Monday, 24 July 2017

The Pastel Edit | Summer Nails

Now summer is well underway, it is time to switch up my nail wardrobe. I always forget how many nail polishes I've hoarded over the years of being a self-acclaimed beauty addict. Today I'm back with a newly found nail polish brand, The Edge Nails, which I'm absolutely loving for this summer. I always love changing my nail polish colours seasonally, as I feel like it is completely necessary in the beauty world. This summer, I'm throwing it back with some good ol' pastel vibes. Pastel was such a huge trend a few years back but I'm still loving summer pastels more than ever for Summer 2017!

The Edge Nails - Annika Polishes

The three nail polishes I chose were three of my favourite pastel shades -a baby pink, mint green and duck egg blue. These colours will be perfect for the entire season, switching between each pastel shade or even wearing them all at the same time. Seeing as I've just come back from Mexico, my skin tone has changed to a lovely sunkissed tan. I always think that pastel polishes look gorgeous against a tan, making both the colour of the polish and the intensity of the tan to be emphasised. In terms of formula, the polishes apply smoothly and you only need a single fine coat, as the pigment is incredible. I wasn't expecting the pigmentation to be so intense but the smooth consistency and thin layer provides all you need for gorgeous pastel nails. Finally, the longevity of the products are similar to the other much-loved products in my nail collection. From application, the products lays comfortably on my nails for about 5 days before showing chips and imperfections. This is usually a satisfied time before having to re-apply the product again or switch up the colour on your nails. Overall, I am really impressed with this new, innovative brand from packaging to formula.


What is your favourite nail polish brand? What colour(s) do you love to wear in the summer months?

Lots of love


The nail polishes were gifted for review; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Body Confidence on Holiday | UK Swimwear

All you will have seen from me recently are snaps, photos and tweets about my recent holiday to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was a blissful two weeks - a balance of pure relaxation, exploring the local area and completing a few experiences off of my never-ending bucket list. Over the course of the fortnight, I learnt a lot of things about myself and had no worries weighing me down. My head space became inexpressibly clear, reviving my creativity and motivation - something I lacked a lot of during exam season due to stress and anxiety. Not only did these breath-taking landscapes clear my head, they also reminded me to focus on things that would improve my lifestyle and make me feel better. 

Number 1 being my self-confidence. This is something that is very difficult for anyone going to, or on, holiday due to the endless media pressures and 'beach body' expectations. It is insane that there is pressure to have this 'perfect', idealistic model prior to even stepping on the plane. For months leading up to my holiday, I succumbed to this pressure - not only because of the pre-made expectation but because I was simply not happy with my weight. I had gained a lot of weight over winter 2016 and I seriously wanted to lose some weight. Unfortunately, I was struggling with money over this time period too so I had to cancel my gym membership. This made it slightly more difficult for myself - I had to pluck up determination and motivation to achieve significant results in such a short amount of time, as well as balancing my time sufficiently in the middle of exam season. Over this period, it was so tough and I struggled with it a lot; however, it heightened the holiday even more when we arrived in Puerto Vallarta. I could forget all of my worries that were waiting for me 5,677 miles away at home. Overall, I managed to lose just over a stone, which I was, and still am, super proud of - I couldn't believe I managed to stick to healthier eating and regularly exercising. This inevitably made me so much happier in myself, and the way I looked, which allowed me to dress how I wished and feel confident in myself. In no way at all am I saying that you have to lose weight to feel happy on holiday - I had just gained significant weight and it was healthy for me to lose it in a long-term way. There are many other ways to improve confidence on holiday, more of which I will be covering in the rest of this post...

Before I carry on talking about confidence, I thought I would talk about one of the outfits that made me feel happy, confident and care-free when on the beach. Both the kaftan and sunhat are from UK Swimwear - a brand that self-explanatory sell a vast variety of swimwear, cover-ups and beach accessories. The main component of the outfit is Iconique's stunning white Paloma Kaftan. The Boho-style and laced crotchet detail lining the bottom and neck of the piece, instantly made the item look Mexico-esque. The lightweight material and loose-fitted design allowed comfort in the scorching 40 degree heat - comfort is a huge thing for me, as comfort equals confidence. If my beachwear is too tight in the wrong places or clings to areas that made me feel discomfort, I find it very difficult to feel 100% good in the outfit. I was so happy with how beautiful this fit my figure - the float-y cut out arms and lace trimming made me feel super elegant and feminine whilst strolling along the beach. This was the first time I've actually felt completely confident in my beach attire on holiday, so that made me extremely excited. I would also like to thank UK Swimwear for sending along a Sun Hat from Gottex to accompany the white lace body. The black and gold combination complemented the bright white kaftan - all three tones worked together to complete the beach goddess vibe I was attempting to master. A loose floppy hat was utilised well during my trip - protecting my face and scalp from the intense heat, as well as looking stylish on the beach. I love the loose clothing, floppy hat combo and will continue to dress similarly for future beach holidays. I cannot get over how incredible these two products look together.

