Christmas in London | BLOGMAS DAY 20

21 December 2016

On Saturday the 17th December, I spent the day in London with my boyfriend doing a lot of 'Christmassy' things. Our main purpose of travelling down to London was the see 'Les Miserables' - this is my favourite musical by far and was a gift for my 18th birthday back in September. I'd been looking forward to it so much and was super buzzing! Although the show was in the evening, we decided to make a day out of it and kill two birds with one stone. We'd never attended Winter Wonderland and thought, why not go and have a look around during the day before the show. 

As you can see, the morning air was very foggy and dark - apologies for the dimly lit photos. However, I love mornings like this...I think they are so atmospheric and are a true representation of Winter. I loved walking through Hyde Park, admiring the crisp leaves, twisted trees and the cute puppies running around. My favourite dogs are Pomeranians so seeing one hop down the path honestly made my morning - it looked so happy to be there! 

As the morning progressed, the light soon came out but the fog remained present. Winter Wonderland was our first stop after a bite to eat outside St Pancras. Winter Wonderland was honestly stunning - lights hanging from above, cute stalls lining the pathways, the smell of crepes, pretzels and sausages from every angle. This Christmas I've honestly learnt how much I love the German markets - I adore unique, handmade gifts and sniffing through the vast array of foods as I admire people's work. Fortunately, I managed to find an incredible stall that sold handcrafted leather books - I chose one as a Christmas present for myself from my Auntie and it had the beautiful 'Tree of Life' in the centre. I'm honestly a sucker for vintage, authentic gifts and was in awe at the incredible detail and work it must have took to create. You will be seeing that in my Christmas Haul over on my Youtube channel, for sure!

After a wonderful morning, I became very peckish and decided to treat myself to an overly priced pretzel. I looooove pretzels and savoured every bit of it (it was soooo expensive!) Unfortunately, we tried to book the ice skating rink in advance but because we attended on a Saturday, it was literally impossible to get a place. We are still planning to go ice skating at some point over the Christmas period because Aidan has never skated before (and I want to watch him fall over...) 

A lot of time was still to spare before the show, so our next pitstop was Covent Garden. I must say, this is probably one of my favourite places to visit in London. The decorations are always impeccable, the Christmas tree was gorgeous, the shops and stalls are always fun to walk around and I enjoy stopping to watch the street performers. We both spent a significant amount of time in Hotel Chocolat trying to find the last Christmas present for my mum, but were very unsuccessful. They've also opened up a Charlotte Tilbury shop which was incredible and I nabbed a sample of their miracle cream to try!

After dinner, we headed to China Town and stood outside the Queen's Theatre. I took many a photo of the Les Miserables bill board before entering the building, of course. Our seats were okay but some of our view was restriced so we will definitely be going a second time. I cannot wait to see it again because the music and voices were remarkable. Every single actor/actress played their roles to a phenomenal level and I couldn't be happier with the experience. I also can't get over how amazing the orchestra were, I couldn't stop applauding them at the end. 

Have you seen a musical in the West End before? Do you love London at Christmas as much as I do?

Lots of love


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