahams, topped with magic stars and a happy hippo. You also get a classic milk bottle accompanied with your cereal - it is potentially the worst cereal and meal in the world but it tasted AMAZING nonetheless. The interior of the cafe was authentic and retro; the music took me back to my childhood and the walls were plastered with throwback cartoon characters, films and old cereal brands. This is definitely a place to try if you are looking for an alternative meal or unique dining experience...

Leaving the best till last, one of the places I've wanted to go for the longest time is The Alchemist. This cocktail bar located in Bevis Marks, East London, is not only a great for a social but provides an experience. There are a variety of cocktails to choose from and the science aesthetics are to die for (if you are a nerd like me). With cocktails held in conical flasks and your drink changing colour/exploding/smoking, you are bound to have a unique experience. The interior was gorgeous with the green furniture and warm lighting, and the vibe was so lovely for a Sunday evening. I will definitely be heading back here again, especially as the average drinks ranged from £6-£8. To be honest, I don't think that it bad for a London cocktail bar and you're getting some amazing theatrics thrown in.

Watch my London Vlog 

Have you ever been to any of the places I mentioned? Where is your favourite place to visit in London?

Lots of love

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