My Staple Winter Accessories | BLOGMAS DAY 12

12 December 2016

Winter is definitely my favourite season of the year. I love snuggling up in bed with a hot drink, cuddling by the fire and most importantly, switching my wardrobe from hot to cold. Each year I've happened to acquire a staple winter coat; however, since last year, I am still in awe with this white fluffy number. Alongside a new coat, without fail, I will make sure I've got my winter accessories at the ready. These usually include a wooly scarf and bobble hat - these are the only winter staples that suit me so I usually opt for these. With accessories, I usually purchase cool tones to match the season, and my complexion, and colours that will go with everything. This makes accessorizing so much easier for people like myself - I wouldn't say I am the best at putting outfits together so having neutral colours is probably a good choice. 

Being a huge lover of fur and the cute look it gives, I cannot get enough of this coat. I love how the fur isn't too OTT and puffy but just the right size. I always purchase coats a size or two above my own so that they are appear oversized. Although this coat is bulky, it can also huge my figure if I attach the hooks together on the front. One thing I love about this coat is that it goes with everything - skirts, trousers, leggings and even paired with a gorgeous little black dress on a Christmas do would look amazing! Accompanying my fluffy coat, I have this thick woolly grey scarf. As always, I opt for scarves that are really big and going to do the job - keep me warm! I love how this scarf wraps three times round my neck making my face, and neck, snuggled and warm. Also, I've picked up this cheap burgundy bobble hat. Burgundy hats work best with my hair colour and I thought it looked super cool paired with a dark lip too. The hat is knitted and doesn't fail to keep my little ears warm. I adore how all these look worn together and am really happy with my collection of winter staples. They are so affordable too!

Coat - Matalan | Scarf - New Look | Hat - Primark

What are your Winter staples? 

Lots of love


  1. Hats and scarves are an essential with this chilly weather. You look amazing and I love your hat! x

  2. This look is so perfect and cozy! My Winter staple is definitely my black faux fur coat ahh I love it! <3 xx


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