German Christmas Market in Birmingham | BLOGMAS DAY 17

18 December 2016

Before we get into the post, I would like to formally apologise that this didn't go up yesterday evening. My SD card on my camera corrupted and was showing that all of my files were gone - I was almost crying because I've been vlogging all week for my second Vlogmas video too. Fortunately, I've been able to get back the files, hence where I've got all these lovely photos I managed to capture. I promise I won't miss another day!

A little travel diary for you today. On Thursday, my boyfriend and I attended the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. We wanted to get into the festive spirit and we both had a couple more presents to get so we thought why not? It's become a tradition every Winter to go to the Birmingham Bullring so we just naturally end up there every year; however, we've never walked along the Christmas market and had a proper look.The streets were lit up beautifully, with incredible decorations hanging from the stalls and buildings. I feel like this has 100% got me into the Christmas spirit and I cannot be happier. 

Our train journey went relatively quickly - I was so thankful because my legs were aching and there was barely any leg room on the train. On arrival, we took a naughty pit stop at Mcdonald's for breakfast as we hadn't eaten and made a little plan of what we wanted to do throughout the day. In the morning and early afternoon, we took a stroll along the Christmas market looking at all the fascinating handmade gifts and festive presents were for sale. I was hoping to find something for my mum or myself as memorabilia for the day but there was nothing suitable unfortunately. Nonetheless, the gifts were amazing and I would love to go again (if I had the money, haha!) 

The day seemed to go super quickly and in the late afternoon, Aidan and I went inside the Bullring to pick up a few things. I was still in need of another present for my mum and my family had given us both money to buy ourselves Christmas presents from them (does that make sense?). Aidan managed to buy this gorgeous Puma jumper from Urban Outfitters, and I bought an American football jumper from there too (it was £42 and was in the sale for £10!!) I also popped into one of my fave shops, Paperchase, and bought my mum this quirky weekly to-do list. I saw so many amazing things in the shops that I know I will be spending my Christmas money on.

For dinner, we decided to have a Nandos; we are both huge lovers of spicy chicken and got the 'No Bones Platter' to share. The food was delicious and seriously filled me up - I was also craving their Peri-salted chips so was very happy after the meal. After letting our stomachs breathe, we headed back to the market for an evening walk. The air was so fresh and I love the cool Winter breeze on my face! To finish our trip, we bought dessert at one of the cool chocolate stalls. Aidan has a white chocolate banana and I had a chocolate strawberry skewer! Chocolate strawberries are my favourite, for sure.

Have you ever been to a Christmas market? Have you been to one this year?

Lots of love

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