The Ultimate Christmas Hot Chocolate | BLOGMAS DAY 19

19 December 2016

Let's be honest...who doesn't love hot chocolate? It is definitely one of my favourite hot drinks to indulge in, especially over the festive period. I think what I love just as equally as drinking the hot chocolate, is decorating and using fun toppings. As Christmas is quickly approaching, I thought I would pop together my idea of the 'Ultimate Christmas Hot Chocolate'. You can obviously adjust this to suit your own taste buds - i.e change the peppermint for gingerbread. This post is also in collaboration with one of my incredible blogger friends - Lily Rose. Over on her space she will be sharing with you her ultimate Christmas hot choccie so make sure to check her post out after you've read this! I will be leaving all of Lily's links below so make sure to head over to her social medias to see her lovely face!


Hot Chocolate Powder (Cadburys)
Squirty Cream
Boiled Water
Christmas Decorations (hundreds and thousands, mini peppermint candy canes)

Making the Drink

Scoop three full teaspoons of hot chocolate powder in to your cup. This measurement may vary depending on the size of your mug. Boil water and fill the mug 3/4 of the way. Warm up a small cup of milk and pour into the mug to make the flavour creamy. Personally, I love milky hot chocolate but if you prefer to just use water, go for it! Stir, stir, stir until all of the powder is mixed in. A lot of mine got stuck in the bottom so I spent quite a long time doing this step. This is literally just a standard hot chocolate recipe but I love to have a mixture of milk and water.


For toppings, I decided to make a huge swirl of squirty cream on the top. I got way too excited about decorating, hence why the photos below this are a complete flop! I put the cream on way too early, making it melt and sink into the liquid - poor from me...Anyway, I topped my cream with some cocoa powder, red and green sprinkles to follow the festive theme and finally, mini peppermint candy canes. All of these ingredients were super cheap - I bought the sprinkles and candy canes from Poundland - so you don't need to spend a lot to get your hot chocolate looking Pinterest-worthy! I love how these tasted and turned out; however, I would definitely force myself to wait to ensure the cream didn't make the chocolate froth and spill out of the mug!

Check out Lily's links below : 

What is your favourite hot drink? What are you favourite hot chocolate toppings?

Lots of love


  1. This looks so yummy! <3

    Edye |

    1. Thank you lovely :) It tasted good too haha xx

  2. Thank for the good topic,Thanks for your sharing.


  3. This is the perfect drink for a party and if it is Christmas party then i can bet your guests would love this drink. Thanks dear i loved this recipe.

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