Remaining within my personal comfort zone is something I am very guilty of doing, especially when it comes to clothing. I would love to wear some of the crazy, quirky outfits that models work on the front cover of magazines or the laid-back, street style that some bloggers can pull off. However, I always seem to opt for the same style of clothing and fitting. When hauling the clothes for my Mexican holiday over on my Youtube Channel, I realised that I had actually stepped ridiculously out of my comfort zone. This made me very nervous but excited to try something new and a greater reflection of what I want to wear. Two weeks away allowed me to experiment with my style, ensuring I was happy, comfortable and felt 100% me in my new outfit choices. Whenever you have some free time, try some new outfit combinations in your wardrobe and you will be surprised at what you master up. I never thought I would pair some things that I owned together but I honestly loved the outfits I managed to conjure up. You don't even need to go out and purchase lots of new clothing, I bet you there are several pieces in your closet that you had no idea would look incredible when worn simultaneously. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a risk, but more than worth it!

What are your tips to stay body confident during the summer period? Do you find it just as hard as I do?

Lots of love


This outfit was gifted by UK Swimwear; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Pink Rose Bud | Review

One of the many perks of being a blogger is discovering new, upcoming and innovative brands. I love browsing the beautiful creations of fellow bloggers and wonderful pieces people have created from scratch. Recently, I fell in love with the gorgeous array of trinket dishes, cute greeting cards, as well as the beautiful range of prints and mugs. I fortunately was able to get hold of a few products so I could share with you my thoughts on this instagram-worthy, extremely aesthetically pleasing brand. 

The Pink Rose Bud was launched last year by the wonderful Rosie, whom designs and crafts all of the products available to buy. The aim of the brand is to bring a contemporary feel - making everything bright, colourful and enticing. The care and attention to detail on all of their products is evident and well-thought out, from quality to delivery everything seems to be perfect. Not only are the products are completely unique to anything I've seen on the gifting market, the prices are super affordable and can be bought to make an ideal gift for a partner or your bestie!

Trinket Dish & Greeting Cards

The products were delicately delivered, hand-wrapped in cute pink and white packaging - matching the aesthetics of the brand. Even from the packaging and the brand-printed stickers, you are instantly aware of the time, effort, dedication and attention to detail is made when delivering the products, as well as the overall creation. I was super impressed with the swift delivery and the delicacy of the package when it arrived. In terms of products, I cannot be more in love with the beautiful, luxurious-looking golden leaf trinket dish. This pretty little trinket dish is ideal for popping in my small pieces of jewellery that clumsy me usually loses. I love that the dish is super productive but also added beauty to my dresser by the classy golden detail. Alongside the trinket dishes, Pink Rose Bud also supplied me with these cute little greeting cards. For those wanting to make a gift extra special, what more could you want than a individual greeting card that is completely unique! I love the simplistic design paired with the snappy occasion printed in the centre - the colour choices for the cards are all definitely up my street and I cannot wait for my next friend to have a birthday so I can use on of these. 

What are your favourite lifestyle brands? What products do you like from the Pink Rose Bud?

Lots of love


The products reviewed were kindly sent by the Pink Rose Bud; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Maybelline's NEW Master Strobing Collection

Strobing is something I've seriously gotten into over the past year. For those unaware of what 'strobing' actually is, it is makeup terminology for using cream or liquid products to accentuate the areas of the face that naturally reflect light (i.e. the cheekbones, cupid's bow and brow bones). Whenever there are new highlight/strobing product releases, I am always one to cave in a buy something from the collection - I am honestly like a magpie and instantly attract to anything that shimmers or glows. After everyone had been hyping over the new Maybelline Master Strobing products, I knew I had to get my hands on them. Fortunately, the incredibly generous team of girls at Maybelline kindly allowed me to try their beautiful new range so I thought I would share my honest, genuine opinion on both their strobing liquids and strobing stick.

