16 December 2016

The classic little black dress is always something people look for when it comes to Christmas. Whether you are attending a glamorous event, wanting to dress up for Christmas day or are looking for a New Year's outfit, the little black dress fits all occasions. Universal fashion items are my absolute favourite - that is why whenever I buy a new dress, it is usually black. Black helps to cover my imperfections and is one of my go-to colours on a night out. It is such a classic and can look so beautiful, not matter where you are planning to go. Over the course of the year, I have managed to find my ultimate LBD and have decided to share it with you all, informing you of the many reasons why I love it so much.

My black dress was fortunately found on Boohoo so only cost me up £12.99! Such a bargain I hasten to add. The style is a slim fit, bodycon dress, which usually does my figure justice - I'm quite curvy so tend to dress up with tighter attire. This may seem ironic as I'm bigger than a lot of people but if I wear something to try and cover my stomach and legs then it just makes me look 10 x larger than I actually am. Anyway, this dress works well at sucking in my self-conscious areas without hurting my body and being uncomfortable. The back of the dress is loose, giving the outfit shape and dimension. My favourite thing about the dress, obviously, has to be the sparkles. This beautiful black number is covered in small flecks of silver glitter and if I'm honest, was the reason I was drawn to it. You know me with glitter, I'm honestly a magpie! The silver glitter makes it so easy to accessorize and pull an outfit together - a dainty silver necklace, silver hooped earrings, glittery shoes or a silver clutch and you're good to go. Another thing I love about wearing black, is that you can accessorize with colours and create any makeup look you want. I always struggle when wearing coloured outfits as I want my makeup to look nice, but match what I'm wearing. For this look, I went for an evening/formal event and paired the dress with a dark lip, simple eyes and some sparkly shoes. Overall, I was super happy with how this look went together and I think it would look even better if I'd have curled my hair.

What are you wearing this Christmas? What is your favourite party dress?

Lots of love

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