Something I've never quite ventured into on the makeup front is liquid highlighter. I always tend to opt for a classic powder or if I want to be super glowy I'd pop a cream highlight underneath with powder on top. How did I not realise the power of strobing liquids? These Maybelline beauties are an absolute dream to work with. The first and lightest shade is an iridescent shimmer - the champagne-toned product is extremely brightening, uplifting and makes me feel like a glowing goddess. With a gorgeous white/silver reflective glitters catching the light, this shade is all you need for a glamorous evening out or any special occasion to make you feel confident. Alternatively, for a more peachy glow and your cheeks to pop in the summer months, medium/nude is the perfect shade for you. A stunning deep pink that not only brightens your face but injects colour and life into your complexion. This will work wonders in the warmer months due to the pink undertones; however, will be the perfect pick-me-up in winter to draw warmth to the face. I also found these strobing liquids work perfectly combined with foundation - a balance between glow and coverage is something that really completes my base makeup during summer, and these liquids are the ideal product to do so.

If you are a huge fan of cream products, strobing with the new Maybelline Face Studio Illuminating stick is definitely something to purchases. The formula for cream products is so difficult to create - concocting the desired balance between longevity, blend-ability and pigmentation is something that has proven to be very hard to find in the makeup industry. However, Maybelline have managed to create the perfect formula to illuminate your cheekbones, cupid's bow and all the high points of your face. With a single swipe onto each area of interest, this strobing stick is blended out in seconds - dabbing lightly with my finger usually works best with cream products and blending this out is such a dream. I cannot wait for people to buy this and realise how incredible it really is - for only £7.99, it is super inexpensive and definitely something to look into for the coming summer seasons!

Have you tried anything from the Maybelline strobing range? Which product would you like to try if not?

Lots of love

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Good Lighting Fixes Everything

Something that has massively impacted my blog this year is lighting. I absolutely hate yellow lighting and unfortunately, my house is full of it. I've been trying to escape it for so long, but yet to find something suitably priced or to the standard I wanted. Fortunately, I have been very patient and managed to find some soft box studio lighting alongside these two incredible Needlite lamps that arrived in the post a few weeks back. Good lighting is essential for me - it improves my photo quality (and videos for Youtube) inevitably making me happy...Not only have I discovered my new love for bright white lighting, I have been given an insight to the hidden uses of good lighting by the wonderful team at Needlite.

Needlite are a Danish company that began creating desk lamps for just under two years. The innovation behind the brand is driven to provide efficient work lighting, as well as establishing the required amount of daylight needed. The gorgeous, sleek and modern design of the lamps aim to provide daylight indoors alongside many fascinating features regarding mood improvement. Needlite provide an iPhone app to control the lamps without needing to touch, giving the user feedback on the light consumption, usage and ability to alter intensity. With a light tap of the silver box, the light turns on and a light tap to turn them off. The swift technology allows a long touch to increase or decrease the light intensity to your own satisfaction.

The Power of Good Lighting

Unlike the classic softbox lighting or a standard lamp, these bring light to your desk in an entirely unique way. The combination of full spectrum light paired with the lamp design washes the work space with the brightness we need to work efficiently. Lighting like this is powerfully and intricately designs to give our bodies and brain the light we are missing from the outdoors. This is incredible for those studying - I cannot wait to take these to university with me. I can tell they are going to be a necessity during deadline season because I will be shoved inside the library/my room for too long that the lack of light can be drained from your life. The team at Needlite have gathered statistics proving that more than 50% of us are under-performing during the winter season, as well as on average spending less than an hour outdoor each day all year round. Thus, this added daylight can drive greater focus, more energy, better sleep and an incredible mood. However, to avoid staying up stupidly to early hours in the morning, the app kindly sends a reminder to turn the lights off when bedtime is approaching. A little kick up the bum I need - I am one of those who always overworks so much that my head is buzzing with information, which leads to the dreaded sleep deprivation.

Blog Photography and Further Uses

As previously stated, I cannot wait to take these lights with me to university. These are going to be perfect for the seasons with darker nights to help lift my mood and motivation to work. I am obsessed with how sleek and convenient these lamps are - not taking up too much space on my desk and complementing my work space/makeup dresser. However, the reason I am so excited about these lamps are because they have improved my blog and video quality immensely. Although this isn't part of Needlite's original idea or concept, I have incorporated these lamps in my blogger/vlogger lifestyle. They are highly suitable for creating professional-looking images, controlling the strength of light and colour surrounding the image. The non-reflective nature also contributes to the overall aesthic of the final images, sometimes allowing me to upload straight away with no extra editing. 10/10 recommend for people searching for lighting that will aid lifestyle and mood, as well as those that work at a desk for long hours of the day or those wanting to improve image quality for their online space.

What lighting do you use for your images? Do you prefer natural or artifical light?

Lots of love


The products were kindly gifted by Needlite; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Urban Decay NAKED HEAT Palette | Review

For one time in my life, I was extremely lucky. I managed to get my hands on the gorgeous new Urban Decay NAKED HEAT palette within the first eight minutes of its early release before it swiftly sold out. I got mine in the second minute, to be precise! I was literally ON IT. I just needed to get my hands on it - after being an avid Urban Decay fan for years now, and falling head over heels for their other NAKED palettes, I just had to purchase this. One simple reason for my urge to purchase is the absolutely gorgeous choice of colours. There are so many people have viciously criticized the palette already for being 'unoriginal', 'just another warm-toned palette' and 'all the colours look the same'. Therefore, I've decided to give my personal opinion on the palette, compare it to my other beloved Urban Decay ones and just share my thoughts on this new release. As you could probably tell, I had super high hopes for the palette and I was praying it didn't let me down.

The palette will be officially released on July 27th.


On 12th June, I was anxiously sitting on my bed (anxious times 1000 as I was also sitting a biology exam that day) waiting for the early release at 11am. Within two minutes of the product launching, I popped the palette in my basket and paid in the space of 2 minutes. This in mind, I wasn't expected the palette to arrive within the estimated standard delivery of 3-5 working days. However, I had my hands on the palette within 2 days! I was super impressed with the efficient delivery time not to mention what comes next...Hands down, I was not expecting to be greeted with a gorgeous purple shoe-sized box. The beautiful purple, matte finished box and silver print gave the delivery that extra classy feel and screamed luxury! On opening the box, the palette was encased in several layers of black tissue and tightly squeezed bubble wrap. The product was in perfect condition and sealed in a stunning red-toned box, embodying the warm tones of the palette perfectly. In terms of the palette itself, there is a gradient embellishment behind the metallic lid and golden font magnified with the product name on the front, alike the other palettes from the NAKED range. Similarly, it is in the same styled plastic packaging that the NAKED Smokey was in, which I was a huge fan of. Despite the packaging being 'plastic', it genuinely feels more luxurious and more sturdy that the tin-styled palettes (Naked 2 &3). Overall beautiful feel and a lovely aesthetic that, as always, completely coincides with the shades contained inside!


Oh my lord. I was SO impressed when I first opened the palette. This is literally my dream palette, working with warm-toned colours is my absolute favourite thing to do in terms of eyeshadow. I love how the warm blends compliment my eye colour and skin tone. The palette contains 8 mattes and 4 shimmers - a lovely balance but I would have liked to see a couple more shimmers maybe. As soon as I'd taken my blogger pics, I got straight in to the good ol' swatches. I cannot even believe to explain how pigmented these shadows are - even the lighter mattes at the far left of the palettes are insanely pigmented! If you hold on to the end of this post, I have tagged my coinciding Youtube video where I tried this palette out for the first time on camera and you can literally see my face when I use 'Sauced' as my transition colour. I honestly have no idea how people cannot see the pigmentation and capability of this palette. I mean, the matte shades are definitely more pigmented that the shimmers, but the colour is quickly achieved with a tiny building up. If you want to see how these shades look on the lid then make sure to stick around to the end of the post and click on the link to my channel. Feel free to subscribe if you enjoy me or my beauty videos - also comment if you came from here first because I am very intrigued if people read this before they watch it! Anyway, each and every colour from this palette is right up my street - a mix of beige, oranges, reds and even a few sultry purple are shoved at the darker end of the palette. In complete honesty, I am in awe with everything - I would even go so far as to saying it is my favourite from the entire range. A wonderful range of eyeshadows that will suit any skin tone and literally make any eye colour pop!


Ounce - A soft white with tiny glitters
Chaser - A pale matte beige
Sauced - A light brown (PERFECT TRANSITION COLOUR) 
Low Blow - A warm matte taupe
Lumbre - A stunning rose gold with golden glitters
He Devil - A deep orange-red
Dirty Talk - A copper with golden glitters
Scorched - An intense copper with pink undertones
Cayenne - A rich oak brown
En Fuego - A deep burgundy with red undertones
Ashes - A dark mauve, super purple!
Ember - A bronze-brown with golden shimmer

I also filmed a video creating my first ever look with this palette if you are interested in seeing these gorgeous shadows on ^^^ click the link above to check it out! Also, one of my bestfriends Sophie has also created a tutorial using this same palette so if you want to see the palette in different use then go check out her channel HERE!

Are you excited about Urban Decay's new release? Will you be picking up the palette on the 27th July?!

Lots of love